The Frenchiness void left by Alexis Ajinca has been filled by Nando De Colo, who the Raptors acquired for the oft/never-used Austin Daye.

Being a professional blogger and only having taken note of De Colo fleetingly, it felt right to spend some time watching film of our newest acquisition, and thus I did and the verdict is in: Yes, he is better than Austin Daye.

De Colo looks to have some shot-making ability in that he feels comfortable taking on a guy if need be and making a contested look or two. More noticeable is his off-the-ball movement, whether it be in transition or in the half-court set. Then again everyone on the Spurs is great at that so it’s to be expected. At least with De Colo you know that he’s been well-schooled in basketball over the last two years in San Antonio, which gives him a higher chance of fitting with the team-oriented ball the Raptors are playing.

Have a look at some Nando De Colo highlights over the last dozen or so games and you’ll get a good sense of what the player is about.

Here’s the man’s shot-performance chart from this season:

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