Not sure why Kyle Lowry didn’t get the ball at the end of the game. I realize the Cavs would’ve been expecting it but so what – he’s clearly our best player and didn’t even get a chance to win/tie the game. Instead, we got a play for Vasquez that, quite frankly, didn’t look like it was going anywhere right from the start. It looks like Vasquez was supposed to find DeRozan either spotting up or on the cut inside, but things went horribly wrong when he bumped into Jack. If GFY fails to load, click here.

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  • TDot Mix Productions

    Ball should be in Kyle Lowry’s hands! I’ll take that win or lose. Not vasques not salmons not Novak not Amir Johnson not demar

  • Balls deep

    Vasquez drived in
    Jack used defence
    The Vasquez fainted

  • yyz

    Nothing new…tight game Dwayne Casey…worst play designer in the league….this is on the coach. Like every tight game

    • afrocarter

      Should not some of the blame fall upon the players for such as terrible first half?

    • GetLicks

      How is the blame on the coach? That game was a perfect example of a loss that should be blamed completely on the players.

  • Maks

    From my point of view, the play was executed properly as Casey designed it for the first two touches:
    -amir came out to get the ball inbounded
    -handoff to vasquez who drives into the paint

    From this point on, vasquez was supposed to kick it out to Demar for either a midrange jumper, or a Demar drive. vasquez just lost the footing.

    Do I think its a great play? No, i think demar would have bricked the midrange anyways because Deng would have closed on him anyways. But for a moment, Demar was free. Still its ill-advised to give Demar the final a shot. On the positive side, at least caseys not calling a timeout just for a Demar iso.

    • Maks

      or maybe Demars supposed to get the ball after Vasquez and swing it to Lowry for a three. However, it appears as though both Novak and Lowry are there to be distractions to space out and let Demar drive in the paint. Correct me if im wrong… afterall im just some random spectator lol =)

    • mountio

      Im with the guy above, if the play was for Demar, there would have been a pin down screen .. which there wasnt. I think this was a Greasy iso, which is a horrible play call


    should ve drawn up a play for novak . he was due for a 3.

    • Tee

      I think thats it.

      My guess is demar swings it to lowry then novak;
      corner or elbow 3 for the win

      • Cheezy

        That can’t be so. Notice when General Gravy collapses there are 4 ticks left on the clock. That’s time for ONE pass at most. Coach Casey gave Vasquez the shot. Lowry is too short; the 3OT game against the Wizards his drive got blocked. Vasquez is 5-7 inches taller than Lowry, his floater doesn’t get blocked. It was his game to win.

        • Guest

          4 seconds is time for like 3 quick passes and a shot. 4 seconds is time to dribble the entire length of the court. You never been in a late game situation son?

          • Cheezy

            Amir would have set a pin down for Demar to get free… Lowry is draped by D-Dova…4 seconds for 3 passes and one shot is only possible in practice when there’s no defence.

  • nkkraptor

    wouldn’t blame the coach at all..Cleveland Cavier did put on a solid game on the raptors.. raptors wouldnt be in the this tight game if it wasn’t for coach casey yelling at his players. So dont blame the coach, blame the bench unit efforts for not trying to give kyle lowry or demar any rest for playoff..this shows that the bench unit really sucks without Patrick Patterson; Grevis Vasque can’t carried the bench all by himself…. Coach Casey is a good coach but he need Patrick Patterson back…

  • JRedmond14

    Awful play either way. Against a bad defensive team like the Cavs, it should be Lowry or Derozan getting screened by Amir, get the mismatch, drive to the hoop. Not that difficult

  • Brian Gerstein

    It looks like Vasquez was dribbling with no court vision whatsoever and was not prepared to dish the ball off. I think he just panicked, and as some alluded to, did the fake turn of the ankle to make it look less embarrassing. He was a deer in the headlights, and if this is indicative of how he handles crunch time, then have him play off the ball next time.

  • Louvens Remy

    Just take the ball to the basket. It’s unreal to me that teams are looking to get “almost” to the rim and then kick it out for a 20 ft shot.

    • Cheezy

      I agree. Teams are prone to foul on D in these situations. Drive, go up strong, finish or head to the line. General Greivis is an 88% FT shooter. J Jack ain’t no Amir Johnson defensive assassin Doctor of Denial. Just take the ball to the basket.

      • Tanks-a-lot

        GV seems to never go to the rim looking to draw contact. You can see that as he floats the ball all the time.

  • Cheezy

    Notice when General Gravy collapses there are 4 ticks left on the clock. That’s time for ONE pass at most. If the play was for DeRozan, Amir would have set the pindown for DD to get free, but there was no screen. Coach Casey gave Vasquez the shot. Lowry is too short; the 3OT game against the Wizards his drive got blocked (remember the play Lowry rolled his ankle?). Vasquez is 5-7 inches taller than Lowry, his floater doesn’t get blocked. It was his game to win.

    • mountio

      You hit the nail on the head … no screen (or intention of a screen) … Amir just wonders towards the basket, which tells me DD could not have been the primary target. Thus, an iso for Greasy, which is a terrible play call (especially going to his left … maybe going to his right you can argue he can hit that little floater …)

      • Cheezy

        Great point, I’ve never thought of that. I’ve never seen Vasquez put up a shot going left, but YOLO Vasquez spin-a-rama seems like a Coach Casey go-to play.

  • Roarque

    As noted in a blog attached to the Vancouver Sun:

    “The numbers are…. grim in late game results in regulation. In the final minute of games where the Raptors are down five points or less they are 2-18. In the final three minutes of games when they are down five points or less they are 5-20. In the final five minutes when they are down five points or less they are 7-22. In the final thirty seconds when they are plus/minus three points they are 4-14 and in the final ten seconds of games when they are plus/minus three points they are 2-14.

    What do these numbers mean? The Raptors win games by building enough of a lead so their lack of late game execution cannot hurt.

    The strange factor not shown in those numbers is that the Raptors are among the top teams in the league in fourth quarter efficiency. But unless they produce a sizeable lead—five points or more—entering the final three minutes then the percentages state that the Raptors will lose.

    What is the reason for such disparate numbers?

    The Raptors are still learning how to win. They have done a nice job when there is still time to rebound from an opposition run, or to put together their own run. But where they fail is when a basket is needed to win the game, or when a stop is needed to win the game.”
    I hesitate to say this but the Raptors need a closer. The closer we used to have was being paid so much money that we felt that he needed to play full time and when he did we got iso-ball boredom and lost anyway. Is there a closer amongst the current roster? I haven’t seen him although a Kyle Lowry who doesn’t have the trots might have come in handy last night.

    • Icarus Descending

      I agree on the closer point.

      Demar is easy to shut down just get right in his grill, he doesn’t have the handles to get by without losing the ball.

      Lowry has the step back three or can drive, but generally seems to be gassed by that final play with the high minutes and the way he sacrifices his body so he’s not particularly efficient. He does at least get a shot off though.

      The main problem just from the games I’ve seen is that our ball movement near the end of tight games totally disappears. It’s either ISO ball with Demar or Lowry. We don’t have the superstars that can play that way with any kind of efficiency. No surprise we end up failing when we go away from our strength on offence on those tight games. That said, for last play options I think you always have to go Lowry, he at least will get a shot off which no one else seems to be able to do.

    • noname

      i honestly really want the raptors to try ross in clutch situations, i think he would be up for it.

  • Mexiballer

    As hard to believe as it may be, I think the play was designed for Vasquez to go one on one with Jack in the lane just as it happened. Everyone has cleared out and Vasquez is supposed to break down Jack and get to the rim or get up a good short range shot. Demar and Novak are both moving from the corners to the elbows as release valves if Vasquez gets stuck, and Amir is looking to hit the glass for a tip in after Grieves shoots. It works, Grieves has Jack all alone one on one. And then, his legs turn to wood and he falls like a wooden man.

  • Mexiballer

    Can we please see the aftermath where he holds his ankle in pain and gets up and limps away.

  • RyGuy Awesome III

    Team is a lock for playoffs. casey is seeing who he can trust at the buzzer. You never know till you give em a chance.

  • Transcendant Man

    T Ross was shooting 40% from behind the arc so lets put on Novak who shoots 1/6, that’s just a smart coach doing the best strategic play possible. It always dumbfounds me how little faith Casey has in Ross in late game situations, I feel like the only reason he starts is because Masai asked Casey to do him this favor so he can evaluate Ross and raise/determine his value for the off season. Everytime Ross misses a shot or two Casey pulls him but when Novak misses 4 consecutive shots he stays in, when Salmons throws up 3/27 shooting he doesn’t pull him either. Casey shows to much respect/faith to the vets. I agree with everyone on the floor except for Novak on that play, GV, TRoss, or Lowry should’ve taken that last shot as they had the best shooting #’s.

    • noname

      after ross hit that game tying three in the pre-season against the knicks and all the late clock shots that he hit in his 51pt game, i have always wanted to see Casey run a play in the clutch for Ross.

    • Cheezy

      Great point. The way Ross has shot the corner three since the trade… If he hit a game winner, his confidence would skyrocket…

  • Jeff

    They were expecting a switch on the handoff, but Jack got under the screen so easily that it didn’t happen. The hope was for Vasquez to go one on one with Varejao with Amir rolling to the basket for an easy putback with Jack on him.

    Demar was blanketed by Deng all game, so he was a bad option, and given Lowry’s tummy trouble and Delladova’s harassing defense, he wasn’t a great option either. Novak was just a decoy to stretch the floor or knock down an open shot if Gee leaves him to help.

    I’d replace Novak with Ross because he provides the same floor spacing with the additional ability to make a play on his own if things break down. In this instance, once the play is blown up, you could have had Ross get the handoff from Vasquez for a decent look. Novak doesn’t have the athletic ability to pull that off.

    A pretty weak play from the coach though if it all goes to shit by simply slipping a screen. With almost 8 seconds on the clock you have to come up with something better than that.

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