Terrence Ross Doing an AMA on Reddit On March 13th at 3 PM EST

Terrence Ross will be answering some questions on the internet via Reddit.

A little context here for those of you who aren’t attuned with the latest hip-hopping trends. Reddit is a social media website that allows redditors to share items, discuss, interact and contribute to a web forum.

Individual interest topics — matters miniscule to monumental — are grouped into “subreddits”. For example, there is a subreddit for the NBA, which is fairly active and healthy. Conversely, there’s an entire subreddit devoted to GIFs of Carlos Boozer’s reactions, which is as awesome as you’d expect.

An Ask Me Anything (AMA) segment is one specific type of discussion on Reddit where selected questions submitted by redditors are answered by the host. In this case, Terrence Ross will be the one taking questions. If you’re looking for AMA’s by other notable NBA personalities, check out Daryl Morey, Danny Green and the multiple AMA’s by The Basketball Jones/The Starters(old)/The Starters (new).

In short, you have a chance to ask Terrence Ross a question on the internet. That’s kinda cool?

Being an active redditor (/u/ddaylewis, duh), let me issue a word of warning with AMA’s — the vast majority of questions answered are submitted in the first few minutes of the segment. This is because the questions at the top of the queue are dictated by a system of up-votes and older questions have more time to accumulate upvotes.

Ross’ AMA will start at 3 PM EST, which is a time when most people are busy. For those who have a question, but will be busy, here’s my solution: I will be on my laptop when the AMA starts, and I can ask your question(s) on your behalf. In the spirit of reddit (democracy by upvote), I will ask the three questions with the most upvotes in the comments.

And of course, we here at RR will recap and link to the AMA once it’s finished. It’s a brave new world.

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