Two outsiders broke down the Raptors offense better than I ever could.

If you don’t already, follow Coach Nick and Seth Partnow on Twitter, watch Nick on SBNation, and read Seth on Where Offense Happens. I guarantee you’ll learn a little something about the game of basketball.

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  • Bryan Colangelo

    Kind of boggles the mind that Rudy couldn’t make the extra pass to make this work.

  • asifyouknow
    • GetLicks

      You gotta cop that PS4 son! And broadcast camera sucks, it’s all about 2k view

  • jjdynomite

    Off-the-ball movement, ain’t it wonderful? Great video, but it would have been even better if Coach Nick and crew did a set-by-set comparion of what *not* to do — starring Gay and Bustnani.

    • noname

      and then they could’ve showed the clip of andrea trying to fly and thus busting a ligament in his elbow (it’s a knicks blooper but who cares) and a clip of a typical rudy gay possession (23 seconds of dribling, YOLO shot). Good god he makes vasquez seem like a conservative baller.

      • jjdynomite

        Agreed 100% noname. It is also interesting to “hear” the silence of Kings supporters saying they won the Gay trade through the addition of a true star to pair with Cousins. The only thing the Kings “won” is yet another opportunity to draft in the lottery, this year pretty much locked into 7th overall.

        • noname

          pretty much, and i’ll bet anything that they are making cousins hold his peace about this cuz if he speaks out, rudy gay gets scared like a deer and opts into his 19 mil contract thus further screwing the kings over. They want him to opt out and sign a better deal but the chances of that happening are slim because he really wants to play for a playoff contender.