Kings 87, Raptors 99 – Box
Rudy Gay comes back and gets booed, plays the way he did when he was with the Raptors and the Kings get blown out. Of course there’s no reason for booing him but that’s your ACC crowd right there. My theory is that they’re still so scarred by Vince Carter that some weird kind of muscle-memory kicks in every time they see a moderately talented ex-Raptor return to the city. They don’t boo Reggie Evans or Quincy Acy because they supposedly gave it their all, while Rudy Gay didn’t. Of course, there’s no evidence to suggest this but let’s not have facts get in the way of a good boo, especially when you’re committed enough to doing it on every touch. Ugh.

[Read the Player Grades for Kings vs Raptors]

The main danger area for Sacramento is always DeMarcus Cousins for two reasons: 1) DeMar Cousins has serious size and skill that hurts you on both ends, and 2) we got nobody to quite matchup with DeMarcus Cousins. Thus it’s a good thing that DeMarcus Cousins picked up two fouls midway through the first and allowed the Raptors to extend a four point lead to ten by the end of the frame. A loud sigh of relief was heard in the ACC when the Raptors matched up Amir Johnson against Cousins on a switch, sparing Jonas Valanciunas blushes.

Offered the reprieve, Valanciunas thanked the fans and his coach by facing up against Cousins and knocking down some of his patented short jumpers, which look about as smooth as a porcupine hugging a hedgehog. On this night there were effective, and on one momentous occasion he even drew a foul causing me to erupt in what can best be described as relief.

DeMar DeRozan was being checked by a combination of Ben McLemore and Rudy Gay, who he didn’t see much of a challenge in. At least that’s what I could surmise after DeRozan upped the degree of difficulty on some of his shots to NBA2K All-Pro Level. That wasn’t enough to send the score into the red as Kyle Lowry was executing his semi-transition play where he dribbles the ball hard up the court only to find a trailer with good effect. The first-quarter assist disparity (7-1 Raptors) reflected the style of play for both teams. On one end you had the Raptors moving the ball, and on the other you had McLemore, Gay (guarded by Ross) and Isaiah Thomas going rogue.

Quick X’s and O’s note. Terrence Ross had a good-shooting game and one of the play that gets him open is a baseline screen, usually set by Johnson, followed by an elbow screen, usually set by Valanciunas, followed by him flaring out to the wing for a three. On this night he had a couple of those which got him going early, thus kept him going late.  You can see all his field goals here.

Another X’s and O’s note while we’re at it. DeMar DeRozan likes that dribble-handoff on the perimeter and likes to turn inside, and when he does he has some options available to him, like a short pull-up or a drive. When the big in those situations steps out on DeRozan, the play sort of breaks down. It ends up with DeRozan being with the ball against a, more or less, set defense and trying his shoulder/pump fakes to get a shot off. Not pretty, might want to swing that ball when that happens.

Sacramento was a bit better in the second quarter. To be specific, it was Toronto’s perimeter defense, specifically Greivis Vasquez and DeMar DeRozan against Isaiah Thomas and Ben McLemore that let us down. The dribble-penetration was quite easy for their guards, and with Johnson glued to Cousins in the paint, the finishing became easy. Just as Sacramento was gaining some momentum, Cousins picked up his third foul on a push-off against Tyler Hansbrough, sending him to the bench. Side-note: Watching Hasnbrough and Reggie Evans go at it for a rebound is quite funny. Basically, they’re in some sort of ass-wrestling match where you win by resisting to throw an elbow to the chest for a foul.

Patrick Patterson had 15 points on 5-8 shooting included three treys, and more impressively, had a couple huge blocks near the rim which you didn’t see coming. You don’t associate the words “rim protector” with Patterson and I realize he’s not that, yet I suspect he’s going to continue to provide some steel down the middle when would-be adventurers like Thomas ply their trade inside. Good stuff, Patrick. And I’ll let the Quincy Acy fans who were bemoaning the seldom-used swingman’s departure in the Gay-trade as something to shed a tear about know that Patrick Patterson, currently, is 10 times the player Acy is.

Casey on Hayes

“Most of all, he’s got that old-man strength. You’ve got to be strong to hold your ground against Cousins, he’s a beast in there … I thought his brute strength helped him hold his position. He knows him but, still, you can know him and still not be able to hold your spot. He did that and we didn’t have to double team.”

Dwane Casey

There was some suggestion that the Kings might make a game of it in the second half since Cousins, limited to only 8:32 in the first half, would play a lot more in the second. Those fears were rendered invalid when Dwane Casey made two moves against Cousins: 1) Sent occasional help whenever he dribbled to throw him off base, and 2) Switched Chuck Hayes on him.  Hayes stripped Cousins twice in the third quarter which frustrated the latter to no end. Sacramento’s offense had a distinct shade of Rudy Gay about them and shot 40% to the Raptors’ 50% in the third. The main threat for the Raptors was again Ross, who had five of his six FGs assisted on, including three threes in the third, and 6-8 3FG on the night.

The lead at the end of the third was 17 and reached 23 in the fourth quarter before the accounting was complete at a 12-point margin.

So what did we learn? We learned that if you control DeMarcus Cousins through foul trouble, neutralize the Kings’ dribble penetration, they’ll be forced into jumpers which they’re not very good at making. When the Kings were having any moderate success they were going inside and edging up a 26-14 margin in points in the paint for the first half. In the second that number was only slight at 16-14.

For the Raptors it’s all about distribution. They had five guys in double figures and two others with 9 and 8 points. You can’t quite plan for that as an opposing coach, and so it was that the Kings were overwhelmed by Ross and Patterson’s outside shooting (Raptors were 10-21 3FG for the game), Valanciunas’s surprising scoring, and some timely defense in the third quarter. Leading from behind was Kyle Lowry whose 7 assists were a game-high on this rather lazy Friday night at the ACC which, I suppose, signified that the Raptors did well to not let the 4-day lay-off have adverse impacts. There’s been some talk of rebounding weaknesses in the squad of late and tonight they were only a -2 against a strong Kings frontline.

The victory matches the win total from last season with 22 games left. The Bulls lost and are now a firm two games back in the loss column. Up next are back-to-back trips to Minnesota and Brooklyn on Sunday and Monday, respectively. Coincidentally, the Nets will also be on a back-to-back as they face these same Kings the night before.

That’s about all this game deserves. Well done, Raptors, for exacting a sort of revenge on that whole BS foul against Kyle Lowry in Sacramento. I should also point out that tragedy struck late in the game as the Raptors only scored 99 points, snatching the pizza away from the malnourished ACC crowd, which responded appropriately and half-heartedly by booing.

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  • Ds

    It’s looking like it’s going to be Brooklyn, Washington or Charlotte in the first round. Not sure which I prefer.

    • AxlT

      anyone but brooklyn

      • noname

        i don’t know why brooklyn is considered a threat to the raptors… we’ve destroyed them in the reg season and playoff experience does not make up for the fact that they are old, slow, and injured. the only time we lost to brooklyn is when rudy gay was still here. raps in 6 imo. if we face chicago, its a tough matchup that i think would go to 6 or 7 and could go either way. washington is either a sweep or raps in 5.

        • Tanks-a-lot

          Charlotte is creeping

          anyone but Charlotte as they have the Raptor’s number

          • 2damkule

            and they’re a legit defensive team, which matters…still, over 7 games, w/o home-court, i can’t see them putting up enough points against TO (which is also a legit good defensive team) to win a series…but they could push it to 6. even without nene, wash is a bit scary, as they have a guy (wall) who can go off and carry them (esp if his jumper’s falling).

        • GLF

          But with the whole Brooklyn thing you can also look at it like the 2 times we beat them one was off of a back to back for them and the other was a last second steal and shot that went it. It’s not like we manhandled them for those games. I think this next game will be more telling because we will both have all our players playing and we will both be coming off of back to backs so there is no excuse. The only thing is in the playoffs there aren’t any back to backs so maybe it won’t be as telling lol. Brooklyn is old so they were bound to be bad on back to backs. I don’t know, I wouldn’t want Raps playing Brooklyn in the playoffs.

          • Abused Raptors Fan

            That’s exactly it. The playoffs aren’t as detrimental for an older team as there’s more rest between games and the style of play usually limits the pace of play. The Nets have only been playing better since we last played them, as Williams seems to be getting his game back and others are returning from injury. Also, the acquisition of Marcus Thorton really seems to be working for them, as he’s playing better than he has in a longggg time, providing them with some instant offense off the bench (though he still isn’t worth his price tag, but this is the Nets we’re talking about here). They’ll still have trouble if they get out of the 1st round, given their age, but as a 1st round match up, I’d rather play washington or Charlottepersonally.

        • What the

          Fluxland says reg season don’t mean a thing .

          • noname

            thats true but the raptors are built to do pretty well in the playoffs (half-court sets, good defense, ability to run the break occasionaly) while the only thing brooklyn has is playoff experience and a team who’s secret weapons are old kg and pierce whom i loved in boston but are taking steps back in brooklyn (its more kg than it is pierce). D-will isn’t the same anymore and joe johnson is to brooklyn what rudy gay was to us.

          • FLUXLAND

            But we got DeKobe DeMamba, All Star RESERVE right? I mean, I know he’s like Kobe when Kobe was 8 years old, but still Kobe like.


            • Ogi

              Lol you’re relentless

              • FLUXLAND

                lol…I’m only trying to keep up with What the’s unrelenting and futile attempts to compare a top 10 player of all time to someone maybe 6 Raptor fans will remember 10 years from now.

            • ItsAboutFun

              lol, running out of straws to stand on and turning into a babbling brook. cool, really cool

              • FLUXLAND

                What are you on about, now? Running out of straws? Please. He could play another 10 years and would never have Kobe’s ball IQ or skills.

                12 x All NBA Defensive Team to DeWannbes how many?

                Only you and What the would have the ignorance to try and compare their numbers in any way, while ignoring how easy the game was/is for Kobe, something it will never be for DeSpinToATurnover.

                • ItsAboutFun

                  lol, since I’ve never mentioned DeMar in the same breath with Kobe, EVER, and since NOBODY is doing so here, except you, yup, babbling brook/irrelevant background noise

                • FLUXLAND

                  NOBODY? EVER? Oh you must have missed What the’s continual posts about how DD is reminding everyone of Kobe. You should come around more often, part time fan.

                  If anyone is trolling it’s you and him. Have a good weekend, p00ka.

        • moe

          no nets are dangerousz I rather have bobcats or wizards. nets vets will beat us without a doubt

        • AxlT

          The nets have a number of bona fide raptor killers on there, including the coach.
          They have basically been treating the season as an extended training camp and have been saving their energy for the playoffs.
          They have been hurt all year.
          They know how to win.
          They have better players.

      • 2damkule

        mainly because the L would ‘want’ to have brooklyn advance.

    • mailman

      Washington for sure. I think we’d have a better chance of neutralising Wall then we would with Jefferson. Brooklyn’s old and slow, but the experience and playoff pace factors could be big advantages against the raps.

    • mountio

      If we cant beat Charlotte, we should be embarrassed to be a franchise right now. Im not scared of them at all (despite the fact that they beat us this year). [Sidenote, hopefully casey has realized a little more about shotclock management since then]
      I know we have handled Brooklyn before, but they are the scariest to me. Lots of guys that have been there before … and while they may not have much left in the tank, they certainly have the most talent / experience. Washington the exact opposite .. while lots of talent, I expect them to try to give us every game, despite their talent. Ill take that over Brooklyn. Only good thing about Brooklyn is they are one of the few teams out there with a worse coach than Casey …

      • Tinman

        Charlotte has always had our number. Can’t explain it. Just has always been.
        Whoever we meet, nothing guaranteed. Of the three, I’d take Brooklyn. We’ve matched up good against them this season, and I expect them to be hurting come playoff time.

        • arsenalist

          I’ll take Charlotte. I remember we beat the Nets 3-1 in the season series when we lost to them in the playoffs. It don’t mean much, and most of the games with the Bobcats have been quite close.

        • Ghotte

          I’d take Charlotte as well; they’re an even matchup for us. If you game plan to stop Jefferson it’s less likely the supporting cast (other than KWalker) would hurt the Raptors consistently. I’d be more afraid of playoff experience and a player like Wall than Charlotte.

      • RNsteve

        100% behind the Wizards. The Cats have our number(not saying we wouldn’t win in a 7 game series but it would be too close for comfort), and the bulls would be a challenge with how they have been playing-with the series most likely being abit of a tossup/grind. Wizards, though a talented team is our best chance.

    • Mexiballer

      I would take Charlotte. Brooklyn has to many all stars and to much experience. That especially pays off in a seven games series. They have “great” players that can rise to the occasion at any given time despite their sub par coach. This coming game on Monday will be a good a preview. Brooklyn is pissed off. See how the Raptors handle it.

  • AxlT

    hahahahahaha “Watching Hasnbrough and Reggie Evans go at it for a rebound is quite funny. Basically, they’re in some sort of ass-wrestling match where you win by resisting to throw an elbow to the chest for a foul.”

  • mailman

    Hansborough and Evans was the best basketball matchup I’ve seen in a long time. I only wish there was more of it. I’d love to see these guys play a game of one-on-one.

    • 2damkule


      • Saud

        Would the word not be sadist? Unless it was the poster feeling the pain.

  • ahoang

    raptors fans don’t flex nuts, cuz real raptors fans know we got em

  • jjdynomite

    Zarar, please explain to “clueless and classless” fans like myself why it is uncouth to boo Gay considering his stats on the Raptors — as opposed to his prior stints on the Griz and post-trade on the Kings — were a bad joke. 38% FG shooting? Check. Minimal assists per game for a SF? Check. Stunting the growth of DeMar and Terrence (and JV) by not passing to them? Check. As opposed to his presence on the Griz and Kings, Rudy was a frickin’ cancer on par with Bargs’ average night. But at least he “tried”, right? In some sort of amorphous, subjective “try” (does he just “try” harder on the Kings, then?). So somehow post-trade DeMar and Lowry had the capacity to take on a team game mentality, yet Rudy gets a literal pass — far more than DeMar does on these boards — for being a “bad fit”?

    Yes, ACC fans don’t boo Quincy, or Reggie, or JYD, or Alvin, or Jose, etc., etc., perhaps because, for all their inferior overall talent to Rudy, they didn’t destroy team chemistry, from ripping up locker room stat sheets to playing selfish iso-ball on the court.

    Seriously, Zarar, are our collective memories so short? Why don’t you and Blake and Will and Garrett and Tim W. — from whichever remote cabin he’s hiding out in — go back and re-read your pre-trade write-ups, and how all of you, to a T, were complaining how brutally unwatchable Raptor games were with Rudy as our centrepiece? And that his poor gameplay — not poor “fit”, piss poor GAMEPLAY — along with his obscene contract, were dragging the team into the gutter? But now he should be respected now that he’s gone?!? Sorry, but this boo-ing makes far more basketball logic than 100 point pizza slices.

    • 2damkule

      because it’s ridiculous to associate poor performance with poor effort, or quitting on a team. it’s an embarrassment to fans who actually understand the game, and makes raptor fans seem like the stereotypical uneducated hockey-loving buffoons the american media enjoys portraying us as. and finally, it makes it what he (gay) meant to this franchise into something it wasn’t. he wasn’t even with the team for one year, they weren’t good with him, and have been much much much better without him…so what exactly is the point of booing him? if anything, fans should cheer him, and appreciate the fact that if he was playing marginally better while with the raps, they would have been doing marginally better, and he may not have been traded at all, and the team would be worse off than it is now.

    • CJT

      Well, at least you got the Classless part right.

      • 2damkule

        pretty sure he nailed the Clueless part too.

    • arsenalist

      Why are you putting clueless and classless in quotation marks?

      I hated the original Gay trade when it happened, but that doesn’t mean I hate the actual person. As for contract? C’mon, you can’t possibly begrudge him that. Gay didn’t ask to be the centerpiece here, that was bad management on the part of Colangelo, boo him. He didn’t stunt anyone’s growth, he was played ahead in the rotation by his coach.

      Gay was a terrible fit for the Raptors and played selfish basketball within the system that was here, but I don’t think he put in sub-par efforts like guys like Bargnani, or even way back Vince, which to me is one of the key reasons why you’d boo someone. Essentially, he played the same way here as he did in Memphis. In Sacramento, he’s been a bit better because there are legit guys like Cousins and Thomas there to take the load of him, here he was fed the idea that he was “the man”. Perhaps that had something to do with his play?

      I recall him winning us more than a fair share of games last season, or even a couple this season. He was a professional, didn’t talk shit about city, his teammates liked him (were upset when he left), and was good to the media and fans. No idea why I’d boo this guy. It would be tantamount to booing Ben Uzoh, Quincy Douby, or Alan Anderson for their “selfishness”.

      Listen man, I’m all for booing certain guys, but when even a guy like Devlin is being like WTF, maybe there’s something to it.

      • Mexiballer

        He put clueless and classless in in quotation marks because I wrote this in Will’s game reaction article comments. “To the fans who booed Rudy Gay or justify booing him. You are clueless
        and classless. The one thing that bothers me about being a Raptors fan
        is fans like you.” Reading his above justification makes it clear why fans like him are clueless and classless.

    • Will

      Reread your own post. Everything you have to say about Gay is negative so why aren’t you happy that he’s gone. It’s not like he was Carter, who was great when he was a Raptor, and then weaseled his way out of town. If he actually played up to expectations, we never would’ve gotten the bench we do now, and Ross wouldn’t be developing like he is. If you’re going to boo him simply because he wasn’t great as a Raptor, are you going to boo Shawn Marion, Jermaine O’Neal, or all the other guys that didn’t pan out.

      Also, what is the point of booing anyway? If you’re trying to let him know you don’t care for him, fine, do it during starting lineups and be done with it. What’s the point of booing on every touch? If the player has any sort of competitive spirit, they’ll just use it as fuel. How many times has Carter and McGrady torched us while welcoming the boos.

      Lastly, your telling the Raptors that despite having the best season they’ve had in half a decade, your more focused on a guy who’s no longer on the team, and who’s departure actually turned our season around. Just celebrate the good times while they’re around.

    • cdub

      on top of everything else said, it’s just really annoying and distracting. I want to tune in to watch my raptors play basketball, not listen to everybody talk about if Gay is going to get boo’d, then listen to the people boo him every time he touches the ball. There’s an actual game of basketball being played. I could really care less about Gay he’s gone, he’s doing well in Sactown, good for him, good for us. I’m sure the players on the team hate it as much as everyone else. Jack summed it up best after the game. ” Utter nonsense”. The dude played 51 games for us. he didn’t quit or say anything negative about TO or trade for himself or ask to be traded. It’s just a game of basketball. I have to seriously question the mental stability/capacity of the people booing him.

  • ayy

    has anyone noticed the regression of demars athletecism? I seen him miss a lay up this game which he would have dunked in the past perhaps adding bulk has something to do with it

    • JonasBrotha

      Cool it, you’re reading into it too much. Regression is a very strong word. Dude is 25 lol.

    • 2damkule

      it’s not a regression of athleticism, it’s advancing/improving in other factors so he doesn’t have to rely* on his athleticism.

      *quick tangent: can we stop mythologizing demar’s athleticism? he is an exceptional leaper. that’s it. he’s NEVER been a guy who’s been able to elevate in traffic and/or with contact, or when he doesn’t have ample room to ‘get up’ (i.e. a clear lane to the hoop). there are exceptions, but he’s never been a ‘dunk in a guy’s grill’ kind of finisher (take ross’s dunk on manimal…demar simply doesn’t pull that off, IMO, not because he CAN’T, but because he doesn’t have that killer instinct in him). he’s finally added enough bulk and improved his handles enough (though barely) to be able to go into the paint, absorb contact, and still make a legit shot attempt, which is why he’s now being rewarded with calls he wasn’t getting earlier (some of which is no-doubt attributable to his ‘star’ status…meh).

      • Hassan Mehmood Khan

        you missed his dunk on mozgov im guessing

        • arsenalist

          A play here or there doesn’t mean anything. DeRozan’s very over-rated in terms of leaping ability, dunking, and what most define athleticism as. He gets rejected at the rim way too much, can’t finish on his stretch drives, and has never been good at absorbing contact and finishing. I’ll take my chances with him pulling-up from 8 feet than trying to finish over/around defense at the rim.

          Frankly, I like him this way. It would be nice to see him posterize guys down there, though I’d still rather see him improve the rest of the game than rely on “athleticism”.

        • 2damkule

          of course not. but for every mozgovian extravaganza, there are 5 (if not 25) examples of him botching a 2 on 1, or being unable to take advantage of his size & supposed uber-athleticism in the post/paint.

  • Lyall

    Can someone please post the clips of Reggie Evans and Tyler Hansbrough fighting for all rebounds please? SO WANT TO WATCH!

  • moe

    Ross is really starting to become very solid. his jumper is great and his defense is solid. I really hope raps face Indiana on the 2nd round cause pg isn’t strong like James so Ross can really shine and the series won’t be a sweep, raps could steal a game or 2

    • Ghotte

      One other thing of note: More and more he’s showing the ability to not lose focus from the first quarter to the 3rd. Confidence and experience are likely contributing to that. I expect him to go to another level once he starts mixing more drives into his arsenal.

    • Icarus Descending

      Yeah it was great to see him back in action. Seemed to struggle making anything inside the arc but at least he was attempting to drive to the rim a few times. I agree it would be much more interesting to face the pacers, that said we obviously need to beat whoever we face in the first round before that happens.

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  • doncity

    Regarding the booing of Gay – for whatever reason I’ve noticed the Raptors seem to have a lot mean-spirited negative people masquerading as fans, and for what it’s worth most of them seem to be Tim & Sid-types. You know, middle-aged white Canadian dudes (with a few others thrown in for sure) who watched a little NCAA ball in the early 90s so they think they know everything there is to know about the game. Now that I think of it, they are the same types who wanted us to blow the year because of course we didn’t have any real talent on the squad… Tank Nation stand up! lol

    Still, the team has been so bad for so long it’s no wonder it’s attracted these unpleasant types as fans. Pro sports tends to lean towards the cynical so they will probably never leave our midst, but I hope some playoff success will allow some optimistic new fans to take the place of some of these loudmouth sourpusses claiming to be Raptor faithful.

    Booing an ex-player every time he touches the ball isn’t “all in good fun.” It’s moronic and self-defeating. It gives our city a bad reputation among NBA players who see our fans as classless boors. Why does this only seem to happen to certain ex-players? Where where the boos for Jose, for example? Rudy didn’t deserve that and I have to wonder how much race plays a role in these expressions of public hate.

    • Tee

      “it gives our city a bad reputation among NBA players who see our fans as classless boors”

      I really don’t think so.
      I really don’t think players care if people boo. And if they do care it often works pumps some players up.

      Who gives a ish if people boo Rudy Gay!? (not that I did on friday)
      He doesn’t play here anymore.
      Listen; I don’t give a crap about any player that doesn’t play for the Raptors. I want them to lose and leave our house. Thats it.

      I’ve never heard this from another fan base. Its actually pretty funny.

      By the way, the fact that Raptors fans devote this much time talking about a subject such as this, means that they are playing pretty well and we have little to critique.

      Cheers. Go Raps.

      • doncity

        I’ve watched sports for a while. Other “fan bases” generally don’t engage in this type of behavior. They save the boos for true villains and superstars (i.e. LeBron and Kobe). The constant harassment of ex-players by Raptor fans creates an almost lynch-mob type atmosphere that makes a lot of people uncomfortable. You say you think it’s “funny” and “who cares” but judging by the comments by many on this site, people have noticed. I don’t expect to change your mind, but believe me when I say that it bothers me because it seems like something specific to Toronto. Again, I have to wonder how much race plays a role in which ex-players get booed and which get a hero’s welcome. How much does this have to do with the myth that certain types of players don’t want to play here because Toronto’s a “hockey town?”

        Why are there so many negative-ass Raptor fans? I’m sick of it. Just look at this board. We can’t cheer our own damn team when we win. Guys come on here every day specifically to run them down at every opportunity. The same types seem to relish booing guys who came here and played and tried their best. Unfortunately it seems like the media, especially certain sports radio types seem to encourage this, making it even worse. We’re winning now, so lets cut the nonsense. Lets cut the garbage. Lets cheer our guys! Lets make noise for the guys we got today and leave the past in the past instead of always dredging up the bad times with all the jeering and bad faith nonsense. That’s all that booing does, especially when we’re winning.

        Go Raps!

        • Haim not Feldman

          It must be a Beast Coast thing. Cynical fan behavior seems more prevalent on that side of the continent.

        • Steverino

          Believe it or not, it’s not all about race. Look at the players who are beloved: JYD, Oakley, Pops, Amir, Alvin, MoPete… Face it, Rudy was one of the highest paid players and played selfishly. Plus he didn’t ever ingratiate himself to the fans.

          • doncity

            Race is a complicated subject and to be frank, I don’t believe you can truly appreciate NBA basketball in any real way without an understanding of certain cultural realities. I don’t believe I ever made the point you are trying to refute with your comment so a specific response from me is futile.

            In general, however, I will say that booing creates a negative atmosphere that players understand can boomerang at any time. When it’s concentrated on ex-players as it is here, it almost comes across as passive aggressive booing of our own guys. It feels weird and that’s why we’re getting sick of it.

            Generally the fans at the ACC are passionate and involved, probably the most animated in the city – at least more boisterous than Leaf or Jays fans. Why ruin something good by holding onto negativity?

            When an opposing offense is in an NFL stadium trying to drive down field, do fans boo the quarterback? No – they cheer their defense and make noise for a stop. Is that too much to ask? We’re not going to jeer our way to an NBA title so what’s the use? Save the catcalls for a bad call or a cheap shot by an opponent and lets concentrate on creating a positive atmosphere at the ACC for the stretch run and the playoffs.

  • Philoveritas

    I would expect the fan base to express some displeasure with Rudy, not because he did anything to slight the franchise(like Carter, McGrady, Stoudamire, A. Davis, Bosh) dang that is a long list. It is more along the lines of booing Hedo. The guy was paid a ton and sucked, for some that is enough. Sure Gay’s clutch shooting might have won them a few games but his ball-hogging, volume chucking street-ball style lost them more games than it won. Heck I booed him on a regular basis while he was still on the team for ignoring open teammates to take a long jumper over a double team.
    Think about the former players that Toronto fans didn’t boo, Alvin Williams, Jose Calderon, J.Y.D., Oakley, and current fan favorites like Amir. These guys were all team first type players. I think the fans realize that superstar types like Rudy might be exciting to watch, but wins matter more than highlight reels.

  • Philoveritas

    I am sure the fans have gotten it out of their system now…I mean he doesn’t deserve Vince levels of hate. If you look at other sports though some franchises have a tradition of booing. Montreal fans boo the best player on the opposition relentlessly in the playoffs, and the Yankees fans, well they don’t call it the Bronx cheer for nothing. I for one am happy for Gay, his numbers are up on a team with “more talent” who are in last place in their division. ‘Nuff said.