Amir Johnson has left the game against the Orlando magic after twisting his ankle.

According to Matt Devlin on the TV broadcast, Johnson will not return for the game. As seen below, this does not look good. Johnson has been battling a sprain which he suffered against the Celtics on January 15. He sat out two games on February 10th and 12th, before making a return off the bench. He was promoted back into the starting lineup against the Cavaliers.

Johnson had 12 points on 5-7 shooting, 8 rebounds and a steal in 23 minutes before picking up the injury against the Magic.

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  • RaptorsInThisB&$@!

    F**K!!!! Hope he’s okay…

  • momo

    talk about bad luck

  • Tanks-a-lot

    Looks like another tweak. Shut him down for the next game since it’s a road game.

  • DDayLewis

    He injured his ankle the last time they played as well.

    Fucking hell.

  • Guest

    I heard somewhere that once you have an ankle sprain, the chances of it happening again increases. Every time you tweak it, it becomes weaker and weaker. Could be wrong but the injury that always keeps Amir sidelined is an ankle injury.

    • GLF

      No you are absolutely right. I said it on the forum already. This will be something that with plague him for the rest of his career. The amount of times he’s twisted both ankles is crazy! He might as well take about 2 weeks off like someone already said.

  • Bryan Colangelo

    Just watching that shit in slow-motion is painful.

  • Roarque

    This comes from playing injured for the past five years. Amir has taped up his ankles and played on them no matter what and knowing that there’s no playoff to worry about. Now he has to get ready for the post-season season and the team has the luxury of being able to rest Amir and let the ankle knit – we have Tyler who is an enthusiastic PF so let’s do it.