Apparently he had open beer bottles lying around in his car:

Huronia West OPP say Jonas Valanciunas, 21, a $3.3-million-per-year centre for the club, drove his vehicle through an Oxbow Road drive-thru restaurant at around 2:30 a.m. with open beer bottles in plain view.

Investigating officers determined he’d been drinking and he was charged with over .80, his vehicle was impounded and his licence was automatically suspended.

From the Raptors:

We were made aware this morning of the incident involving Jonas Valanciunas and are disappointed he has put himself in this situation.

We take this matter very seriously as we have the highest expectations for all members of our organization.

At this time we are continuing to gather information and we will comment further when appropriate.

Statement from JV:

I hold myself to a high standard and take my role as a member of the Toronto Raptors very seriously. I apologize to the organization, my teammates, my family and my fans, and regret any negativity this incident has brought upon them.

Apparently it’s usually a two-game suspension.

This sucks man. It’s not something I associate with Jonas, but we all have our crosses to bear and having a drink and going for a drive is apparently his.

This happened in Wasaga beach apparently, which is not surprising. Young Zarar has taken a few trips to Wasaga beach during his youth and I can attest that such behaviour is rather endemic around those parts. It’s something to do with the water, sun, scantily clad women, lack of police enforcement, private “picnic” areas, shady groves, and most of all, very readily available alcohol and other substances. Then again, all that doesn’t start till after May 24 weekend, so I’m not sure what Jonas is even doing there in April in a rainstorm. But hey, if he likes ice fishing when others are rolling in Vegas, then I’m not really surprised by this.

RR firmly stands behind Jonas in this tough time. We’re like the wife of the senator as he delivers his apology press conference after sending out pictures of his junk to random strangers. Yes, we’re almost like that wife, almost. She’s strong, supportive and most of all judgemental. RR is not judgemental. That is something we are not.

I’ll be curious to see if the team suspends him for such behaviour (they should), even though it might put our 50-win target and playoff positioning at risk.

Come back strong big fella.

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  • john

    The real crime is him going to Wasaga in April

    • Bendit

      He likes ice fishing.

    • anothernoname

      He has friends in the area, dumbass.

      • FREEJV

        are you one of those friends? if not, are you stalking him?

      • Phil

        yeah john, you big idiot. EVERYONE knows he has friends in the area. fuckin dummy.

  • uke2themax

    Masai needs to take a page of the Sir Alex Ferguson book of management. Fergie always had his boys around town, looking to see whether Keano and Giggs were getting drunk

    • Sir Alex Ferguson

      Rooney still got hammered all the time and hooked up with strippers so clearly I wasn’t doing such a great job!!

      • uke2themax

        Yes but how many MORE times would Rooney have done that?

  • DDayLewis
    • Andre Julian Ward


      • shee

        I still cant say if that was guay or just hilarious

    • GetLicks

      Hilarious for so many reasons LOL

  • Bryan Colangelo

    A team has to suspend a guy for something like this right? Better now than than later.

    And if convicted it looks like he’ll need to hire a driver.

    • ckh26

      No.. They (Raptors and MLSE) won’t suspend him. He has been charged, not convicted. If we were to write up each and every 21 year who was charged with driving over .08 then it would be quite the lengthy article.

      Jonas though has to realize he is hardly inconspicuous at 7 feet tall and a professional athelete. No excuse for driving drunk. When charged he will likely receive a fine of less than a thousand dollars and be asked to provide community service. He also gets a nice big red flag that if gets caught again he will be given “time to be served on weekends” regardless of his profession. Wake up call.

      • Brandon

        its not .08, its 0.0 until he turns 22

        • ckh26

          Fair enough. Its still driving a vehicle while impaired. He will be treated no better or worse than the next person in line during his day in court.

        • rocwell

          Anyway, media reports he exceeded 80mgs.

      • Bryan Colangelo

        Convicted on not, I would understand if the team suspended him for a game.

        The chemistry and character of this team is so good right now. It’s a delicate thing worth protecting. I’m perfectly fine if the team wanted to over-react and enforce a knucklehead-free zone.

        • ckh26

          If you have a job your employer would not “suspend” you for a day. This is pretty piss poor judgement on JV’s part though and he is likely to hear about it not only from MLSE but from Amir and company. Where this type of a bone head move might very well be a career limiting in an entry level job in the corporate world its not going to affect what he does at his proffession. He will get his license suspended, pay his fine and keep his head down for a while.

          • guestin

            the real problem is that jv is an emotional guy, and by that i mean, for the most part, he’s mentally soft. he gets thrown off when he makes a bonehead move on the court (dunking vasquez’s floater against washington, taking a bad foul), how will this affect his play on the court? id hazard to say its not going to help.

            he’s due in court on april 22…that would be sometime during the first round i guess? id assume they’d have the date pushed back, but who knows

            • GetLicks

              Uhh what? Mentally soft cause he got down on himself for making a bad play? How about he cares about winning and is still a but young and immature? And what the hell does that have to do with him getting a DUI?

              • GetLicks

                A bit**

          • Bryan Colangelo

            I’d be fine if Amir, DeRozan and Lowry just grabbed him by the collar and lit him up.

            “This is the best team we’ve ever been on! We’ve been busting our asses for years to get here! Keep that shit in Lithuania dumbass! Arrrrggh!!!!!”

        • Don

          A good opportunity to rest him before the playoffs… By the way Bryan, Good Pick!

        • FREEJV

          bryan i knew you were dumb since the moment you drafted primo pasta. how the hell is this gonna affect chemistry? #masaiisthegmnow #hittheroad

          • Bryan Colangelo

            Same way Primo Pasta commercials, smoking pot on the team bus or getting in a fight in a strip club affects team chemistry. Dumb shit outside of the locker room can seep into team culture.

            Knucklehead behaviour breeds mistrust within a team, tests team policy and forces management to set a standard for how people are expected to behave. How management handles one knucklehead sets the precedent for all future personnel, which can lead to more friction down the road. For example, if you come down hard on JV, but Lowry does something similar next year and you treat him differently, your breeding conflict right there. Or if you treat JV too leniently, you plant the seed in other players minds that hey, maybe being a knucklehead once in a while is okay.

            Managing personnel and performance is a lot easier when self-discipline is the norm and general stupidity just isn’t tolerated. I’ve been in start-ups where one founder starts coming in at 11 and leaving early, because hey, he worked super-duper hard last week and YOLO, he’s the boss. Than the next founder starts taking three day weekends, because hey — if that other founder gets to do that, why not me? Than all the employees follow suit by working from home or taking random sick days. And before you know it, the founders are standing around wondering why doubling-the-staff has lead to the company being half as productive.

  • jjdynomite

    Considering he’s only recently turned 21 he probably got a taste of the bottle in New Orleans and carried it with him back to Wasaga.

    /What am I saying. His mother probably weaned him with “the water of life” back home in Utena. Ah, Europa.

    • vpat23

      In canada legal age is 19

      • Brandon

        not to drive, he’s 21 which means even 1 beer u get charged even if its 0.01 % thats probably the issue

        • Moe

          I hope its that, that would make this IMO better because I assume legal limit for others is like 0.08 right? In his defense, he is grown up as he can be…

        • Schuyler Leenhouts

          I don’t know about Ontario, but in Quebec if you are past the probationary period you can consume a small amount (1 or 2 beers) and drive

      • jjdynomite

        Yes, but in NEW ORLEANS it’s 21. Hence he carried his affinity for the liquid gold back with him to Canada. I know the humour (Canadian spelling) was subtle, but not that subtle. (By the way, the drinking age in Ontario is 19, in other parts of Canada it’s 18:

        Anyway, it doesn’t fucking matter, Jonas was arrested for drinking AND DRIVING, which is zero tolerance in Ontario under 22 (, so if convicted he is going to lose his license and will have to go ice fishing in his backyard pool. Or hire a driver. Or both.

        • GetLicks

          From what I understand, age has nothing to do with it. If you hold a g1 or g2 class license, there is zero tolerance. If he had a full ‘G’, he’d be able to have a small amount in his system (.08 I think).

          • jjdynomite

            GetLicks, check the second Wikipedia link I posted on Blood Alcohol Content. Doesn’t matter what G status Jonas has, if you’re under 22 it’s zero tolerance. He’s pretty screwed if convicted.

            • GetLicks

              Hmm, if that’s true I had no idea age was a factor. The MTO site doesn’t say anything about age either. But then again, government sites tend to suck when it comes to providing proper info.

  • Timo In Waterloo

    He should always have a driver.. the kid is from Lithuania, my background is Finn… I fully understand…but, if you are gonna drink, have someone else drive

    • john

      Especially when you make millions of dollars per year, you can afford a cab.

      • FREEJV

        would rather spend it on hoes and alcohol.

  • coachftw

    JVVVVVVVV…. this looks really bad on him and the organization. Kyle Lowry will beat him with a broom

    • Andre Julian Ward

      What? ….. lol

    • noname

      LMFAO i could actually picture that happening

  • hellomausafriends

    Considering the article’s info, that gave us nothing, I believe Jonas
    didn’t knew the laws of Toronto state, that people aren’t allowed to
    drive with over 0.01 alcohol% till they reach at least 22y.o. So it’s not a big deal if he drunk a bottle of beer, and if it was more than it shame on him…

    • Tee

      Apparently he had open bottles in the car.
      Hes 7 feet tall, he probably drinks more than 1 beer.

  • guestin

    great! the guy just started playing well and now he’s gotta go dick around and bring outside drama into the locker room. atta boy JV!!!

  • Sal

    Why now JV? Why, why, why? Couldn’t you wait until the end of the playoffs?

    • guestin

      or at least keep your drinking to strictly at halftime a la keon clark or ron artest

      • Sal


        • guestin

          i wonder if he drives like he rebounds. one hand only.

    • tonious35

      Won against Indiana & Hibbert, gets the ball to beat Milwuakee, and long break. Someone’s got to celebrate!

  • ad

    Young guy used bad judgement. It happens. As long as it doesnt become a distraction for the him or the team which I dont think it will.

    • KJ-B

      ARGGGHH!!!!!! Dude was ballin’ outta control!!! Hurts………………..

      Casey won’t take this lightly–just as he was beginning to trust the young fella!!! Ol’ school is bout to give new skool a lesson he won’t soon forget. He gon’ let the pine spank his 7′ bootay–mind those bench splinters Jonas…no late 4th Q minutes for you.. SUX!!!!!!!

  • barloot

    WTF is he doing in Wasaga beach in April? And when/how did he get there? I mean he would have had to fly from Milwaukee to Toronto get in a Car and pre-game the entire way to the beach. No wonder the copper’s caught him, he would have been one of the only car’s on the roads. And those are the cop’s that that put the irons on Rick Vaive, Rob Rambage, and Condredge Holloway.


      He got snitched on by a drive thru SuperHero, who spotted empties in his car.

      • barloot

        For real, had to be that. He had a day off, and started on the plane, hit the ground and kept on pounding and straight shot north, wobbly pop’s the whole way. Where’s his people? I mean they couldn’t drive? He stops for a Big Mac and wham! There goes 50 wins! That’s some bullshalga !

        • DC

          I doubt they serve alcohol on the plane.

      • Phat AlberG

        But what I don’t understand the cops found him at the house, so how did he get in trouble when he didn’t get pulled over on the road?

        • FLUXLAND

          Was he drunk and then pulled into that street to sober up? Did he spot the 5.0 and pull into the street to dodge them?

          I looked around the street, all I spot close by is a Timmy Ho’s. I wanna know what joker snitched.

      • GetLicks

        I think it’s safe to say this is the first time I fully agree with you. Cue the raptor fan lynch mob to wasaga if JV gets suspended lol

  • ckh26

    FREEJV now takes on a whole new aspect !

    • arsenalist

      Well done.

    • FREEJV

      Atta boy JV . livin the dream of a 21 year old. pussy money and alcohol. 😀

      • GetLicks

        Can’t believe he got married at 21. I would milk and enjoy that young, rich athlete life for years

        • arsenalist

          Must be love.

          • ace5950

            At 21, that’s a first

          • FREEJV

            looool. nice trolling . i know JV was attracted to her personality.

        • FREEJV

          if shes in lithuania whos to say hes not cheating

  • Nerius

    What an idiot move. Poor poor judgement… 🙁

  • Don

    Being charged and being convicted are two different things… He’s not guilty until he’d guilty in court.. It could be he didn’t have a clear understanding of the laws of this land.. God, he just learned to speak English.. Do people really think that the first thing he was told was don’t drink and drive.. I doubt very much he was hammered anyway..

    • Nerius

      I would very much like to believe this, but the laws regarding DUI are not that different here in Lithuania, if he was a bit over limit he would be charged. It’s one of the most serious driving offenses. And Jonas had one run-in with the cops here as well – he was driving his club car before he got his license (by a couple months but still). I just hope he learns from this. He’s a good kid.

    • 2damkule

      yeah, uh, drinking and driving isn’t tolerated anywhere, there’s zero chance that he ‘didn’t know’ it was both against the law & incredibly stupid. the irony is, i’m doubtful that there’s a single person on here who hasn’t driven after having a drink or 6, and until/unless you’re caught & have a breathalyzer administered, you have no idea what you’d blow. 2-3 beer might not register anything on your personal drunkenness scale, but it could be enough to put you over the limit.

  • Age

    Hey “FreeJV”. You knew all along he would wind up in jail, uh?

    • FREEJV

      Why u think i chose this name

      • noname

        LMAO…you always have something to say in return…just brilliant. I know a lot of people get annoyed by your love affair with JV but you are just impossible to hate on.

        • FREEJV

          in all seriousness i chose this name cuz i knew he would get arrested. no joke.

          • noname

            Nostradamus…is that you?

      • GetLicks

        So when are the t-shirts being made? They’d prob end up in a Drake/P Reign video

  • Age

    In all seriousness, is he allowed to cross the board with this charge?
    I know he is not convicted yadada. But this is the last thing we need before the playoffs.

  • Nerius

    Statement from JV on Raps website: I hold myself to a high standard and take my role as a member of the Toronto Raptors very seriously. I apologize to the organization, my teammates, my family and my fans, and regret any negativity this incident has brought upon them.

    • john

      You can tell a PR company wrote that by the fluent english.

  • thegloveinrapsuniform

    good thing he got caught.

    if he didnt, he wouldve done this a couple more times and it wouldve been a tragedy if he got into an accident and lost his career due to stupid decision making. that, or he winds up dead in a ditch.

    • tmk

      Or even worse…killed someone.

  • The Red Fury

    You would think someone in the raptors organization would tell him ‘dude, you make $4mm a year… if you have a few drinks and want some mcnuggets…. you pay a friend $100 to drive drunk and get them for you’.

  • noname

    the fact that he drove under the influence doesn’t concern me NEARLY as much as the fact that he was in Wasaga beach at this time. That could mean that he just went there to get some drugs cuz we all know Wasaga is like that and because the weather right now doesn’t call for it at all, and what the hell else could he possibly be doing. This worries me deeply as I am almost as much of a fan of JV as FREEJV is (except i don’t bash everyone else). Do we have another Keon Clark on our hands????? oh boy this is gonna give me nightmares…at least i know Lowry, Amir, Demar, and Novak (who apparently is an outspoken boss on this team) are going to beat his ass for this. Oh man if only we had charles oakley on this team, JV would never even think about that shit ever again.

    • mountio

      There are PLENTY of drugs available in Toronto, especially for a man of his wealth and connections. I think its a big stretch to suggest because he went to Wasaga he was looking for drugs. On the flip side, I dont know what the heck he was doing there … maybe lookin for a place to chill in the summer??

      • noname

        im just getting paranoid…but who knows right??

    • anothernoname

      You’re a small minded idiot. He has friends in the area.

      • noname

        Ok well i didn’t know that…but just because I was concerned that he was doing something worse than a DUI in a place where it is quite common, doesn’t mean I’m a small-minded idiot. I just tend to be paranoid at times. That gives you no reason to insult me like that. Nice handle btw…loool.

  • foxy

    What a weird way to get caught. He wasn’t even pulled over….they spotted open bottles…. at least say they smelled alcohol on him.

  • Michael-Kelly Ojelade

    Idiot !!

  • tonious35

    Masai and TL are doing the right thing. As much as we want to see 50 wins this season, the tone of accountability on the court and off the court must be set. If Jonas hurt himself or hurt someone while DUI, it would be a disaster. I drove drunk once and I survived a 40 minute drive from Mississauga to Richmond Hill on the 401 with no dents on the car, but 3 near misses…DUMBEST THING I DID in my life and I will never do again.

    • jjdynomite

      This is why I don’t go to the 905 if I can help it.

  • dissapointed lithuanian

    If you know wasaga, it is full of lithuanians. Beach 6 is where they have Little
    Lithuania. I know as I am lithuanian. In the summer you go down beach 6 and they are all speaking lithuanian. He is to blame, but I also blame those who invited him up, and also had him go for the fast food run. I do not worry about drugs as alcohol is our favourite vice.

  • DrDeRozan

    So basically JV drank away our chance at 50 wins and possibly drove our chances of facing Washington in round 1 into a ditch…

    • jjdynomite

      Why? Did he voluntarily suspend himself from the team?!? He’s going to miss 0 time in the regular season, and I’m sure his arraignment will be postponed until the summer. If he hurt himself or someone else it would obviously be a different story.

    • FREEJV

      Have you seen our opponents lmao …. we playin basement teams rest of the way

  • raptogram

    I grew up in Wasaga Beach…partied there for years…..what the heck was he doing there?……nothing going on there but drinking and driving…..oh well. I guess he’s only 21….

  • JJJJJonasUprick

    now that sucks shit right off a plate.

  • Age

    .80 over ????
    He was hammered not a just a “few beers”
    He is going to need a mentor after this year to watch him and the people around him.

    • GetLicks

      No it said he blew over .80 (which I’m pretty sure is a typo, I think the legal limit is .08). I highly doubt he was hammered

    • 2damkule

      you do know he’s 7 feet tall and 250+ lbs, right? look, there’s no debate that driving under the influence (of anything) is just plain dumb. actually, i don’t know why athletes drive at all; one of the best investments they could make would be to hire a professional driver. but hey, stupid is as stupid does, and this was stupid, but let’s now lose our collective shit over what it could ‘mean’ about him.

  • Tanks-a-lot

    All things being said, when we look back on JV’s career we all hope this is a footnote “youthful indiscretion”. I doubt he will get behind the wheel during ‘imbibing time’ ever again. The Raptors organization is going to have to take JV’s alcoholic tendencies into consideration at re-up time if JV doesn’t nip this immature behavior in the bud now.

    • arsenalist

      People don’t even remember the Kobe-rape thing and that was national news in the states and the athlete involved was of high stature. I doubt this incident for Jonas will be remembered much.

      • john

        Still expect Masai to tear him a new one though.

      • Tanks-a-lot

        “the Kobe-rape thing”
        I think you call it that because you realize as well that Kobe was targeted for a legal payday.

  • Bryan Colangelo


    Is this the kind of thing that a team attempts to delay until conviction, or can they opt to just suspend him pre-emptively?

    Because if you have the option to suspend him now you might as well get it out of the way before the playoffs. He’s pretty much already copped to it.

  • Nutcup

    Processed and released with a court date and license suspension. His lawyer can attend first court appearance . They will resolve it after the season is over . Fine , 1 year suspension.

  • Guest

    Just one of many things we don’t generally know about players. Things like Ross’ sleep, JV’s youthful indiscretions, etc. Small examples of ways in which the fans don’t always know as much about the players as we think.

  • Mihkel Bafter

    “I apologize for being drunk. I got drunk while I was in a drunken stupor.”


  • It’s okay. Someone will give Jonas Dennis Morris’ Hotmail address, and as soon as Morris is done somehow keeping his other major client from being charged he’ll take care of Jonas.

    And they’ll all live happily ever after. The end.

  • The team’s reaction to this would make for an intriguing Open Gym episode. Would be pretty interesting to hear Ujiri & Casey’s one on one talks with Jonas after this, though I imagine the language would probably not be suitable for broadcast…

    I agree with the others who are posting that in a way it’s good that he got caught now: better a one-time youthful stupid act where nobody got hurt and the team can straighten him out, rather than reading a “JV kills mother of two while drunk driving, shatters family” headline.

    Hopefully the team can use this as a teaching moment for the other players, so this sort of thing *never* happens again.

    I hate how I’m torn by this. There are no excuses for this behaviour; DUI is not acceptable. Accountability and strength of character is what everyone has been stressing this whole season, so this is a real disappointment. He’s supposed to be a role model, so he has to take full responsibility for his actions.

    And yet on the flip side as a selfish fan I want our heretofore gloriously entertaining season to not be affected by this. Jonas, why did you put us in this position!?

  • Marvellous Handsome

    Silver lining: no one was hurt/killed.

    • #TankNation

      there’s no silver lining in this

  • RapthoseLeafs

    It’s unfortunate that JV has put himself in this position. Hopefully idiots out there won’t relish in the fact that another drunk driver was caught. I can’t imagine how it feels for Jonas, but I have seen the domino effects.

    I know being impaired shouldn’t be tolerated like it was in the 70’s, when the cops drove you home (your car included), but the problem isn’t guys like Jonas, it’s the ones who never stop being drunk drivers. That’s the real issue that motivated Candy Lightner – the original MADD lady – to begin her cause, and then to lose her cause. “[MADD] has become far more neo-prohibitionist than I ever wanted or
    envisioned,” … “I didn’t start MADD to deal with
    alcohol. I started MADD to deal with the issue of drunk driving.” [Candy Lightner]

    So yes … I’m on Candy’s side. Hopefully Jonas won’t be stigmatized by the way things have become. He’s a good kid, who should be a star in the league – All Star that is. Hell …. Colangelo sacrificed his job for the right call on that draft. [imo]


    • tonious35

      Correction, Colangelo risked his job to get Jonas, but sacrificed his job to screw the future to get Rudy Gay. I like the cause of MADD, but the people who know at my door for it should be hit by a car IMO.

      • RapthoseLeafs

        ” but sacrificed his job to screw the future to get Rudy Gay ”

        I agree he sacrificed things with Rudy Gay, but I also think he needed to take that gamble. The 1 year wait with Jonas was during a time period where time itself was precious for BC. And while Rudy didn’t function well with Toronto, I think that was more a lack of veteran leadership and Coach Casey not having the power a Coach should have.

        As to screwing the future, hindsight would suggest it hasn’t.

        Rudy Gay has value outside of Toronto, despite how many Raptor fans felt he was useless. Rudy is considered talented …. just needs direction. Memphis might say how they never won with Rudy Gay, but they sure ain’t winning without him. Not this year.

        For Toronto fans, they have what is before us – an under-rated team. Look at the line-up, and who the real architect to that line-up (core). Aside from Amir’s workman-like persona, the stars to this team are Lowry, Demar, Ross & Jonas. With the exception of JV being considered a balsy move, it took time for Demar to curb the Doubters (myself included). Ross was not on fan’s radar. Lowry was considered an debatable exchange for a draft pick. Whatever the reason, Raptor fans get to enjoy this group, even if they don’t like the one thing in common they have.


    • tonious35


  • Pedro-

    Raptors should hire a lawyer and get the court date postponed to sometime in the summer and claim that “they cannot comment on a case that is before the court!” Internally, put a leash on this kid until the playoff is over. Then, punish him heavy after. There is no reason the team and fans should be penalized at this critical time.

  • Eunys


  • Guest

    Leiweke said on Strombo that there weren’t charities they felt they needed to get behind. I wonder if MADD will pick up the phone after this one.

  • Guest
  • Haim not Feldman

    I guess Jonas ain’t down with OPP

  • ace5950

    At least he didn’t get in a car accident or drive into random people walking, it’s better to get caught early in his career than later I’m sure the team will be advise him and woop some sense into him.

  • StabbyRaccoon

    He didn’t hurt anybody but definitely could have. He might still though, if they have to suspend him and Amir plays more minutes and rolls his ankle for the 38437th time that’s on Jonas. And so are the losses if they lose. Hoping for the best.

    • Guest

      My initial reaction was somewhat similar; I assumed that his inconsistencies were related.
      But I don’t think that based on one incident we can say so. We don’t know if he’s a day to day drunkard or if there was a special event. Not that either one makes drunk driving acceptable – it’s just that we don’t know if this has anything to do with his inconsistency. I’m more inclined to think its related to his age and experience.
      But who really knows?
      Not only that, but his season averages for a second year pro are pretty good.

  • Ted

    Anyone know what Car he was driving?

  • Mexiballer

    My guess is that Masai will help Jonas get in front of this and then get it behind him fast. This team has always pulled together and supported each other especially when facing adversity. I dont see why it will be any different now. They always have each others back. Dont worry Jonas. You made a mistake, it wont happen again. Play hard buddy…we are going to the playoffs.

  • Paul

    If he has a half decent lawyer (which I assume he can afford) he can beat this charge, should he be so inclined. The police did not find him in the act of drinking and driving. If he can raise a reasonable doubt that he drove while intoxicated (ie someone else was driving, I got drunk after arriving at the residence) he cannot be charged. I suspect he will just take it on the chin, but I would fight it. But I’m cool like that.

  • morgan c

    As Grange said on Sportsnet, there is no way this will impact him on the court this year. There is no proof at this time he was in fact driving while drunk. A car was spotted with open containers, and police later found him drunk at a residence. Even if he is convicted, that will happen many months down the road, and I’m sure the Raptors and league will handle it then.

    • DC

      Circumstantial evidence may be proof enough? “Later” might have been a short time later, when he presumably admitted to being the driver of the car.

  • Lyall

    Man, think about it; a young 20 year old from another country coming into a place paying him millions and everyone on his side? Humans aren’t perfect. I support Marijuana, and it really does suck that he’s driving around and consuming a substance that can kill you in alchohol. I would be much more relieved (if one -can- be relieved in such a situation) if he was sitting at home smoking some Lithuanian hash, instead of putting himself in a much higher risk situation with drinking and driving. Cuz I mean really; is one going to go out driving after some Lithuanian hash? No lol. Ask me! Note: some medicine doesn’t work for some people. And depending on how you use it it can be considered either a drug or a medicine. Go raptors, go pot, and go JV! We have eachother’s backs!

  • Leslie

    I am a Wasaga Beach resident, well respected both in Toronto and here only moving here from Toronto 2 years ago.

    Most of the residence here that own property are either close to retirement or are looking for a change of pace in life as I was with my family. I believe the comments about the communityof Wasaga Beach that this reporter or what ever he calls himself made are not entirely correct and being a beach resort town attract poorly controlled visitors on occasion.

    This does not depict at all the way things are here in reality. Being a relitively small community in comparison to say Toronto I would say you cannot compare the volume in any way of crime, scantily dressed woman, alcohol or other related substances etc.

    If people who visit Wasaga Beach would respect the community on their visits here there would be far less of all of the above. It’s not the residences fault that visitors have no respect!

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