Andrew’s back on a packed ‘cast and we run things down and spark things up:

Part 1

  • Miami game
  • Kyle Lowry injury – to rest or not
  • Expectations of playing through injury and how different players are treated
  • LeBron James is insane
  • Houston win – Zarar was at the game
  • Dull but winning night at the ACC
  • DeRozan’s surprising stat line
  • Respect afforded to the Raptors “big three” compared to the others
  • Jonas Valanciunas is taking over and its not by accident
  • Terrence Ross doesn’t seem to realize what he’s capable of

Part 2

  • Big Bad Pacers go down – Andrew was at the game
  • Hansbrough and Hayes lead the way
  • Indiana’s quiet secret
  • An actual NBA fight? Haha
  • Greivis Vasquez saves the day in Milwaukee; verdict on his defense
  • Milwaukee’s length and how DeRozan handled it
  • Giving credit where it’s due, but also dumping on Milwaukee
  • Nando De Colo – MVP?

Part 3

  • Quest for 50
  • Philly game “analysis”
  • J.R Smith is awful and we hope he continues to be
  • NBA on NBC theme
  • How to boo Bargnani when he’s in street clothes?
  • Detroit scares you despite Josh Smith
  • Josh Smith pleads his defense

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  • Rap fan 2

    We had one player that could cover and defend Lebron James and that was Rudy Gay.

    • some random guy

      Yeah but spending 18 million to cover a guy for 4 games of the year, and then be a liability the rest of the season isn’t a good trade off. Ross is a better investment in the short, medium and long term.

      • morgan c

        1 millions times yes. Not to mention we are just a way better team without Gay. We wouldn’t be in the playoffs (and having to worry about LBJ) if we hadn’t made the trade most likely, so ya…

    • Tinmann

      Then we are one of the few team that ever did

  • afrocarter

    Good ‘cast; always great to have RW for the Monday morning commute. Great Philly game analysis, though personally I see that one as the ULTIMATE trap game.

  • morgan c

    Snap. EXCELLENT Mentalist shout-out at 20:59. Haha I am addicted to that shit (though I must say, it’s no Criminal Minds). Okay, that is all.

  • GetLicks

    Zarar, dude, I hate to nitpick but come on. It’s YO-nas, not JOE-nas.

    • GetLicks

      And Casey’s got that old-man strength lol

    • arsenalist

      Noted! Thank you.

  • arsenalist

    I had my parametric equalizers turned all the way down for all three frequency sets for some reason, thus my voice is a little off on this one. Damn it!