Kevin Durant is my favorite basketball player.

This isn’t really groundbreaking, nor is it all that interesting considering he’s the second-best basketball player on the planet. It sounds like frontrunning, if anything.

Still, especially this time of year, I’m reminded that while he was a consensus top pick, not everyone believed in this scrawny college player who couldn’t bench press 185 pounds (do you even lift, 19-year-old Kevin Durant?) and his ability to grow into an NBA star.

The Bet
To wit, I made the most insane bet ever with my friend Dave in the summer of 2007. If, on the date either of us had a first child born, Rudy Gay was a better NBA player than Kevin Durant, Dave would have the right to name my first-born child. If Durant was better, I would have the right to name his.

It was a stupid bet, and it neglected one major factor – with some exceptions, you can’t have a child without a female counterpart. So when Dave had a beautiful daughter in November of 2012, and Durant was much better than Gay to that point, I forfeited my right to name his child. In return, his lovely wife agreed to allow me to live, and Dave voided a slap-bet he held over me.

On Baby’s Birthday GP PPG PER TS% Playoff Wins
Gay 437 17.9 16.2 53.1 3
Durant 380 26.3 22.6 58.2 24

On Friday night, Dave will be coming to Toronto and we’ll be heading to see the Toronto Raptors host Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder, courtesy of Raptors Republic. It will be the first time I’ve ever seen Durant live, due to a somewhat random string of events that have conspired to keep me from attending on the four previous occasions that Durant visited Toronto (where he’s 2-2 and has averaged 22.8 points on just 43.6 percent shooting).

I’m pretty excited. As I said, I’ve been on the Durant train since day one.

My Rookie Year
In fact, a shade over seven years ago, I wrote my first blog post ever, a 3,400 word mammoth NCAA Tournament preview that probably all of 10 people read. I re-read it recently because I am a masochist, and here’s what I had to say about Durant, then with Texas under insufferable head coach Rick Barnes:

(Round 1) Kevin Durant can’t handle a bunch of banditos? This is like the first level in a video game where you face a bunch of terrible enemies in the first level (e.g. foot soldiers) to let you get used to the controls before fighting real opponents.

(Round 2) KD’s line: 41 points, 17 rebounds, just a hunch. Either way, there is no stopping this guy (except, to keep the game close and force Rick Barnes to lose it for them, but Arkansas doesn’t have the fire power to stay close).

(Round 3) Really tough call here, but I love Kevin Durant too much not to do it. I know, pick with your brain, not your heart, but he’s my only “love” in the tourney.

(Round 4) Toughest call on the bracket, I actually JUST changed it this moment. Durant is good, but Georgetown is deep enough to keep the game close the whole time, Barnes is a brutal coach, and Augustin doesn’t seem 100% comfortable in late game situations.

Needless to say, I don’t recommend going back and reading your old work. Texas was knocked out by USC in the second round but at least I had Georgetown in the Final Four, right?

(Side note: I later named Durant to something I called an All-NBA team based on future potential, a squad that also included Mike Conley, Corey Brewer, Brendan Wright, Grge Oden…and Acie Law and Julian Wright.)

Later that spring, I would debate several friends about whether or not Durant should be the top pick over Greg Oden, an argument I was in the minority on. It was anything but a slam dunk at the time, and it’s not like identifying a guy as number two overall means you’re low on him, but I don’t let my debate opponents forget it. Forget your defeats, hang on to your victories, right?

Kevin Durant is going to be the better NBA player, an enormous game changer, and a guy with a lot of finger bling by the end of his career. Stick him with just one complementary player or a decent coach and his ceiling stretches higher and higher. He’s the perfect player to build a franchise around. There is nothing he doesn’t do well, nothing he can’t do for your team, and he holds limitless potential.

(Did I really say finger bling? Jesus H. I also later suggested if Durant landed in Seattle, the team wouldn’t move because they’d be better equipped to get a stadium deal done with a superstar. Oops.)

Present Day
That’s a lot of looking back on some thoughts I expressed poorly seven years ago, about a player that most at least conceded could be very good. If you think I’m being a little too up my own ass, I’ll share a shameful admission: despite being a UCLA fan, I once wrote that I thought Jerryd Bayless would make a better pro than Russell Westbrook. I am the worst.

In any case, seven years later I remain more attached to Durant than I am to any non-Raptors player, save for maybe Ray Allen (the first jersey I ever owned). I have a Durant Sonics jersey, a Durant Thunder jersey and a Durant All-Star jersey. I write about him at theScore whenever I can craft even the loosest narrative. If the Raptors aren’t on, the Thunder are the first team I fire up on League Pass.

Again, none of this makes me special. Plenty of people loved and love Durant, loved and love the Thunder. This isn’t meant to make me feel good, I’m just sharing, because on Friday I’ll finally get to see Durant up close(-ish) and in person. I’ll be rooting for the Raptors, of course, but I won’t be displeased if Durant drops 40 in a loss.

Quick Breakdown
Vegas says: The line is even at the time of this writing with an over-under of 204. I believe the pick-‘em line is a low-limit placeholder, since the Thunder are presently in action. However…
Hollinger says: Not accounting for Thursday’s result, Raptors -1.5

Blake says: Seriously, the Raptors have been that good. They’re not as good as the Thunder, but they’re close enough that the power ratings favor them at home, and maybe Vegas does see it as an even game considering OKC will be on the second game of a back-to-back.

Limiting the advantage of OKC’s situation some is that Westbrook is sitting out on Thursday, meaning he’ll play on Friday. The Thunder clearly respect the Raptors more than the Cavaliers. The Thunder remain without Kendrick Perkins and Thabo Sefolosha, however, though their absences even out since Perkins sitting helps them and Thabo sitting hurts.

I don’t have an update at the time of writing on the statuses of Jonas Valanciunas or Patrick Patterson, though either would be an immense help in this one. With the Raptors so thin in the frontcourt, the Thunder are free to go with Durant-Serge Ibaka and Durant-Nick Collison frontcourt pairings – not only do the Raptors have nobody to guard Durant in either case, they have nobody capable of taking advantage of him on the other end. That also allows Scott Brooks to roll out two point guards, which has been an extremely favorable look for the Thunder.

All of that is to say that I don’t like the Raptors chances. The Thunder are travelling but should beat the Cavs handedly, allowing for some rest, and Westbrook is a go. The Raptors barely handled the Anthony Davis-less Pelicans in their current, banged-up form. Maybe it was all the Durant love, or maybe I’m a bad fan. I mean, I want the Raptors to win, and I’ll be as happy as anyone if they pull it out, but I have a feeling Friday’s not the night. I’ll say the Thunder take it by five and Dave gets drunk enough that I can win a bet for the naming rights to his second child.

The game tips off at 7 p.m. on Sportsnet One.

P.S. Durant to the Raptors in 2016, right? He was a Raptors fan! Do it, Masai.

UPDATE (5:27 PM)

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34 Responses to “Gameday: I get to see Kevin Durant live for the first time”

  1. Ds

    This is going to be a loss. The Raps surprised OKC the first-time around right after the trade, and the Raptors were an still an unknown quantity. They even rested Westbrook for this one. With Val/Pat out, this could turn out to be a rout.

    If the Raps win, I’ll be impressed.

  2. nutcup

    I hope Durant breaks his ankle and Westbrook shreds his knee again on the Raptor home floor. We need this win , praising another teams player on game day is nauseating . But what can you seriously expect from this site. I hope the Raptors sharpen their elbows and run them out of the building. GO RAPTORS !!

    • jakdripr

      I hope you’re not being serious, wishing season ending injuries on players just because of one game is what’s really nauseating here. How about you just hope the raptors pull out another win?

    • BlakeMurphy

      You’re right. It was wrong of me to be a basketball fan instead of only a Raptors fan. I’m sorry.

    • Will

      Why would you want a win where the other team’s best players aren’t playing? That’s like winning by default. Don’t you want to beat the best and not just avoid them?

  3. asifyouknow

    The first time I seen him play live (a dozen rows up)……first thing that came to mind was -is this guy a basketball player- lol….he looks like the guy that was picked on in school….by the way he was Vaz teammate in high school….

    • Zimdim

      He looks like all my skinny Somalian friends from high school. Love that he doesn’t need to look like a gladiator to be the best.

      • asifyouknow

        He is one of my favorites players ever..Tim Duncan is my fav of all time..

        • Philoveritas

          I used to be a big David Robinson fan, but over the years often my answer to who the best player in the game was Timmy D.

  4. Rapchat

    For some reason I think this game will be a classic. Both teams have something big to prove here tonight. OKC and Durant want revenge for the loss a few months ago, plus they’ve been on a bit of a slide, and losing to TO again would not look good for them. The Raps want to prove that that win wasn’t a fluke as well as sending a message to the other teams going into the playoffs that the Raps are real and to be feared, with or without JV and Patterson. I bet that’s what Caseys barking right now.

    Gonna be a dog fight regardless of score. Im saying Raps by 3 in a home court classic.


  5. mountio

    He is absolutely awesome in person. Have seen him twice. Had to give up my tix tonight cause the guy I share with cant go to our next game.
    Its too bad .. cause he (and the Thunder in general) are just amazing to watch. Funny enough, its their defense (and length on defense espeically) that is so impressive. I remember a couple years back, we couldnt even get our offense set up for half the game, they applied so much pressure (then AA got superhuman .. but thats another story).
    Also, KD on offense is a thing of beauty as well.
    LBJ still the best player in the game for sure .. and the most “when I turn it on, you cant do anything” guy … but KD is very, very special. Enjoy the game

  6. redrap

    We *know* OKC has had this game circled on the calendar. If we can take this one .. it’ll be something.

    • nutcup

      In the Jordan era there were 5 players better then Durant. Durant would have been a good player in that era but not top 5.

      • Tanks-a-lot

        why don’t you name those 5 players?

        please throw away comments somewhere else.

          • Minks77

            Malone? You gotta be kidding me, Durant any day over the mailman.

            Bird who is the OG Kevin Durant, Jordan, magic, Akeem, Shaq are all good choices but let’s keep it positional and it’s larry legend and definitely Scottie pippen. Scottie’s game still doesn’t get the respect that it deserves from these young bucks but he was an infinitely better defender and passer/playmaker, not as good a volume scorer but could drop buckets with the best of em and was an excellent rebounder who totally changed the forward position.

            I love KD and he’s definitely in the discussion but he’s not quite platinum certified. Yet.

          • Tanks-a-lot

            all that matters is the unquantifiable notion of “clutch”

            I just think that the Durant freak of nature would eat up the rules of the pre-zone NBA

  7. Guest

    Caron Butler remains the most annoying player in the NBA. Watching him squeak his shoe at ~3:20 left in the fourth as DeMar was shooting his free throw is yet another example of him acting like a douche.

  8. P'd off raptor fan

    Disgusting loss…im a little bit worried about the raps going into playoffs now… FUCK

  9. Bullcrap

    Well blake..good game for u to see One of KD’s greatest performances live, Shitty game for raps to lose up by 8 in 2x OT



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