Amir Johnson is a great dude, and so is that dude in the blue shirt.  The dude in the blue shirt deserves better than paying for those expensive seats, getting up off his comfy 100-level chair to high-five Amir,  and then be left hanging.  RR advises Amir Johnson to find that man and send him a gift basket containing playoff tickets.  Now.  As a token gift, RR pledges to give that man a free Kings In The North shirt if he contacts us at

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  • SachinArora19


  • Mo

    Just bought 1 weooo

  • Maybe next time he won’t be left hanging if he wore the proper shirt…

    • WhiteVegas

      Haha, exactly. He spent big money on nice seats, then wears a bright blue button up. Maybe he’s a Huskies fan.

      • Jordan

        He’s not, he’s a huge raptors fan, I know the guy personally. He’s a municipal politician in Brantford, so he dresses business.

  • Gary Gill

    LoL saw dat and burst out laughing.

  • goraptors

    He thought he was a security guard…..same attire!

  • cndathebestiloveit

    whats with the security gaurd shoving that fan, the raps have the most security from an arena in the nba, is is that dangerous there. even watching detroit or anywhere the fans interact with the players but toronto what the….

    • noname

      it’s actually a lot less dangereous in Toronto than in cities like detroit IMO. But having lived in TO for 11 years and still living in the GTA, I believe it is because of the intense security that it’s fairly safe here.

  • morgan c

    The best is how after Amir leaves the guy hanging, not only does he have to suffer that obvious embarrassment, but the security guard goes over to him to tell him to get back. Hahaha.

  • Cdot1984

    I saw that and lol’ed at first but than you gotta feel for the guy. Great gesture by RR

  • Troutmagneto

    OMG! I actually know who this is!!!! Hilarious!

    • c_bcm

      get’em to contact RR to his t-shirt.