Toronto Raptors 99 FinalRecap | Box Score 93 Cleveland Cavaliers
Amir Johnson, PF Shot Chart 36 MIN | 4-6 FG | 0-0 FT | 6 REB | 4 AST | 0 STL | 2 BLK | 4 TO | 9 PTS | +5On hobbled ankles the guy delivered a sound performance. Defending without fouling used to be his weakness and how it’s his specialty. Was called upon to play heavy minutes in the fourth and kept Cleveland’s aggressive big men off the boards, and paid due attention to the onslaught of drives.  Let go them threes man, let go them threes.  I get if you’re open you got to have a go, but in the fourth quarter that shot is being offered to you rather than you evading the defense. Realize that.

Terrence Ross, SF Shot Chart 32 MIN | 7-11 FG | 0-0 FT | 1 REB | 1 AST | 2 STL | 1 BLK | 4 TO | 19 PTS | +3Can we stop giving this guy nicknames? Nicknames happen organically, you don’t have contests, debates, and discussions to create nicknames. If he’s going to get a nickname, he’s going to get one naturally, so just stop. Oh yeah, the game. The threes kept the Raptors in the game, early in the first he was the guy that got it going and also had a huge one in the fourth. The Raptors don’t expect much passing for him but over the last couple games he’s shown he can dribble-and-dish underneath. Casey didn’t choose to put him on Irving for some reason so didn’t really have a chance to lock-in on D, but when he finally did in the fourth, Irving had issues negotiating him.  Nice dunk.

Jonas Valanciunas, C Shot Chart 17 MIN | 1-2 FG | 0-0 FT | 6 REB | 0 AST | 0 STL | 1 BLK | 1 TO | 2 PTS | -11Sometimes he looks like a 58-year old arthritic man out there. A step behind the play on defense, a step behind his teammates on offense. It was almost like he wasn’t willing to step up and meet the Cavs frontline. Casey took him out for the fourth quarter and I can’t blame him for it.

Kyle Lowry, PG Shot Chart 35 MIN | 3-15 FG | 7-7 FT | 5 REB | 9 AST | 1 STL | 0 BLK | 0 TO | 13 PTS | +1Poor shooting game, had to defend Iriving for the majority of the game which might’ve had an effect on that. Despite that, he had an impact. Iriving had a big line but Lowry’s individual defense was acceptable (took a huge charge in the fourth), it’s the Raptors rotations when Irving got into the paint after a screen that made things look bad. Didn’t let the bad shooting affect the distribution, which is a mark of a good PG.

DeMar DeRozan, SG Shot Chart 40 MIN | 12-25 FG | 9-13 FT | 4 REB | 6 AST | 1 STL | 0 BLK | 0 TO | 33 PTS | +8Delivered in the fourth quarter which is what he’s going to be judged by going forward. The jumpers were too many for me but it’s not like they’re coming out of isolation ball. There’s good screen-usage, hand-offs, point-to-wing passing between him and his teammates before he steps back to launch that jumper. One of the better games this year for him defensively, especially when guarding Deng and Irving on switches.

Tyler Hansbrough, PF Shot Chart 17 MIN | 1-2 FG | 3-4 FT | 7 REB | 0 AST | 0 STL | 1 BLK | 1 TO | 5 PTS | +4He doesn’t need a blurb, it’s the same thing every night. In games like these where the opposition is trying to out-physical you, it’s great having a guy like this on the team.

Patrick Patterson, PF Shot Chart 25 MIN | 1-5 FG | 0-0 FT | 8 REB | 4 AST | 0 STL | 1 BLK | 3 TO | 3 PTS | +14Played superb individual defense in the fourth quarter, helped well on the drives, and acted as the ‘first station’ of the Raptors attack in the fourth. Not a smooth offensive performance but that’s the beauty of this guy – he’s ugly productive.

John Salmons, SF Shot Chart 20 MIN | 0-2 FG | 0-0 FT | 1 REB | 1 AST | 0 STL | 0 BLK | 0 TO | 0 PTS | +2Defended Irving for a big stretch in this game when he wasn’t even well enough to participate in shootaround. Not seeing the logic here, the guy had some lower-back issues today and needed the night off.

Greivis Vasquez, PG Shot Chart 17 MIN | 6-11 FG | 0-0 FT | 1 REB | 2 AST | 1 STL | 0 BLK | 1 TO | 15 PTS | +4Hit some big threes in the first half and also one in the fourth. Got taken a little advantage of by Dellavedova at times, but given the extensive usage of the two-guard lineup with him and Lowry, performed well. Defensively, he’s always going to let you down a little so you got to learn to live with that.

Chuck Hayes, PF Shot Chart DNP COACH’S DECISION MIN | FG | FT | REB | AST | STL | BLK | TO | PTS | Bro, you should’ve played.

Landry Fields, SF Shot Chart DNP COACH’S DECISION MIN | FG | FT | REB | AST | STL | BLK | TO | PTS | He’s like a comet. You see him once every 75 years.

Nando de Colo, PG Shot Chart DNP COACH’S DECISION MIN | FG | FT | REB | AST | STL | BLK | TO | PTS | Nando no play.

Dwane Casey
I do not get not starting Ross on Irving given the success in Toronto. I simply don’t, that alone risked this game and for that I cannot forgive him. Relying on DeRozan to bail you out isn’t a good strategy. Would’ve almost liked to have seen how Chuck Hayes would’ve handled the Cavs physical presence (I know I sound like a fool calling for Chuck Hayes).

Four Things We Saw

  1. The refs bailed us out man. There were some calls in the fourth quarter that should’ve resulted in FTs for the Cavs. I call it the universe balancing itself out.
  2. This game should not have been this close – the Cavs made a run in the second quarter that was borne out of carelessness and turnovers, where the Raptors didn’t score for the last 3:10 of the half
  3. Lowry struggled shooting, and in his previous stints in Houston he would’ve gotten frustrated and abandoned the team game. Now, he’s matured and has learnt to keep playing and contribute. He distributed the ball well and didn’t let the effort dip, that’s progress for him as a player.
  4. The Raptors shot 11 FTs in the fourth, and only 13 for the rest of the game. They weren’t as aggressive on offense as they needed to be and that prevented this from being a 12-15 point easy win.

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  • Age

    Great game by Derozan when Lowry was shooting so poorly.
    The only reason Ross is getting those wide 3’s is because of Derozan’s threat when he drove and kicked out.
    Demar was getting pressured in the 3rd qtr and he deferred this teammates and when he was open in the 4th, he made them count.
    What else can you ask for from one of our leaders.
    great fight Raps

  • golden

    Transcendent performance by Demar tonight, which is starting to look routine. DD asserted his transcendency when we needed it down the stretch to help the Raps transcend over the Cavs tonight, as Lowry didn’t have his transcendation going tonight.

    • caccia

      Now I feel like I should meditate after the game.

    • jjdynomite

      Like the back pages of NOW Magazine, DeMar is scary transcendent.

    • ibleedpurple

      This post transcended all posts on RR Tonite.

      • onemanweave

        No, this was a very good collection of workmanlike words but it needed a focal point to transcend to classical basketball reporting. Maybe something in Latin.

    • The Red Fury

      thank you for this.

    • Ion66

      I will ponder this as I try and relax during my next filling and cleaning. That would be transcend-dental-meditation.

      • ezz_bee



        What do you call it when it’s obvious you dad likes to dress up in women’s clothes?


  • De Colo

    No Colo 🙁

  • webfeatmm

    JV definitely has trouble against faster bigs. And not just fast in terms of foots peed, but fast in terms of decision making. JV’s still not used to the up tempo stuff.

    • The Red Fury

      He really did look lost tonight. He’s a boy in a man’s body. He will figure it out and bring it more consistently.

      • morgan c

        We assume… based on what? What if he doesn’t?

        • KJ-B

          Agreed. Needs to lose 15 lbs the way Kyle lost 15 last summer. Heard from the Lithuanian Nat’l team coach last summer that he was too big. The Raps obviously asked him to put on weight but it’s not muscle. Too much too soon.

          Couple that with the rigors of the season + here we are = slow as molasses right now!

        • Steverino

          So what if he doesn’t? Then he doesn’t. Good lord, you’re fretting over something that might happen?

          • morgan c

            Well, then if he doesn’t (figure it out and bring it more consistently), then we need to start looking at using him as a trade piece. It’s just funny to me how so many pegged him as a future all-star, franchise caliber center yet there are easily 10 centers in the league that are superior players. I realize he is still young, etc., but he’s not some 18 year old rookie either. If the Wolves would say no to a straight up Pek for JV trade, then we are in trouble thinking this guy is the next Roy Hibbert. He has little basketball IQ and makes the same mistakes over and over. Again, at a certain point, I think it’s ok to demand better vs. just bailing him out saying he’s young, and “inexperienced.” There is no excuse for making the same mistakes and not bringing it consistently. Sure, he can develop into a better defensive player with time, but basketball IQ and adaptability and “correctability” are more innate traits (at least I think), and I’m afraid JV just doesn’t have them. I just think people need to start at least CONSIDERING that he may not be a great player, and Marcin Gortat is his ceiling, as another poster said here previously. Right now, he is a glaring weakness on our team.

            • What the

              and we are a .600 team playing 4 against 5 i’ll take Val over Andrea

              • morgan c

                Haha, of course. But if we are comparing him to AB, we have a bigger issue…

                • Steverino

                  You raise a couple points. 1. You say if he doesn’t figure it out, we have to start looking at him as a trade piece. I say, great. That’s in the future. So why are you worrying about this now? You’re not saying “he won’t ever figure this out so we need to trade him asap”, right? So give him time to figure it out. If he still doesn’t get it after another season or two, then the team can think about trading him. Cross that bridge when they come to it.

                  2. You say Marcin Gortat is his ceiling. Conjecture, but let’s run with it. If that turns out to be true, is that such a horrible thing? Gortat is a serviceable big man and a pro. You can get by without an all-star in the middle. Gortat is certainly better than whoever Miami or Oklahoma has there, and they’re not too shabby. Another name from the past is Greg Ostertag. Utah went to the finals with him at centre. And he had a pretty good career. I can see JV as a guy like him, too. But all that’s conjecture. It’s also possible his ceiling is higher. And if it stays the same as where he’s at now (very unlikely), he’s still a decent centre. You can’t compare every position to the greatest in the game unless you always want to be disappointed.

            • The Red Fury

              He’s a glaring weakness? I think that is a little harsh. He’s not consistent, that is his issue. Did you know he has around the same amount of double-doubles that Chris Bosh had in his 2nd year?

              The glaring weakness of the team is that outside of JV, our other ‘true’ centre (i say ‘true’ because he is 6’6″) is Chuck Hayes.

              I would not want Pek for JV. People always seem to forget this is his 2nd year in the NBA. Big guys always take longer to develop. Just watch.

    • Tanks-a-lot

      He’s a prototypical NBA playoff center. That’s why he’s a keeper long term.

    • Ghotte

      Don’t know if it’s a speed thing. Seems to be more positional. There were numerous times he didn’t hedge on the pick and roll or even contest the shooter coming off the screen. Even against ORL O’Quinn and Vucevic had open set shots most of the time with no contest.

    • William who

      Jv is slow in the head. Everytime he does the same thing. He will never do anything in this league , we have to trade him and get someone like a Hibbert. Colangelo and his slow stupid Europeans ruining this franchise for years to come . Trade him while he has some value and let’s forget the last 20 years and get some elite talent.

      • 2damkule

        so much dumb.

      • afrocarter


      • Will

        You talk about elite talent like you can pick them up at a grocery store.

      • Vytas

        Omg, you Canadian basketball fans are really quick judging everything.
        After few 18/12 games he’s gonna be a good player, future of the franchise.
        After few really bad games (2/6). He is looser with low basketball IQ and Raptors should trade him.
        C’mon. Seriously. Nobody is ever so consistent. Ok, Roy Hibbert. He scored less then 8 pts in 8 straight games. Grabbed less then 10 reb in 21 consecutive game.
        Jeez, he’s averaging less rebounds than Jonas THIS SEASON.

        • Vytas

          *Roy Hibbert statistics in his sophomore season

      • StrikerAI

        Just FYI, Roy Hibbert wasn’t anything special in his second season either, same goes for many other Centers like Tyson Chandler, Joakim Noah and so on. They take time to develop, Chandler was never anything special till he went to Dallas, and started having his best seasons since then. If your not patient with Centers, your never going to get a good one. Not many Centers will be like Hakeem or Shaq where they start averaging 20+ PPG and 10+ RPG in their rookie season.

  • Antivasquez

    Good win but my most frustrating points with this team:

    1. Amir Johnson and his 3 pointers!!! There’s a reason you are wide open on the 3.. It’s because you shoot 20% from 3 and you have an ugly stroke! Stop shooting threes!

    2. Anything Vasquez does… Even when he plays good (tonight) I just can’t like him I don’t know why. He is so frustrating.

    • smh

      i hate guys like you,who will hate on their own players no matter what,even if they score 15pts in 17 minutes…smh

    • plaid coast

      amir’s stroke is a little slow but, technically, it’s actually not that bad. not to mention he’s shooting, on average, less than one attempt per game! i’m so sick of this kind of complaining.

      vasquez is smart. you’ll learn to like him.

      • The Red Fury

        Totally agree on Vasquez. He is extremely crafty. Keeps his dribble alive, uses every screen available to him. He makes those feeds on a pick’n roll look so easy.

        • Tanks-a-lot

          But he can’t beat the full court pressure without major help from his teammates.

          It’s sad to see how much assistance he needs.

          • asifyouknow

            This is basketball not ping pong help is a good

          • Steverino

            It’s a team game, dude. Teammates help each other, game plans are instituted to offset weaknesses (and every player has a weakness).

      • afrocarter

        I’ve seen enough shoot-arounds to know Amir can hit the 3, which is why he has the green light. He just needs to build an in-game consistency. That look is going to be there every game; might as well work on it now in preparation for the play-offs.

    • asifyouknow

      Take a break and one the blue pills….lol..

    • asifyouknow

      Hey you could get Felton he will probably be available when he gets out of jail,,,lol

    • asifyouknow

      Just remember hater he will only be here this year, he will probably be in LA playing with KB next year…So take the red pill a beer and chill…lol…

      • smh

        really hope he stays! been wanting him to join the raptors since last year.

  • rapsfan2016

    Loool the score was 99-93

  • Mexiballer

    I thought the referees shafted the Cavaliers. We all know what that feels like. The NBA needs to something about the refereeing in the NBA.

    • d279

      Don’t feel sorry for the Cavs one bit, lets hope that they receive an apology from the league for blowing a call ,we used to get them all the time.

      • Mexiballer

        I dont feel sorry for the Cavs. That wasnt my point. Its about the fans and the league. What Im saying is that as fans we are watching a competetive game that is coming down to the wire, excitement builds, which ever team makes the plays and works the hardest is going to come away with the win. And the referees mess the whole thing up by making some really bad calls. Its not just about the Raptors or Cavs, its about the league. I have NBA league pass and watch a lot of games, and the referees screw things up on a regular basis. And its no fun for me as a fan no matter who I want to win, to see the referees take the out come out of the hands of the players, especially at the end of the game. It sucks.

      • Mexiballer

        NBA really has changed quite dramatically under Adam Silver. We know
        this because Mark Cuban is now gushing over decisions made by the
        commissioner’s office. It happened Monday night at Madison Square
        Garden, when Cuban, the Dallas Mavericks’ outspoken owner, was asked a
        general question about Silver, who took the commissioner’s reins from
        David Stern on Feb. 1. “I
        think he’s taken some great steps on the officiating,” Cuban said.
        “There’s been more changes in 15 days, or whatever it is, than I saw in
        14 years.” Cuban then divulged the most significant of those changes:
        The league is now sending its teams regular reports on blown calls by
        the referees. It’s one of the first steps in Silver’s push for greater
        transparency. Cuban has been advocating for measures like this since he purchased the Mavericks in 2000. Bleacher Report

        Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban, David Stern, Referees, Owners, Adam Silver – See more at:

    • AnthonyF

      Like that has never happened to the Raptors with the game on the line. The calls would have got them closer, not tied or ahead, so I’m not losing any sleep. Both teams had the equal # of fouls.

  • Hassan Mehmood Khan

    we for sure are the third best team in the east

  • The Red Fury

    Kyle Lowry C+? He took the biggest charge of the game with less than a minute left. Dude continues to bring it for 4th quarters. Did you see him lift his ankles up because they were on the no charge zone line? Wow. Amazing ball IQ. Continues to impress me.

    • Adriiian

      Thank god they didn’t overturn the call. Cause looking at the replay, his feet were moving quite a bit.

      • CJT

        They can’t overturn for that. They can only review if his feet are above the restricted line.

        • Tanks-a-lot

          They could have reversed the call to make it a blocking foul on Lowry. Even if he was outside the restricted line his feet were definitely not planted.

          • CJT

            I don’t think so, in the same way they can’t review shooting fouls in the last two minutes, they can only review out of bounds plays to over turn. Think of all the games that we have lost on last second calls that couldn’t be reviewed. I could be wrong, but that is my understanding.

            • 2damkule

              you are not wrong.

          • The Red Fury

            They could have only reversed call if his feet were in the no-charge zone. The fact that his feet were not planted has not as much to do with the charge. He was already in the spot, and an offensive player cannot run a defensive player over. Players plant their feet to sell the call.

            • Tanks-a-lot

              ” The fact that his feet were not planted has not as much to do with the charge”

              Moving feet means feet not in place means not already in the spot. This is an ancient standard for taking a charge.

              • The Red Fury

                You are half-correct in this instance and perhaps rely on TV commentators knowledge rather than the actual rules. TV personalities want to give the simple explanation for the average fan.

                Refs look to the feet to see if a player is moving left or right. In this case, Kyle was not moving left or right, he already had gotten to the spot, and had a defensive position and merely moved his feet for balance, but did not move from where he was, other than to make sure he was not in the restricted area.

                If you read the rules of the game, you will notice that taking an offensive charge says nothing about the feet. It actually refers to the offensive player causes illegal contact to the defensive player who has already established a legal guarding position.

    • asifyouknow

      I think Kyle is a little banged up but he is so gutsy that he just keeps on playing. Love the guy.

  • Tank this

    This team and fans are so mediocre. This should have been a 25 point win going away, instead we have to watch inferior talent get lucky and win by six. We need elite talent , this climb to mediocre is fools gold and how these homer fans can stand to win this shabbily is beyond me .

    • FREEJV

      watch out guys got a cleveland fan at raptors republic

    • De Colo

      Im sorry for not being upset they won, I’ll try better next time they win, is being depressed ok with you?

    • robertparish00

      Yes we need elite talent. We should see if we can get Rudy Gay back.

      • asifyouknow


      • Tanks-a-lot

        top kek

    • asifyouknow

      Wow man what’s wrong with you, this team is so much fun to watch, I’ll admit NOT TONIGHT but in most nights they are good entertainment and that is what sports is all about, being entertained.
      I don’t know about you but I go to work tomorrow and forget about all this until next time. You sound bitter. Maybe you should quit watching for awhile, you sound burned out by the Raptors.
      Take a break…lol

      • Tankers be us

        Transcendent ally speaking he is a mediocre complainer dnd should be banned by a big gaveled little man . Where is William the slayer when mediocre tankers aren’t complaining trancendantly. Rest?? This Tanking fan has nothing better to do then moan and whine , breaks are not allowed

        • DDayLewis

          Sarcasm is really lost on you, raptorstand

          • Tank this

            Thank goodness you banned that scum Billy. This team is so bad putting up with that Homers crap was really sad . Another mediocre win against a really bad team , thank goodness we have the writers here that can set the homer scum straight. Nice work Killer

            • DDayLewis

              You’re either doing a masterful job of trolling, or I was entirely wrong about the sarcasm.

              • Tank this

                Sarcasm is for losers. The core of this team is sub standard . Ross , Jonas . And Derozan are below Nba standards and will win nothing , mediocrity staring us right in the face ,The gm is ruining any chance of this franchise competing , the fans are watching nothing of substance , much like the drivel these homers spew out after another boring win against really bad opponent. Ban them all billy the homer scum need to be told the truth about basketball from no paid truth Sayers like writers here Tim W needs to grow some nuts and tell these no nothing homers about the realities if how bad this team is.

                • Homer

                  Serious question for all here:

                  I’ve been confused with this “homer” insult for some time now. I don’t understand how it’s derogatory? See, we’re not on an “objective” NBA message board, nor ESPN, nor SI… we’re on a Raptors forum. Therefore I would expect the majority of people here to generally be fans of the Raptors, i.e. cheering for the Home team. That’s kind of the point of following sports I thought? If you want to be Zach Lowe, go be Zach Lowe and cheer for no one/everyone. But on a raps forum I expect people to be SLIGHTLY biased towards the “home” team…. that’s called being a fan. Now of course every fan is entitled to an opinion, to question the choices of the coach/gm/and owners, that too is a large part of being a fan. However, to expect everyone to be wholeheartedly objective and analyze Cavs vs. Raps without any bias or fondness towards the Raps find truly odd. Go to Grantland dog.

                  Not that I’ve been called one, but I’d be more than proud to be called a Homer. Yes. I have bee a Raptors fan for 15 plus years now, and yes, I do cheer for them. I will give them the benefit of the doubt in many respects because they’re who I cheer for and am fond of, because they’re who I want to win.

                  I realized there hasn’t been a question yet but maybe someone can clear up why this term homer is supposedly disrespectful. I don’t consider myself a blind apologist of the Raptors, but in general I want to cheer for the players to improve. Is anyone at all offended by being called a homer here on the Republic?

            • Chewwy No Matthew

              Bottom line, it is nice to win an ugly game. This is the NBA and these guys are professionals so they are capable of beating you on any given night. Two points I want to make. One, the Miami Heat lost to the second worst team in basketball ( Philadelphia) earlier this year so upsets can happen. Two, the Raptors have not lost more than two games in a row since the Rudy Gay trade so I will take the ugly wins over the terrific close loses we put up with last year

    • #TankNation

      I don’t see what you argument is.

      • Tank this

        The Raptors suck , mediocre players in a mediocre city consistently trying for the middle. Yea they won a couple games against horrible teams but to have to read this Homer crap day in and day out is disgusting , people with no basketball knowledge spewing positive things about a sure first round loser . We should have traded these crap players for a chance at an elite player , Toronto fans suck .

        • De Colo

          You mad bro?

        • Andrey

          No one is forcing you to be a fan of this team. So you can get the fuck out. Your post has no insight or original thought. Crap players? If they are so crap how you suggest they trade for elite player. What kind of logic is that you idiot. You suck.

        • ezz_bee

          You lost me at “a sure first round loser”. They are the favourites in any first round match-up against anyone other than the Heat or Pacers. You welcome to argue that is a result of the rest of the East being a war crime, which is legit, but they will be the favourites in the first round. Championship contenders they are not. They are however, the ONLY team in the East in the top ten in BOTH Ortg and Drtg, so Mediocre is not really accurate.

          What that says about their long term potential is unclear, but your arguments are more passionate and less logical than the “Homers” you are trashing. So I’m convinced you are a troll until you demonstrate otherwise.

          …It’s hard to stop a troll roll.

    • Afeme Sinting

      I was eating pasta and sauce for 7 years ,now i’m having stake and fries let me enjoy it no…This season as a raptor fan i only fear two teams in the eastern conf. and 6 teams in the western conf. and at the end of the season raptors will be a 600 ball club and when the big dance starts, the first game will be played in my house and a transcedent will be born, aghhh you gat love it !!

    • GoingBig

      “team and fans are so mediocre” ??

      The fans are just being fans and enjoying the W’s and the well-played basketball.
      The team is 26-13 (0.666) since the Rudy trade – enough real gold to get us a good seat at the table.

    • FU

      why torture yourself – don’t watch


    if we go 18-7 we will get to 50 wins but gonna be tough

    • WhiteVegas

      Mind blowing that 50 wins is realistic.


    should ve played Nando instead of Salmons today irving lit him up.

  • Rupert

    Demar was staright-up clutch they needed evey last point he and he got em!

    • Vancity Raps

      I agree.

      I think his rating (A-) is low. Deserved an “A” as far as I can see. Plus he had one of his better games from a defensive standpoint. We need to appreciate our guard shooting around .500 and dishing out 6 assists. Not a lot of players at his position (maybe 4-5 tops) that do that.

      BTW, I’m happy with the “W” and don’t want to complain, but the Raptors were lucky to escape with the win. Will need to tighten up if they’re going to make any sort of a run in the playoffs. If the season ended today the Raps would be playing the Nets. There’s no way a veteran team like that would allow the Raptors to win tonight.

      Some questionable refereeing in the final quarter. But I guess we’ve seen it bite us a few times too. The universe unfolds as it should.

      • GoingBig

        caccia agreeing with caccia? Huh??

  • EBERG151

    Have to wholeheartedly agree with Zarar with his assessment on JV. In the last few games, Casey’s had a short leash with him, rightfully so. The guy is so slow on offensive and defensive rotations and is easy to trap because of it and how low he keeps the ball. He also fouls like it’s going out of style. Not sure what benefit he brings the Raps with Hansbrough and Patterson playing the way they are.

    • morgan c

      JV has been alarmingly bad for the last month.

    • Jose

      Not sure why JV is of the “untouchables” on the team. Actually, I was never able to understand that. Decent young player, yes — but the top talent, no not really.

      • Milesboyer

        Anyone else willing to concur on my “Marcin Gortat may be his ceiling, hopefully not” hypothesis.

        • WhiteVegas

          Way too early in his career. Noah didn’t start to break out until his 3rd season, and look at him now. NBA big man defense has to be learned on the job. He could use a summer with Hakeem to shore up his offense. His international play is slowing down his development

      • jakdripr

        Probably because he’s a big man that can shoot, a rarity in the nba.

    • Ghotte

      Until JV demands the ball after establishing good position on the block he won’t get the ball. Too many times recently he’s not give a good target or giving up a turnover. Maybe he’s mentally tired. Bottom line: He’s got 20 games to round into shape or he’ll force Casey to play the rotation players.

  • jakdripr

    Good shit to the raps, Demar with the 33 points(and how bout them 6 assists?). Dudes just always improving his game, makes me very happy he’s a raptor. Same goes for TRoss, he’s slowly showing us other aspects of his offensive game.



  • asifyouknow

    Few quick thoughts and questions:


    Is Hayes hurt or in the dog house for some reason?

    How is Casey going to repair the hole they seamed to have developed in the middle?

    What happened to the pick and roll?

    What happened to the 2 or 3 passes for an open shot?


    JV had 6 rebounds in 17 min. and Amir had six in 36 min. and things did not get any better inside with Amir, well maybe a few plays. If you are building you need to play JV.

    I seen Kyle limping a few times, that knee seams to be a recurring nag.

    As an amateur basketball junkie and a wannabe coach I feel that this team needs a bigger or stronger SF, at 6’6″ 195 lb Ross is just too small, he is a SG. Of course this really is a guard offense.

    Good gutsy win, a grind out game. Casey still gives me a dolor de cabeza with some of his play calling.

    Last, a shout out to Zarar Siddiqi , in regards to the defense on Vasquez who by the way is back to last season form, Kyrie has 25 and Jack12, who was guarding them and did they do a good ?

    Just asking.

    Anytime you get an NBA squat under 100 the TEAM did a great job defensively.

    Vaz last 6 games (as he said) 58% from 3.…. 51% shooting. Not liking the assists, they are not playing much pick and roll.

    Great win

    • De Colo

      Chuck Hayes isn’t playing because he’s terrible now and getting old, he had a few good games, but majority of his games, he gets destroyed or has 2 or 3 quick fouls, he just hurts the team more then he helps them, can say the same about Jonas sometimes but he’s young and is still developing, Hayes is not

      • asifyouknow

        Around the league everybody things he is a very good defender and in what planet is a 30 year old man…OLD …lol

        • De Colo

          you tell me he doesn’t look old out there, he’s also 6’6, his lack of size lost them the Celtics game a ways back, he’s not worth playing, not gonna cut down Hansbourgh or Patterson’s minutes for Chuck Hayes

          • asifyouknow

            All I’m saying they need to try something to plug that middle. In the last ten games it has grown bigger…lol

            • De Colo

              Chuck Hayes isn’t really going to fix that in my opinion, they should of addressed back up center via trade in my opinion

              • asifyouknow

                Too late now…unless they pick up a player who is bagging groceries at Wal-Mart…lol

            • De Colo

              If you didnt notice, that whole last comment…..was my opinion

    • mountio

      Hayes stinks. He should not be getting time under any circumstances, unless we are ravaged by injuries

  • Saud

    I know Valancunias is struggling I got to think they need to give hime more touches. I mean he was 1/2 FG. He took 2 shots total. Forget that he is an important piece but just the fact that he is in the starting lineup they need to feed him more, maybe run some plays for him. And I don’t think him coming off the bench is a solution.

    • asifyouknow

      True that my friend. Tonight the pick and roll was invisible they did not even try, Vaz and Kyle were mostly handing off the ball and saying go get the shot…lol Maybe bring in JV with Vaz and help him with the pick and roll, I understand Kyle is close to superstardom but there isn’t a better pick and roll guard than Vaz, ..JV needs to play. I can’t remember who said this on this post but Toronto needs to sign Casey if they’re going to keep him so he can start coaching for the future and not just to keep his job.

    • DDayLewis

      The Raptors start every single game with a concerted effort to give the ball to Jonas in the post. It usually doesn’t work, and they go away from it after a few minutes.

      Getting Jonas touches is a two-way street. Oftentimes he does a poor job of establishing his position, and making himself available for passes.

      And despite the shot total, Jonas did get touches. SportVU tracks touches, and Jonas got 25 touches in ~18 minutes, which is 1.39 touches per minute of play. That’s more than guys like Amir (1.2 touches per minute) and Ross (1.1 touches per minute). Perhaps his touches are more of the non-scoring variety, but he’s not being frozen out altogether.

      Here’s a link to the data:

      Either way, there’s clearly a problem right now, and it’s up the team — including Jonas, his teammates and the coaching staff — to figure out how to effectively utilize him in the offense.

      • asifyouknow

        They need to figure out how to plug that hole in the middle..They need to pick somebody up. How about Granger he has become a better defender the last few years is 6’9″ and about 230..bigger and stronger than Ross..They are trying to buy out his contract,,

        • DDayLewis

          How would Granger solve the lack of production from the center position?

          • asifyouknow

            So you talking about inside scoring not defense?
            I see Ross get pushed around trying to go for a rebound, we can agree that Ross is really a SG.
            Granger can score, rebound and is big and able to push rather than be pushed.
            Just a thought.

          • morgan c

            Granger wouldn’t.
            The fact is, JV is the weak spot on this team. I’m not a hater or pessimistic about his potential development, but it’s just the facts. He is the most inconsistent and biggest liability among our starting 5. If we want to win, we simply can’t afford to play him more than 25 minutes a game. He is regressing and that is straight up troubling.

            • Ghotte

              Bottom line is JV has to make a bigger impact with less minutes. More minutes will hamstring the team and expose him when the games become tighter. 2-3 misses or turnovers in a row will likely kill the team in a playoff game so the onus is on JV (not the coaches or his teammates) to clean up his play and be decisive.

              That one stretch in the 2nd half against the Cavs during their game last week showed when he’s not thinking too much (ie methodical) he can have good success.

      • Tank this

        JV sucks . He’s a slow in the head and feet Eastern European that will never learn anything , another Colangelo Bargiani. Trade the fool for anything , this homer scum standing for this loser is embarrassing. We need elite transcendent talent and all we get are slow Europeans . Mediocrity continues.

  • Chewwy No Matthew

    Not the best performance by the Raptors but it’s nice to finally win some ugly games when you are not playing your best. Here’s a stat. The Raptors longest losing streak since the Rudy Gay trade is 2 games. I couldn’t believe it myself but this team is deserving of the third seed

  • Tanks-a-lot

    If T-Ross is going for ‘all NBA’ defense, lets call him “The Mitt”

    You know, like Gary Payton is ‘The Glove’, Ross is in Canada so it’s a winterized homage

  • yoyo

    Ppl need to lay off vasquez hes been playing good ball and is the only true playmaker on the team.. he stabilizes the team and makes sure the second unit stays cohesive

    • Tanks-a-lot

      He’s been playing good enough that I don’t complain.

    • Ghotte

      He’s playing well *now* thankfully. And it appears this is more the norm. With him providing steady PG leadership on the 2nd unit it will push the team forward and give Lowry some breathing room. He’s clearly one of the best backup PG in the league.

    • SR

      “Only true playmaker” – I love how Kyle Lowry is 7th in the league in apg and 6th in total assists, but there’s this ridiculous narrative perpetuated by the fans who supposedly watch him play every game that he’s not a “true” playmaker. Overall he’s 34th in PPG and (I repeat) 7th in APG, yet we still love to tag him as “shoot first.” He’s even 8th in AP48, ahead of Vasquez (11th) and Jose (28th) whom we like to hold up as our pass-first playmaking ideal PG’s.

      At his position he’s #1 for RPG, #7 for SPG, #7 for APG, and #8 for PPG. He’s led the league in charges taken for most of the season. Basically he does EVERYTHING. Labelling him a scoring point guard and pining for “playmakers” does Kyle Lowry a massive disservice. He’s easily the most well-rounded basketball player this team has, and he passes the ball better than many “pass-first” PG’s.

  • redrap

    anybody ever get the feeling that one guy here posts under 4 or 5 (or 10) different names using proxy sites, racks up big ‘^’ numbers on posts that suit silly agendas (which signing in and out of proxy sites lets him do) and is just generally a pain in the ass especially if you’re not ‘his’ kind of Raptors fan?

    Ya. I kinda do too.

    • ezz_bee

      I’d rather the comments section be abolished and just have the mods create a new thread for each article, or let users create a new thread if they want to respond.

      The comments section is a wasteland…

      • redrap

        used to be good, sometimes very .. and on occasion, still is. But once one or two dopes made the tank/no-tank debate about God-and-Country vs Osama bin Laden a few months back, the overall avg IQ dropped substantially.

  • Public_Enemy101

    Why is John Salmons always sad? :'(

    • Steverino

      I was wondering tonight if he even gets along with anyone on the team. Always seems like he’s either in a funk or too cool for school.

  • thatpeterguy

    How great is this Raptors team to watch. We all love the grit and defensive intensity but my favourite part of this team’s personality is how you know that on almost every night they are going to outscore the opponent in the fourth quarter.

  • Will

    Just finished watching the game on my PVR. Glad we got the win but felt we should’ve won by more.

    DeRozan and Vasquez were great but JV really struggled. I feel like he needs more touches either from post ups or pick and rolls. We don’t have anyone who can post up and you can’t just rely on jumpers.

    Hansbrough played great too. I wouldn’t be surprised if he leads our team in free throws per minute. The guy always draws fouls. It’s awesome.

    • caccia

      Right you are. Tyler leads the team with 7.1 free throw attempts per 48 minutes. DeMar DeRozan is right behind with 6.9, but hits a higher percentage, .805 to .693. DeRozan hits 5.5 free throws per 48 minutes to 5.0 for Hansbrough, who’s been struggling a bit at the line lately. Next is Lowry with 3.6. No one else is over three. So just feed Tyler the ball! He is often open but rarely gets the pass.

      • mountio

        The only thing this fails to mention is that Tyler’s ONLY move is to get fouled. If I was defending him, I would literally just let him shoot every time … chances are he will miss.
        Anyways .. I love what he brings … but focusing on the foul shots only is a little misleading since his only move is to flail into the defender

        • caccia

          Hansbrough is shooting 56.8% since returning from his injury (29 January). DeRozan is shooting 43.8% over the same period, on five times the number of shots. It just goes to show how guard-oriented the offence remains.

          • mountio

            TH is a career 43% shooter. Considering he takes most of his shots within 8 feet, thats pretty awful and I think supports my point above. To his credit, he knows hes an awful finisher, so tries to get fouled every single time.

        • Will

          Like caccia mentions, Hansbrough has been shooting a pretty good percentage since he’s been back from injury. Also, he only shoots if he’s withing 5 feet. Anytime he gets a rebound away from the basket, he passes it back out so it’s not like he’s taking bad shots.

          And you say that getting fouled is the only thing he does. That helps everyone else on the team because it sends the whole team to the bonus earlier.

  • jonazzing

    can we get raptor jersey photos for the sacramento guys? maybe give them fields’ he really doesnt need one.

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