Report: MLSE To Offer Playoff Tickets at Half Price to “Make Amends”

There’s a report in the National Post which should get everyone excited about getting affordable playoff tickets.

According to a report in the National Post, the Raptors will be offering playoff tickets for half-price as a way to “make amends” with long-suffering fans. The report states:

MLSE, after long consideration, has opted to offer playoff tickets at 50% of the price of regular season tickets to make amends with fans who have not seen the Raptors make the playoffs since 2007-08. The initiative was spearheaded by Tim Leiweke, who views this as a “personal project” to win back fans lost under Bryan Colangelo’s leadership.

Obviously, this is an awesome move by MLSE and it shows what a great, caring organization they are. They could have easily raised prices but for them to make this sort of an effort speaks volumes to the leadership’s genuine love for the fans. I’ve always maintained that Tim Leiweke is a God-send, and this further proves that.

RR salutes MLSE for doing this. Stay tuned on how to get at these tickets. Presumably, they’ll be available on Ticketmaster soon enough.

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