Terrence Ross had 19 points on 7-11 shooting as the Raptors beat the Cavaliers 99-93.

Read the Quick Reaction and the Post-Game Report.

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  • stooley

    guys i don’t even know if you make these, and highly doubt you care what i have to say. but it would be nice to see the missed shots too. just so it doesn’t feel like a montage.

    • arsenalist

      Sure thing, whatever the readers want.

  • Saskatoon Raps Fan

    I’m higher on Ross’ potential than any other raptor. everytime he scores it just looks so natural and easy. I think he could be our best player eventually (with all due respect to DD and JV). I’d like to see the raptors to put more responsibility on his shoulders next year and see what he can do in yr 3. I think using him to entice a trade for an established star would be a mistake in the long run unless its for a certain few guys (ie LBJ, KD, PG etc) but those types of guys aren’t available for trade anyways.

  • Transcendant Man

    T Ross is doing things Vince Carter took more time to do in his second year (dunk contest, 51 points, etc…), he needs a more aggressive mindset and demand the ball and plays called for him when he’s running hot. Demar in an interview said he once saw T ross hit 37 contested 3’s in a row in practice, that shit is unreal. He has the potential to shoot even better then Ray Allen and he has more athletic ability, this guy is the most underrated 2nd year player in the league in my opinion. I wouldn’t even consider trading him in the offseason (other than for LBJ, KD, Lillard, CP, or maybe Blake)