Raptors have interest in Rajon Rondo | Toronto Sun

It’s no secret Boston has dangled four-time all-star Rajon Rondo league-wide and while the asking price is steep, he has piqued the interest of Toronto’s front office, according to multiple sources. Toronto is eager to up its “star” quotient and is also enamoured with Rondo’s resume, particularly his four all-defensive team selections (two all-NBA first team). He has many backers in the organization. However, Rondo tore his ACL just over a year ago, has only played in 10 contests this season and will become an unrestricted free agent in the summer of 2015 after earning $12.9 million next year. Despite all that, Rondo would not come cheaply. Bull.com’s Sam Smith said the price is believed to be “two unprotected first rounders” while one source told the Sun the ask is a combination of at least one lottery pick and talented young player.

Raptors getting back to work | Toronto Sun

“He [Amir Johnson] came back going hard, full speed, no ill effects with the turned ankle,” Casey said. “He had a good practice tonight. His running, his energy is huge and that’s what he gave us tonight. “Defensively, he gives us a presence that we’ve missed.” It’s not yet clear whether Amir Johnson will return to the starting lineup or to the bench. Patrick Patterson has been excellent since arriving from Sacramento two months ago. The time off was welcomed by everybody, even if it came and went too fast.

Golden Opportunity For Raptors After The Break | Pro Bball Report

The Toronto Raptors have a golden opportunity to send a message after All-Star Weekend with games against the Wizards and Bulls back-to-back starting on Tuesday in Washington. After beating the Hawks immediately before the break, Toronto has the opportunity to create some psychological and actual distance between themselves and their three closest competitors early in the official second half of the NBA season. The third place 28-24 Raptors lead the Bulls by 1 game in the standings, the Hawks by 2.5 games and the Wizards by 3.

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  • Boko

    Rondo is too expensive, and not productive enough now. Throw that money at Lowry, and keep your pick/rotation players!

    • Elarmthecity

      I’d take rondo over Lowry n e day bro..u must be nuts…Lowry is gonna walk away next year. And he’ll never be the player rondo is. U wanna tlk bout defense. Rondo is one if the best gp defenders in the game, he is longer then Lowry. Sure his shot isn’t close to Lowry. But his rebounds and assists r better

      • Boko

        AND how many games has he played so far this season?

      • Bryan Colangelo

        If you’re willing to pay Rondo 13 M, wouldn’t it be reasonable to pay Lowry 9-10 M a year?

      • Lucas

        First of all, you should learn to write properly (or make more of an effort, if you’re actually fully literate). The letters N, E, U, and R are NOT actual words, I hope you realise that. Not to mention that you horribly misused (or underused) punctuation all over your post, and misspelled PG.

        As for the content of your post, yes, Rondo is a better player than Lowry, overall. However, it is also a matter of fit, cost of the deal, and post-trade finances. If you just switch Lowry and Rondo, we would most likely get worse, because we would have exactly ONE reliable 3 point shooter in the starting lineup (Ross) — see Detroit for a point of reference of how teams will start to play against you. Lowry is an excellent 3 point shooter, and bails out the team time and time again with dagger 3s.

        We don’t know what the exact cost of a deal would be, but if it’s two unprotected firsts, plus T. Ross, I only think that’s worth it if Lowry is going to walk. If Ujiri feels like Lowry will stay, than I don’t think that’s worth it, especially with Ujiri’s track record in the draft.

        As for post-trade finances, Rondo would probably need max money to stay in Toronto. If Lowry is willing to sign for $9-10M, then I’m happy to have in instead of Rondo.

        Now, if we’re overhauling and getting more 3pt shooting into the starting lineup, then sure, I’d take a chance on a talent like Rondo (if the cost of the trade is not too high).

  • Mexiballer

    Its not worth talking about.

  • j bean

    I’d like to see the Raptors play out this year with the current top eight intact unless there is a no brainer trade that makes them better for this year’s playoffs without hurting the future.
    This off season is the best time to evaluate the pg position. Then they will have a better idea of whether Lowry has truly developed his play making, putting him into the top tier at the point. If they have to pay the market price for him and he believes in the Raptors I don’t see a negative. If he doesn’t sign here they have the cap relief of his expiring.

    • Boko

      How many rotation players have we lost without getting equal value in return over the years?

      • j bean

        Lowry is a rental player for wherever he ends up in a trade. The Raptors would get back that value which to me isn’t worth taking away from what he is bringing this season.

        • Boko

          Right. And the fact that they’d also be able to pay him more to come back wouldn’t come into play at all, I suppose? Letting him go this summer for (essentially) nothing is just plain foolish. Haven’t we had enough GMs that made THAT mistake?! If we don’t have his signature on the dotted line by trade deadline day, I say TRADE HIM, PERIOD!!!!

          • j bean

            Don’t think his teammates would agree.

            • Boko

              A GM’s job is to do what’s best for the team in both the long & short-terms, NOT to do what the players want done. Would I give up winning one series in this playoff year in order to have a better chance of winning two playoff series a year for years to come? HELL, YEA!

              • j bean

                I agree. Where we differ I guess is who Lowry would bring back that would make them win 2 series a year. Maybe you have a realistic move that would accomplish that?

                • Boko

                  No. I gave up trying to predict actual trades years ago. Too many variables involved, especially with unknowns we can never have access to: who`s being made available to us, AND who are we willing to give up.