Terrence Ross will be answering some questions on the internet via Reddit.

A little context here for those of you who aren’t attuned with the latest hip-hopping trends. Reddit is a social media website that allows redditors to share items, discuss, interact and contribute to a web forum.

Individual interest topics — matters miniscule to monumental — are grouped into “subreddits”. For example, there is a subreddit for the NBA, which is fairly active and healthy. Conversely, there’s an entire subreddit devoted to GIFs of Carlos Boozer’s reactions, which is as awesome as you’d expect.

An Ask Me Anything (AMA) segment is one specific type of discussion on Reddit where selected questions submitted by redditors are answered by the host. In this case, Terrence Ross will be the one taking questions. If you’re looking for AMA’s by other notable NBA personalities, check out Daryl Morey, Danny Green and the multiple AMA’s by The Basketball Jones/The Starters(old)/The Starters (new).

In short, you have a chance to ask Terrence Ross a question on the internet. That’s kinda cool?

Being an active redditor (/u/ddaylewis, duh), let me issue a word of warning with AMA’s — the vast majority of questions answered are submitted in the first few minutes of the segment. This is because the questions at the top of the queue are dictated by a system of up-votes and older questions have more time to accumulate upvotes.

Ross’ AMA will start at 3 PM EST, which is a time when most people are busy. For those who have a question, but will be busy, here’s my solution: I will be on my laptop when the AMA starts, and I can ask your question(s) on your behalf. In the spirit of reddit (democracy by upvote), I will ask the three questions with the most upvotes in the comments.

And of course, we here at RR will recap and link to the AMA once it’s finished. It’s a brave new world.

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19 Responses to “Terrence Ross Doing an AMA on Reddit On March 13th at 3 PM EST”

  1. mike, prague

    Think you could ask him about the dunk contest? If he liked the new version, but more over if he thought he had a fair enough chance to show off the best tricks he had up his sleeve and if the new system had a effect on that?

  2. Dave

    We’ve seen so many players come in the league with jaw dropping athleticism like shannon brown, fred jones, gerald green (until recently), and others that never quite put all those tools to use and demonstrate a full package on the court. Demar Derozan as an example came in with great athleticism but also had a great work ethic, and was very determined to work on his all around game each summer which has resulted in his recent all star appearance. I think a lot of raptor fans see you with more potential than Derozan because of your amazing defensive ability in addition to your long range stroke and ability to drive to the rim, so the question is do you see yourself being able to put the full package together to be able to reach all star status in a couple of years?

  3. Arthur

    I’ve read a recent article on realgm.com comparing you to paul george; http://basketball.realgm.com/blog/231759/Terrence-Ross-Keying-Raptors-Ascent-Reason-For-Optimism.
    I truly think it’s an accurate comparison with your defensive offensive ability having long active arms, the ability to shoot the 3 and explode to the rim; would you consider that a realistic comparison and if so, do you think you can take your game to that next level much like paul george did in his 3rd year in the NBA?

  4. Mary

    I guess my question, and probably a lot of raptors fans too is why don’t you drive to the rim more with your tremendous athletic ability? I really think you could be making a living inside the paint with your quick first step. You are one of, if not the most athletic athletes in the NBA…is it a matter of tightening up your handle more? or is it the strength of the bigs in the paint? or what is it? We know you can fly man, we fans want to see you soaring all the time like Vince back in the days!

  5. Roger

    Terrence, a lot of broadcasters have raved about your athleticism and ability to be a star in this league. For one, Jack Armstrong raved about your defensive ability and your sneaky quick first step and compared you to a young dwayne wade but with a jump shot if you were able to stay locked in consistently. Another writer compared you to paul george the other day provided you have the increased minutes and an increased role in the offense to display your true talent. Doug Smith doesn’t know if you’ll be a morris peterson (a worst-case scenario) or a young tracy mcgrady (best-case scenario) back in his raptor days. Just recently, Patrick Patterson said the sky is the limit for you, but he also hopes that you realize how great you can be. My question is, with all these great names and praised being thrown out with you in the same sentence, and given you do have all the attributes to be a star in this league, do you even realize the potential you have to be a star in the league? If so, what sort of things will you do this summer to work on your game and reach the glory that these great NBA players did in their time in the NBA? Good Luck man, I really have faith that you’ll do big things in a raptor uniform; stay hungry, focused, humble and with a hard work ethic, the sky is truly the limit for you.

  6. mountio

    He wont answer it (or wont give a good answer), but my question would be `Terrance, where do you think your game would be today if coach Casey had enough confidence in you to give you consistent minutes throughout your rookie year and this year … particularly when you showed so much promise after getting more consistent minutes for first time the 10-15 games before the first Rudy Gay trade. Do you think your game would be ahead of where it is today or do you think that coach Casey`s “tough love” has helped you?”

  7. Tanks-a-lot

    How do you plan to get better going to the rack in the half court set during the off season, or are you just saving some hops for the playoffs?

  8. Slim

    How do you best avoid the women who hang out in hotel lobbies waiting for NBA players (gold-diggers). Did any of the vets advise you in this matter?

  9. Ellis

    What do you think has been your biggest improvement during the current year and what will be your biggest focus to work on during the off season?

  10. arsenalist

    You all asking questions do know that he’s not answering questions in this thread, right?

    • DDayLewis

      For those who have a question, but will be busy, here’s my solution: I
      will be on my laptop when the AMA starts, and I can ask your question(s)
      on your behalf. In the spirit of reddit (democracy by upvote), I will
      ask the three questions with the most upvotes in the comments.

  11. Wiley Chamberlain

    Which aspect of your game are you going to focus the most on in this upcoming offseason?

  12. MisterM

    Thanks for kindly offering to facilitate questions on our behalf.
    I would LOVE if you were to ask him whether he sees a long term future for himself in Toronto. I’ve been man crushing hard on TRoss all year and my Toronto sports fan insecurity needs to be satiated. Thanks!

  13. mike, prague

    As “mailman” started a thread a few days ago that nobody can answer. I think that T Ross could be our guy. The question being: Who talks on D? Who generally the most vocative and who is really the “Alpha-male” of Toronto’s great defence (other than the DC of course). Also on a side note, what principles does he try to stick to in order to play such great one on one and team defence?

  14. mike, prague

    A thread was started a few days ago by “mailman” in which he asked a question that nobody can really answer. I think that T-Ross could be our man to answer his question. The question being: Who’s talking on D? Which player(s) are the most vocative on D and who really is the alpha-male of T.Dot’s great defence. Also what do you do on defence personally to make you the great one on one and team defender that you are? Any tips?



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