Box Score – Bulls 94, Raptors 92.

The Raptors lost to the Bulls at home on Wednesday night in a playoff-type game at the ACC. The Raptors played from behind for most of the game, and had a couple chances to tie and take the lead late on.

Even though they labored, some good defense and a timely Lowry three had them right back in it. After DeRozan had airballed a long two (a very iso play), the Raptors were able to get a stop and hand the ball back to DeRozan to win the game. It was another isolation play with almost no ball movement and he came up against Butler once again, who didn’t fall for his fake but did flail his arms on the play.

Is this a foul by Butler or just straight-up good defense? Questions will be raised about the late-game play calling, especially about how DeRozan was put in situations where he had to create off the dribble in isolation, which is not his strength.

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    he deserves it for settling for that midrange jumper AGAIN after airballing one with 9 secs on the clock previous possession what a clown.

    • FREEJV

      btw if you re gonna complain about a foul then lets also acknowledge derozans travel please

  • Vince Bosh

    idk. Was DD complaining? I thought it was just a blocked shot

    • JettHype

      ofcourse he will complain, to cover up his mistake and shame

  • Chewwy No Matthew

    Good Defence. Demar cannot dribble nor create off of the dribble. Should have never called this play

  • Greg

    Make a gif of the terrible goaltending call.

    • Chewwy No Matthew

      I believe Butler’s defence on the last play was good defence but that goaltending call was awful

      • Alex Bill

        Was it though? Jack and Matt were seemingly oblivious to the rules of goaltending: touching the ball when it is coming down OR after it has already touched the backboard. Looked like it might have hit the backboard first, but we didn’t get a good replay.

        • Chewwy No Matthew

          In my opinion, I thought it was blocked before hitting the backboard. If it hit the backboard first then I am definitely incorrect.

  • JJ

    foul on the body for one thing. Demar is entitled to that space and Butler was all over him to the point where we has severely leaning back. And the alleged block of it….still hard to tell if it was hand or not

  • Chewwy No Matthew

    Demar is one of the best in the league at cutting off a screen and hitting the mid range jumper off a pass from a guard. He is a terrible dribbler. I also cannot understand why Casey didn’t send out a big to set a high screen. Demar hasn’t been able to get a shot off pretty much everytime this brutal play has been called. Portland, an air ball with 9 seconds left and this play are 3 I think of right away.

  • Mstar

    It’s not abt the foul. It was clean. The problem is why does demar have the ball? Lowry is clearly more clutch and better under pressure. Give him the ball for God’s sake!!

  • ad

    NO foul. Demar is terrible in those late game situations. Yet, idiot casey keeps putting him in those situations. The ball shouldve been in lowry’s hands to either shoot or create.

  • hotshot

    Casey drawing plays coming out of time outs are horrible. Just before that he draw a play for Psycho T, luckily when Psycho T missed the shot, Amir was able to grab the rebound and convert the And 1. I have no faith in Casey drawing plays out of time outs, you might as well pull all your plays on a wheel of fortune type of model and spin every time you headed to a time out.

    • Mstar

      Agreed. I don’t understand Casey’s plays out of a timeout. Can he not see what we are all seeing? Frustrating.

  • tank

    That was a 100% foul with the body. Demar wasn’t even aloud to jump as Butlers body was leaning on his pivot foot. Demar couldn’t even jump as Butler balls were all over his upper thigh. Butler also was moving and was to the side of Demar and not entitled to take Demars space away. By the rule book that was 100% foul with the body.

    • FREEJV

      but he travelled first….

    • JettHype

      clear block nigga

  • Kyle

    It’s a foul with the body, Butler basically moves Derozan with his chest and sticks his knee in his groin. If this is Butler taking a shot and DD on defence, Chicago gets that call

    • JettHype

      100% D nigga.

  • Adriiian

    Man, shouldn’t have even come down to that shot. DeRozan disappeared in the 2nd half. TRoss was useless, and Lowry played bad, even though he hit that clutch 3.
    Vasquez was terrible overall as well. Too much to overcome tonight.

    PS. Fuckin’ DJ Augustin tho.

  • jv noplay

    Air ball, ISO play, terrible time out play. How could you not give the ball to Lowry???

  • Alex Vostrikov

    foul? are you kidding me. pure D, with a little force.
    nba became league for fairies. any small touch on a hand and players acting like some one hit them with sledge hummer.
    let the 220lb+ men play the game for gods sake

  • jakdripr

    It was a bad shot to begin with so I’m not looking to the refs for the bailout. We played liked hot feces tonight and were pretty lucky to be that close at the end of the game. I mean this game really showed how badly we need Val to develop because a solid post up player would have made a huge difference this game.

  • Just Is

    No foul. 100% clean and good defense. More blame on Casey than Demar here. You’d have thought he’d have learnt by now…especially given the result just prior was a Demar airball.

  • Guest

    Not disagreeing with the point on poor shot selection or asking for a bail out, but if I saw that play without other context, I’d say it’s a foul. I think there’s a lot of contact on the body and it looks like an unforced hit on the hand.
    The problem is that all night the refs were whistling on results not acts. Even the “goaltending” call came late. So if they’re not calling plays as they are happening but instead making decisions after the fact… then we get into debates about everything but whether it was actually a foul. We also end up with make up calls and seven techs. Terrible officiating. Coincidence that it happened in a game with a tight spread?

  • morgan c

    No, Zarar, he wasn’t fouled. You can be such an obvious homer sometimes man, come one. We played like shit tonight and don’t deserve any calls when we can’t defend one cut all night. Dude, you’re a gifted writer and smart blogger, but come on; ease on the homerism or your journalism cred will suffer.

    • Ian Reynolds

      morgan c can’t read

      • WhiteVegas

        Haha, yep. It’s excusable when the articles are long but this was basically a paragraph and a gif. Fuck reading, I’ll just put words in Zarar’s mouth and then call him a homer.

  • JettHype


  • bballi bballi paradise

    Demar Derozan is never going to get that call, especially in game officiated like this one was. He has to get a cleaner shot (fade away), or have a different play drawn to get a cleaner look. I’ve seen plenty of times where even Kobe gets hacked with a no call on the last shot of the game.

  • Adam

    Bad Shot+Good D = Missed Shot…The Raps should stick to the script of ball movement. Its been working and we’ve noticed this season that hero ball doesn’t work in our favour.

  • Matteemo

    There were some bad/missed calls in this game (the goaltend on the Amir block/Augustine bucket comes to mind) but I don’t think this last play in question was one of them… This was more a case of bad play calling, IF you’re going to draw up a play for Demar it should be in someone else’s hands with Demar curling around a series of screens for a catch and shoot, Demar ISO is a low percentage opportunity.

  • Skip2MyLou

    You need to put the ball in the hoop yourself if you want to win. You can’t (and shouldn’t) count on a foul call to win the game from the line.

  • Steverino

    No travel. His right foot was his pivot foot. He moved his left foot twice, which is fine, but it’s unusual so it might look like it to someone without a good grasp of the rule book.

    Foul on the floor, not going up. Butler was vertical, but he was walking into DeMar, forcing him back. No foul on the shot.

  • Steve

    First foul was Demars elbow to Butler, then his travel, followed by getting stuffed by one off the best young defenders in the league.

  • Louvens Remy

    Classic Demar.

  • sleepz

    You guys are creating posts about this?lol

    Trying to enrage the masses? If that’s not good defence, what is?

  • Shadow Of Christ

    Foul on the arm, but with the way the game was being called, the refs weren’t about to be quick with the whistle on that one… I had the Raptors losing this game, but not like that… Hard to win when it’s 8 on 5 and the Bulls practically allowed to tackle the Raptors.

    • Jairuhme

      Hate to tell you but the refs dont determine the outcome of the game. Also there was no foul by butler. Demar’s right pivot foot was under Butler because Demar leaned back, so its legal for butler to pressure him that way. Also i cant tell if there is a travel or not, but its clear that Demar shoved off first. Only thing they would’ve called on butler is him swatting down but butler got either ball or that was a horrible shot by derozan.

  • Eddie

    good job for derozan trying to draw the foul but the coach didn’t see it.