• smrt

    Strombo is one of my all time favorite interviewers and Ujiri is so well spoken. Fantastic.

    • tonious35

      Met him on Queen St. in 2003 at a Frosh and he was just so fun to talk to. The same man is still speaking, and he never changed, God bless this man is a Canadian.

      • smrt

        I’ve worked with him numerous times over the years going back to his beginning VJ days at MUCH (yes I’m old;) and as recently as a Martin Short TV special a couple years ago. He has always been a consummate professional, approachable and just a nice all around guy you wished you had as a next door neighbour. It’s gonna be really interesting to see what he does with HNiC but could you imagine how awesome a colour commentator he would be for the Raps?!

  • GetLicks

    Gotta love Masai, ‘primo pasta just didn’t work out’ hahahaha

    • morgan c

      I literally cannot believe he said that. Amazeballs.

  • Paul

    The movie MU was talking about was “The Air Up There”, not “Come Fly With Me”..

    • Alexey Ots

      He actually mentions both movies as being influential to him when he was young.

  • Raptors Argentina


  • Alexey Ots
    • Alexey Ots

      Notice he didn’t dispute getting Carter back. Also the Name change is still maybe on?!?

    • Alexey Ots

      George stole my question for Masai Ujiri last week, and asked Tim Leiweke this week, about resigining Lowry. The reply seemed quite positive that this would happen.

  • Lyall

    I’d like to announce myself to run for Masai’s position. Right at the start the first thing he says is “we’re trying”. Don’t say we’re trying! It implies failure! You could rather say “We’re suceeding. We’re doing well. We’re moving forward and intending good thoughts and positivity and high levels of good sportsmanship and competetivness. It’s showing in our players.”

    We trust and fully believe that the decisions we make will be the best decisions and will lead us in the most positive direction. Our staff will trust in eachother and take the steps neccessary to gain a championship.

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