The Frenchiness void left by Alexis Ajinca has been filled by Nando De Colo, who the Raptors acquired for the oft/never-used Austin Daye.

Being a professional blogger and only having taken note of De Colo fleetingly, it felt right to spend some time watching film of our newest acquisition, and thus I did and the verdict is in: Yes, he is better than Austin Daye.

De Colo looks to have some shot-making ability in that he feels comfortable taking on a guy if need be and making a contested look or two. More noticeable is his off-the-ball movement, whether it be in transition or in the half-court set. Then again everyone on the Spurs is great at that so it’s to be expected. At least with De Colo you know that he’s been well-schooled in basketball over the last two years in San Antonio, which gives him a higher chance of fitting with the team-oriented ball the Raptors are playing.

Have a look at some Nando De Colo highlights over the last dozen or so games and you’ll get a good sense of what the player is about.

Here’s the man’s shot-performance chart from this season:

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  • Timo In Waterloo

    Thanks for this, Arsenalist. I really knew very little about him.. Cheers

  • Risk mGmt

    As a insurance broker, never judge a policy by what it covers rather judge by what it excludes. Now if you can kindly show us a compilation of his worse blunders we can better understand him. Just saying …. Thx

    • arsenalist

      His “blunder” video looks exactly like the above, except the shots don’t go in.

      • FREEJV

        what about defense highlights.

    • Apv89

      Show me Austin Daye’s Highlights.


  • c_bcm

    Thanks Arse. This is great.

  • ih8vasquez

    He is comming from an amazing organization I’m really glad to have him maybe he can teach vasquez to suck less

    • Rap fan 2

      I actually like Vasquez’s game. He’s got some spunk(attitude!!!) and he’s a great passer. Love that Nando de Colo likes driving to the basket. We need more of that especially from Demar and Terrance. I think we might have won the last game with Chicago if Demar attacked the rim on that last play. At least you might get a chance getting a call to get some free throws. Getting more shots in the paint and attacking the rim more will elevate the Raptors offense to the next level. Lead the way Nando de Colo!!! Mat, Jack and Leo are going to have fun with that name.

      • DDon

        Every time he scores we may hear about his performing a colonoscopy on his opponents.

  • DMart

    Sophmore looks like a poor man’s Goran Dragic, similar to Beno Udrih but drives the basket more (based on the percentage of shots on shot chart above). The irony in all of this is the Spurs drafted all 3 players later in the draft (Udrih in ’04, Dragic in ’08 and De Colo in ’09), and are known well for their international scouting. The Raptors might have someone here with good potential if given decent backup minutes at PG/SG…not saying he’s a steal but certainly has more potential impact than Daye. Also has played in 8 NBADL games this year and has shown decent scoring (23.3 PPG, 6.1 RPG, 5.9 APG).

  • CJT

    He cuts well, it looks like. Good timing and execution. That would be another aspect of the game that I would love to see the Raptors use more often and effectively.

  • Andrea Punani

    Yea but how well can he say “Primo Pasta and sauce!”?

  • hotshot

    Kinda reminds me of Kirk Heinrich.

  • andykos

    Better than stone

  • database_666

    interesting compilation. it describes the player properly somewhat, because this guy works a lot without the ball – moves around, which is something we desperately need, rather than progressing into derozan isolation based offence. now, if lowry and vasquez could take advantage of decolo’s modus operandi, that would be a completely new dimension to our offensive sets, because last time i saw somebody shake off the defender and cut to the basket, landry fields was playing rotation minutes.

  • Bendit

    Understand these are the successful clips but he reminds me of the Landry Fields with the shot intact (rookie season).

  • robertparish00

    The starters summary of this trade was great. Joking the Raps fleeced them.

  • vanlivin

    I wonder how his defence is? maybe better than Vasquez

  • Tanks-a-lot

    I’m so glad to see that the Raptors have given up on Vasquez