Patrick Patterson Out At Least Another Week With Elbow Injury

More Novakaine to soothe the pain?

Bad news regarding Patterson’s elbow. Earlier last week, it was reported that Patrick Patterson would be sidelined 7-10 days with a sprained right ulnar collateral ligament in his right arm. Well, it still hasn’t healed up.

Although there is some good news? Maybe? Okay it’s not good news. At least the elbow is largely pain-free and he’s shooting the basketball.

Patterson’s absence means more of the same for the Raptors. Steve Novak will continue to get minutes at the four spot, trying as best he can to replicate Patterson’s ability to stretch the floor (to little avail, as we’ve seen). Hansbrough and Hayes will continue to see their fair share of time in the rotation, and we fans will continue to grit our teeth and poke our eyes out whenever the Hansbrough-Hayes frontline is out clogging up the lane for the second unit.

Assuming that Patterson misses another week, the Raptors will be without him for the next 5 games. They take on the Hawks in Atlanta tonight, before traveling to New Orleans tomorrow. They will then return to Toronto and take on the Thunder on Friday, followed by the Hawks (again?) on Sunday. It looks like the earliest Patman can potentially return is next Tuesday against the Cavs on the road.

My sentiments on the matter can be rather aptly summed up by the screeching wails of Mary J. Blige:

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