MLSE and the Raptors REALLY Don’t Want Us Selling Shirts


I can’t even fathom what the “copyright infringement” is this time

OK, they took down the other shirt too after it had 100+ sales, this after they had taken the previous one down after 200+ sales. I can’t even fathom what the “copyright infringement” is this time, but given that we have a playoff series to cover, we’ve decided to shift our attention to that. We certainly don’t have time to deal with stuff like this as we’re not staffed with a bunch of lawyers. We’ll relieve their legal team of weekend work and have this rather nefarious copyright claim investigated further, and come back after the playoffs with more good stuff.

Deepest apologies to the hundreds of people who bought the shirt, you have already been refunded in full. Back to basketball coverage.

Go Raptors!

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