Raptors Weekly Podcast, March 17 – Striped Injustice

Memphis and Phoenix Results | Valanciunas v Drummond | Stripes support | @StopPizzaPromo Movement | Leo Rautins | Drake and Durant | Lookahead | Vince Carter Conspiracy

John Chick from CBC (@roofthatpeach) and RR-cameo artist Atique Virani (@AtweetVirani‎) join the ‘cast and dissect the highs and lows of a week that saw the Raptors conquer the world on Friday and end up giving it all back on Sunday.

There’s the general Jonas Valanciunas talk where we all, for a while, pretend he’s struggling and end up executing a carefully orchestrated group-hug and accept Valanciunas for what he is: the guy we took instead of Andre Drummond! Joking, joking, potential listener. That’s not it, but there’s Drummond v Jonas talk and the unanimous winner by knockout is…ooh, teaser alert.

That’s not all, though, there’s a quest for justice as Stripe is demoted but should he be? After all, ‘The Raptor’ has taken us through reams and reams of crap seasons, whereas Stripe has energized the franchise and set the Raptors on a franchise-high win course. What to do, tough decisions ahead.

We give some light to the @StopPizzaPromo movement and dismiss it as something for some guys to do. There’s even analysis of Leo Rautins which never ends well, except when Syracuse is on and we discover a weird, touchy-feely connection to Syracuse from one of the pod guests.

There’s the usual lookahead where we make fun of the Hawks, Drake, and wonder if Kevin Durant’s musical choice will guide him to Toronto. There’s that and even an investigation on who the mystery man Vince Carter spoke of in his Sportsnet interview (which was a total conspiracy, as we find).

Grab the iTunes feed or check us out on Stitcher on Android. There is also the plain old feed. You can also download the file (41:06, 44 MB). Or just listen below:

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