This post requires action on the part of Amir Johnson.

After we posted this GIF of Amir Johnson leaving a gentle soul hanging, the man in question, Mark Littell, a Day-1 Raptors Fan who holds season seats reached out to reap the reward of a free Kings In The North Raptors tee, as promised by RR.

RR would like to thank Mark Littell for being a fantastic sport about all of this. To this day he maintains that Amir never saw him. Alternate theories suggest that since Mr. Littell was wearing the same clothing as a nearby security guard, thus causing confusion. However, true justice will only be served if Mr. Littell is given a personal high-five by Amir Johnson.

Do check out Mark’s set of promotional products which range from items such as Dora the Explorer party balloons to skydiving gear.  What a tremendous human being!

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  • floridarapsfan

    Just saw the GIF – I think there was some direct eye contact before Amir turned. I’ll write it off to being in the heat of the moment after a great dunk.

    Amir is the best, still. Good on RR for the free shirt.

  • Alfred G

    Saw this on City TV News with Kathleen…they were going at it.

    Those products, though…is there anything this man doesn’t sell?

    • JFrank

      No doubt where I’m going next time I got to host a Super Bowl party.

      • trossboss

        Or a Swiss Army Knife, the range is something else

  • Mexiballer

    Amir would have had to walk further down the aisle and already fived two other fans. the guy deserves nothing : )

  • johng_3

    I heard that this guy wanted to run for mayor of Brantford or something on TSN

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