Fancy some DeMar DeRozan highlights as we begin these four days of no Raptors basketball? Fear not.

DeRozan had one of his best games of the season against one of the NBA’s best defenders in Andre Iguodala. He went 10-16 and sprinkled jumpers all over the place (shot chart), almost making you not cringe every time he takes that long-two.

If he starts making with this sort of dead-eye efficiency, he’ll be edging closer to Joe Johnson in his prime-territory. Note that I didn’t say Joe Johnson right now-territory because Joe Johnson right now is nothing but an All-Star spot-stealing crook who has weird shoulder-neck-face proportions.

Usually when we create these videos we only show the misses, but as requested by our esteemed readers, we’ve now included misses. Sorry about the order of some of these clips, however I think you’ll get the point.

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  • zilla

    Shades of Kobe

    • Justin Hamilton

      Exactly what I thought. Especially if you look at Kobe’s first couple years. That gets me excited.

    • or nah?


  • SonicsFan

    That comment about Joe Johnson’s weird body proportions actually made me laugh out loud! So funny.

  • Lucas

    Mind you, I think he was 3/8 against Igoudala, from the video. Not terrible, but not good. Mind you, Barnes is a pretty solid defender too, and I think DD was 2/2 against him, IIRC.

    • Lucas

      For what it’s worth, I wasn’t trying to hate on DD. He had a BEAST of a game, and he has ABSOLUTELY played at an all-star level this year, regardless of conference strength.

      In fact, his play this year has taken me from someone who’d be okay with us trading DD, to someone who would treat him as untouchable unless an absolute superstar was coming back in the deal. He’s on a decent contract (could even become a bargain in a year or two), works incredibly hard, and loves Toronto (and is vocal about his loyalty to the city).

      • Antoine Rose

        his contract is considered a bargain already. I hate when these people talk so much shit. If this man went on the market right now best believe he’ll get a near max contract from a team, trust me. Rudy is what you call overpaid, so is; Amare, JJ, Pau, and (sad to say) kobe. Considering Demar is an all-star and gets paid under $10m, I consider that underpaid in this NBA. Just so you know Lucas, Eric Gordon is making $14m/y. Y’all need to stop hating

  • afrocarter

    It’s great to watch him play patiently. You can see him feeling out the defense and picking his spots carefully.

  • mike, prague

    Nit-picking … but based on what do you decide in which order are you going to place each shot in the video? The way that it was pretty random in this one was a bit confusing, but that’s just being picky. Thanks for the video!

    • arsenalist

      Thanks for the comment. As I said in the post, the order here is messed up. I usually show them in the order they happened.

  • stooley

    sweet. too bad the order was messed up. this definitely provides something different than the usual montage – i’d watch either way though :p