The intrepid trio of Koreen, Wolstat and Lewenberg does it again!

On Kyle Lowry’s concussion:

On Lowry’s Flu and Knee

On Patterson’s strained right elbow:

On Kyle Lowry being over everything

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7 Responses to “Injury Updates: No Concussion for Lowry, Patterson’s Status Unknown”

  1. DDD

    Love lowry so much! He’s such a warrior, we gotta resign him!
    Also we desperately need patterson back for our bench

    • ayejay

      I dont know why they are waitting to resign him, if he’s playing after that big knee hit, plus the ankle against wizards triple O.T, no reason to worry about the future injuries

  2. Hassan Mehmood Khan

    lowry is a warrior , he is the reason im confident we will make the second round for the first time in team history

  3. asifyouknow

    I’m having a hard time with that “no concussion” release. NFL players have helmets and they get concussion with a knee to the head…just saying….He said he had a headache…I’m going to call this Flue-gate. Just guessing..


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