We had Amir Johnson guarding Paul Pierce, who as good as a defender he is, shouldn’t be covering a guy like Paul Pierce on the perimeter. Pierce faked him out easily, which prompted slight help from Lowry, whose man went to the perimeter and Lowry’s close-out was too hard. Pierce flared back out and Johnson was caught: he had to either help on the driving William, or go back out to cover Pierce, on which he was late. A case could be made that it was Valanciunas’ rotation to be made on the driving Pierce, but the bottom line is this: It’s tough to survive one perimeter fake which leads to a drive, very difficult to survive two. And the Nets are full of veterans that can execute perimeter fakes very effectively – look out for this in the series.

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  • afrocarter

    Amir has to guard Pierce; there’s just no way around it. What other viable options are there at the 4 spot? Patterson? Nope. Fields? Bah.

    • c_bcm

      Its Amir’s to lose. But playoffs are all about matchups. If he can’t hold his own, then he should get pulled pretty quickly IMO. I actually like Fields, Paterson, or Salmons.

      • Ted

        Hell no!! We start matchin the Nets playing small and thats when the raps lose

        • FREEJV

          dont worry we got JV in the paint he ll do all the dirty work

          • Ted

            While thats fine defensively, this will make our team jumpshot heavy playing small, esp in the later quarters when the Raps tend to forget JV exists.

  • Jeffrey Yau

    Pierce struggles to defend the bigger 4s, we need to go hard at him with Amir if possible.

    • Bugster

      LOL, ok give the ball to Amir, Pierce will out score Amir any given day. This is one of those mismatches that favor the NETS.

      • Mapko

        How does Pierce defend Amir on P&R?

        • GetLicks

          Exactly…run PnR’s down Pierce’s throat. Tire the old man out

          • Mapko

            Bottom line is Amir does not have to outscore PP for us to be successful. Besides, 15 & 5 for Pierce or 10 & 10 for Amir. Take your pick.

            • GetLicks

              Oh I agree. Running the PnR doesn’t mean Johnson has to score… But it will be effective at tiring Pierce out by making him move… Whether Lowry scores, Amir scores, or the ball gets kicked out to an open man.