GIF/Poll: Did Jimmy Butler Foul DeMar DeRozan?

Fair or foul? You decide.

Box Score – Bulls 94, Raptors 92.

The Raptors lost to the Bulls at home on Wednesday night in a playoff-type game at the ACC. The Raptors played from behind for most of the game, and had a couple chances to tie and take the lead late on.

Even though they labored, some good defense and a timely Lowry three had them right back in it. After DeRozan had airballed a long two (a very iso play), the Raptors were able to get a stop and hand the ball back to DeRozan to win the game. It was another isolation play with almost no ball movement and he came up against Butler once again, who didn’t fall for his fake but did flail his arms on the play.

Is this a foul by Butler or just straight-up good defense? Questions will be raised about the late-game play calling, especially about how DeRozan was put in situations where he had to create off the dribble in isolation, which is not his strength.


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