Andrew (@MarmaladeJacko) Will (@william_lou) join the ‘cast for a packed three-part show.

Part 1

  • Looking back at the OKC game
  • Casey’s options defending Durant – did he use them all?
  • Salmons to blame or simply a scapegoat – how does he recover?
  • Resigning Vasquez a starter?
  • Site poll says re-sign Vasquez, good idea or not?

Part 2

  • Look ahead to the week’s schedule – @ CLE, @ BOS, vs BOS, @ ORL
  • Over/Under on how many turnovers Avery Bradley will force against DeRozan
  • DeRozan’s clutch-time jimmys, defensive game and whether coaching can improve it
  • How other players influence DeRozan

Part 3 – Listener Questions

  • What should the hype song be for pre-game at the ACC?
  • Assuming Lowry and Greivis/De Colo are resigned for next season, the Raptors FA priority should be a PF/C. Who do you think the Raps should realistically go after and sign (besides Patterson)?
  • Who’s more valuable for our future? Ross or Valanciunas?

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Here are the two songs I mentioned on the show:

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  • mountio

    Here is what you guys are missing on Salmons … its not because people have a hate on for Salmons per se, its because Casey blindly plays him (and other “vets”) ahead of other, much better players. This was simply a very tangible example of the disproving of Casey’s assumption that “Vets win games” … this is why everyone was so upset. We all know Salmons sucks. We know he shouldnt be playing crunch time (this game or any other) – and it was just oh so painful to watch it happen right in front of our eyes …

    • Raymond

      I think T. Ross/ Salmons was the only arguable players we could use at the moment. Both of them could make mistake at the crunch time. Beside, I have no idea which players’ able to use.

      • mountio

        Not sure I understand the end of your comment (you might have made a typo) – but I agree that T Ross could have made a similar mistake (Id like to think hed hit the FTs, but could have easily made the inbounds blunder). But .. I think thats the point .. this sit doesnt go totally crazy if T Ross does, because hes a big part of our future and needs to learn, whereas JS isnt and has very little to offer

        • Raymond

          There’s few things I could see on this game.

          1) Raptors played very very well and young gun step up.

          2)Casey/MU though Salmons’ a useful experience player before, but I am sure we will not use 7M to renew his contract after this game.

          3)You could see Casey rather give other young kid like De colo more time.

          Ha, I could feel how upset you are. Its not really a bad thing if you link everything together from that point.

          • MoPeteRules


            • Jerry Garicia

              Ray Man…sometimes I come home from the bar and weigh in…in other news …what a thing to watch…..3 Quarters of agony…rim…..bounce…turnover…however … feeling pretty good about the week ahead !!

    • Why

      If Ross or anyone else on the Raps threw away an inbound pass followed by two missed free throws leading to a loss everyone would have been upset as well – in such a situation I imagine the website would have been flooded with ‘why wouldn’t they have put a vet like Salmons in?’.
      That said, a 10+ year NBA vet shouldn’t be throwing the ball away in that situation. Take a time-out!

  • Raymond

    I don’t think its the problem of him. the game was tight, very unfortunate Vasquez had FO. Salmons was sitting at the beach too long and the hands was cool. Its very difficult for any player to pick up their condition/ emotion right away , especially when you face OKC.

    • Abijah1

      JS seemed disinterested before he even entered the game. He was thinking about what he might be doing after the game. How do you as a PROFESSIONAL ball player miss 2 conservative FREE throws. He needs to be planted firmly on the bench next to the coach and be the last option in crunch time. Period.

  • ih8vasquez