• Aninda Shafayet

    Almost 5 whole times. WOW!

  • noname

    it spun 4,5 times around the rim…and that bitch STILL didn’t go down

  • Tanks-a-lot

    This is why the NBA has the cylinder rule. FIBA is bullshit basketball for allowing interference.

    • Will

      Why is the FIBA rule bullshit? Because we wouldn’t have gotten to see this ball swirl around a few times? I prefer the FIBA rule because there’s no controversy over whether a ball was above the cylinder or not. That call gets blown all the time. What are the negatives of the FIBA rule?

      • Tanks-a-lot

        Forget that it’s Ross for a moment.
        It’s interference with the natural outcome of a jumpshot. It’s part of the excitement of the game. It’s also completely cheap to stuff down the ball in the one spot where absolutely zero skill is involved.

        The FIBA rule is the change in the natural order of basketball. It’s Eurofart ball.

        • Will

          The natural outcome when a shot bounces off the rim is a miss. I’d be much more excited to see our defender swat the ball away, or if we’re on offense, a put back slam. And to say that stuffing the ball down is cheap and requires no skill is completely inaccurate. Is regular dunking also cheap? You still have to be able to get position and have the athletic ability to stuff it down. Also, the FIBA rule is not just for offense. LIke I mentioned, it allows defenders to swat or rebound misses.

          • Tanks-a-lot

            “The natural outcome when a shot bounces off the rim is a miss.”

            Except when it doesn’t, for example the “shooter’s bounce”. You know what that is so don’t act like you don’t.

            “Is regular dunking also cheap?”


            Put back jams are far more sweet and based on skill for the fact that you have to time your jump and grab the ball coming away from the rim. A ball still “deciding” to go down is fodder for players with no skill.

            The FIBA rule allows for personal point stealing as well. Nice for Centers to get that little extra inflation on their stat sheet.

            “it allows defenders to swat or rebound misses”

            Yes, the FIBA rule amounts to goaltending when a defender is allowed to pull the ball away from a probable field goal. gross.

            As Rasheed Wallace says: THE BALL DON’T LIE, THE BALL DON’T PHUCKING LIE!!

            • Will

              Shooter’s bounce is another term for fluke. Nobody tries to bounce the ball off the rim before going in. And nobody is better than another at getting that to happen. It’s not like the bank shot.
              You say that stuffing a ball that’s above the cylinder is fodder for players with no skill. Again, nobody practices or tries not to swish the ball so where’s the skill in it bouncing up and then dropping in. It’s a fluke. Who cares if a centre gets credit for it. In order for an offensive rebounder to even be able to do that, they have to get around their defender, so if he can do that, he deserves the credit.
              Lastly, you say the FIBA rule amounts to goaltending of a “probable” field goal. First of all, it doesn’t even happen that often that a ball bounces off the rim and goes straight up. Then, even when it does happen, the chances of it actually going in are minute and not “probable”. It’s not like team scoring is going to drop into the 70s because there’s so much goaltending.
              I just can’t stand it when the refs blow this call. It’s like the semi circle for charges. Anything we can do to make it easier for the refs to it get right is a good idea to me.

              • Tanks-a-lot

                “First of all, it doesn’t even happen that often”

                The only useful thing you have said.

                “I just can’t stand it when the refs blow this call.”

                You don’t mind retarding the game to ‘make it easier for the refs’. That’s your position.

                Again, the ball doesn’t lie. FIBA rules stifle the ball’s ability to surprise you with the truth.

  • buschfire

    I count 3.5

  • Wht the

    please check out the masterfull one hand rebounding by the one arm bandit JV, IF ONLY THIS FUCKER WOULD GRAB THE BALL WITH TWO HANDS

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