According to a report in the National Post, the Raptors will be offering playoff tickets for half-price as a way to “make amends” with long-suffering fans. The report states:

MLSE, after long consideration, has opted to offer playoff tickets at 50% of the price of regular season tickets to make amends with fans who have not seen the Raptors make the playoffs since 2007-08. The initiative was spearheaded by Tim Leiweke, who views this as a “personal project” to win back fans lost under Bryan Colangelo’s leadership.

Obviously, this is an awesome move by MLSE and it shows what a great, caring organization they are. They could have easily raised prices but for them to make this sort of an effort speaks volumes to the leadership’s genuine love for the fans. I’ve always maintained that Tim Leiweke is a God-send, and this further proves that.

RR salutes MLSE for doing this. Stay tuned on how to get at these tickets. Presumably, they’ll be available on Ticketmaster soon enough.

On a related note, if you’d like to purchase cheap, below-cost, tickets for Wednesday’s Raptors vs Rockets game, get them here.

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16 Responses to “Report: MLSE To Offer Playoff Tickets at Half Price to “Make Amends””

  1. Raps Fan

    If this is a joke, it’s not funny. MLSE has been and continues to gouge their season ticket holders. Especially ones with licenses

  2. Will

    Good one. If I didn’t read these comments, I would’ve picked up the phone to call the Raptors to make sure the playoff tickets I already got were going to be 50% off as well. That would’ve been an embarrassing call.

  3. Alexey Ots

    hey guys, idk if you all saw the Strombo show last night on CBC with GM Masai Ujiri, but I was in the audience taping and there was some stuff that didn’t make the 15 minute interview. The interview was over a half an hour long. Some very interesting things:

    1) He retold the Lowry story about sitting down with him at the beginning of the season and challenging him to change the stigma of his reputation.

    2) He said had a chat with Terrence Ross on Sunday March 23rd, about his sleeping habits, that he needs to get more rest.

    3) He retold a story about meeting Nelson Mandela in Africa with Dikembe Mutombo, DeSagna Diop, and a couple of other younger players. Dikembe yelled at the younger players for not dressing better (they were in sweats) and told them to go back up into their hotel rooms and dress proper to meet Mr. Mandela.

    4) George asked Ujiri about Phil Jackson’s impact coming to the Knicks and he said “He said he didn’t care, and that it wasn’t a factor to him” Then he just plainly stated and I quote “I HATE THE KNICKS!” – M. Ujiiri

    5) I was in the crowd yelling “Raptors” loudly a couple of times during the applause and at one point, I yelled “RESIGN LOWRY” and GM Ujiri was looking straight at me. He had a deer in headlights type look, but then kinda smiled.

    6) Talked to George afterward and asked him about asking him about resigning Lowry, He said he couldn’t ask that and that he wanted to ask him and also about Amir’s knee instead, but didn’t also.

    7) Masai repeatedly made it known throughout the interview, that Toronto is his home that he loves it here and that he is fully committed to making the Raptors a top team over time. That he really doesn’t leave town in the summer, and his phone is always on for work purposes 24/7.

    8) He credited BC for bringing him into the Raptors and making the draft picks of DD, Big V, and getting Amir. He says that the Raptors fans should give Colangelo more credit.

    9) He thinks its crap that people perceive Toronto as a place players don’t wanna play at. He says look at the top teams in the east, Miami is nice sure, but he personally hates the city, and how anyone thinks its warmer or better in Indiana or Chicago is beyond him. Toronto is the best in his opinion.

    10) When he walked out by me, I bowed to him and personally thanked him for fixing the Raptors. Just a very awesome person, who I am glad is the GM of my favorite sports team.

    I was disappointed that they edited the interview so much to only about 10 minutes. George S. did a great job and he truly is a huge raps fan. If you watch the episode, I am the guy in the old school purple raptors JYD jersey at the end waving the jersey for a split second as they zoom into the person holding the placard at the end. Not an april fools post BTW

  4. Alfredix99

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