After the Nets tanked and the Raptors emptied the bench, which happened right after the Bulls lost, Will and I got together for a 15-minute pod. We react to the Nets-Raptors playoff matchup and the Nets’ blatant tanking in a 15-minute quick-fire pod where micro-analysis of the upcoming matchup is performed. Of course, the Raptors Weekly aired on Sunday is now entirely relevant again since Andrew and I covered the Nets matchup quite well, but here’s a more hot-blooded reaction to the Nets tanking anyway.

We talk:

– Nets tanking
– What could’ve been for Charlotte
– What it is for Washington
– Shift of EC Finals path is now BKN/MIA instead of WAS/IND
– Just what Blake does around here

Grab the iTunes feed or check us out on Stitcher on Android. There is also the plain old feed. You can also download the file (16:36, 20 MB). Or just listen below:

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  • afrocarter

    A Brooklyn-Miami journey through the playoffs is the most ideal situation for this team to be in; a baptism by fire is the best thing we could have hoped for, imo. At the end of the day, it’s all about evaluation; let’s see what these kids can do. I, personally, have a lot of faith in them. Nothing easy.

    • Lucas

      I also love how the NY/US media is playing up Ross’ minor comment of wanting to play Brooklyn, when he could have easily meant it as a compliment, along the lines of your thoughts. Maybe he wanted to play a tougher team to be pushed and get better. I have no doubt that DD pushing him is part of the reason for his improvement this season.

      It’s hilarious how they’re twisting that tiny comment (as part of a larger answer) to say “we” asked for this match up, when they THOROUGHLY tanked to play us. WE should be the ones feeling disrespected, not the other way around. But I have a feeling that, as much as they want to lie to the media, they can’t lie to themselves, and will be looking ahead to Miami already.

  • sleepz

    You should be wary of the Nets. Veteran players that has been there before. They don’t depend on Garnett much on a nightly basis so the creaky veteran stuff is irrelevant. There is 0% chance that Raptors are favored in this series by Vegas. Raps are younger but play in the half court and their best players have played too many minutes all season. The young fresh team vs older veteran story line won’t be much to consider as Raps style of play doesn’t allow for these possible advantages. If you think that young players are going to have the legs advantage and run Brooklyn into the ground you are overestimating the significance of this.

    Demar destroying Joe Johnson?lol. Have you guys watched this match-up over the years? Joe physically eats up both Derozan and Ross. Brooklyn has the match-ups clearly. Can the Raps win? Of course, but you’re making it seem like Raps have the inherent advantages, which outside of home court, I do not see.

    • afrocarter

      Agreed. Most surprising, to me, is how Livingston is casually brushed aside. Not only can he guard several positions, but he’s statistically the deadliest post-up threat IN THE LEAGUE. I’m very surprised at the cavalier attitude of Z & Will.

    • 2damkule

      agree wholeheartedly. it’s as though we’re forgetting that as good as the raps have been since early december, the nets have been as good (if not better) for nearly as long. neither team is exactly blistering lately, but in the games that the nets gave more than half-a-shit about (say, the heat game), they won rather convincingly. i’d say the raps are deservedly huge dogs in this.

      • jjdynomite

        I didn’t know that “rather convincingly” means a Mason Plumlee block-that-was-a-follow-through-foul of LeBron on the last play of the game to beat the Heat by a point. I dunno about DeMar “destroying” anybody, but rest assured Kyle will take it hard to D-Will’s ankles and Livingston’s knees.

        • 2damkule

          you’re right, as i was writing that, i was thinking about the nets vs. the heat overall this year (4-0 nets), and ‘convincingly’ came out in an unintended fashion. that game was close (and i’m on record as saying i think it was a foul), but the nets won the series in a ‘convincing’ manner – even though all the games were close, and could have gone either way, 4-0 is still 4-0.

  • Greg

    Lol I loved that ending.