Yes, the time-stamp does say 2:50 AM, and no, I don’t ever sleep.

Regardless of how the final 13 games of the year turn out, this season has been an unabashed success. The majority of us started the year riding the tank bandwaggon, but that sentiment left with Rudy Gay’s departure, and the aftermath has been glorious. 33 wins against 18 losses. No more isolation ball. No more being the butt-end of #moreshotsthanpoints jokes. No more self-loathing. No more immolating hatred of our own team.

As of the time this posting, the Toronto Raptors’ magic number to clinch a playoff spot sits at 3, wherein any combination of Raptors wins, or Knicks losses will count towards post-season security. I know every team in the East is supposed to lay down their arms in the face or Miami or Indiana, but making the playoffs is still a big accomplishment. This franchise hasn’t made the playoffs since 2007-08! Barring a miracle, our beloved Raptors will qualify for the playoffs for the first time in 6 seasons. 6!

I mean, when the biggest talking points for a Raptors team is the efficacy of John Salmons’ utility as an NBA player, or Vasquez’s shot-selection, that means the bigger picture is that we’re a good team! RR used to be a host for flame-wars on behalf of the likes of Andrea Bargnani and Joey effing Graham! We started from the bottom, and now we’re here.

So let’s embrace this team, and this season, in the same way DeMar is embracing Lowry in the GIF below. Let’s not worry about Lowry’s impending free-agency, nor fret about the lack of financial flexibility this offseason. Speak not of ‘fool’s gold’ and ‘mirages’, for it’s better to have love and lost, than to never have love at all. Embrace this team.

(Via r/NBA)

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  • Antoine Rose

    we need to sign killah lowry

  • Bryan Colangelo

    Get to playoffs healthy, get to playoffs healthy, get to playoffs healthy.

    3 seed is a bonus to me at this point.

  • Yoshi

    Such a beautiful sight. Wins make the game that much more fun. Playoffs Baaaaaby!

  • nutcup

    Some people stood with this team 50 games back , some didn’t. Nice to see the people who didn’t embracing the band wagon . Good Job !!!!

    • DDayLewis

      I predicted before the season that this team would finish with a record of 44-38, and I never once supported the strategy of tanking for this team.

      • Lyall

        But did you predict the Rudy Gay trade?

        • DDayLewis

          That…did not happen.

          • Casey Sherman

            It’s not the means William, it’s the ends. And we got the ends right.

            • DDayLewis

              Masai is going accidentally back into a second straight GM of the year award

      • Tanks-a-lot

        If we kept Gay the Raptors would be bottom bitches and not cracked the 30 win plateau.

  • golden

    Absolutely the right message. I mean, since when was sports ever about anything else except living for the moment? Tanking and years of losing got everybody messed up on that purpose.

  • Stahmenah

    Very, very well stated. And this Gif says a 1000 words. Great selection. Keep doing what you’re doing. Love it!

  • Will

    I am just loving this year. I’ve already got my playoff tickets bought and I bought all four rounds, just in case. haha

  • Ion66

    This is the third best GIF, I have ever seen, that does not involve cats, or a groin shot.

  • Mexiballer

    Absolutely. Its supposed to be fun.

  • HogyG