He had a miserable game, mostly of his own doing rather than due to strenuous Nets defense. He was 3-13 FG and never had a decent half-court possession the entire game. Combined with Ross, they were 0-6 in the first half and 4-17 for the game. He looked nervous and had a worse debut than Vince Carter and Chris Bosh. Having said all that, this was a game where, when they view the tape, they’ll find plenty of correctable items. If the right defensive adjustments are made the offense doesn’t look distraught and nervous, we have a chance. Check the reaction post and the reaction podcast.

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  • mike, prague

    I like how you added that same layup there a bunch of times to make it not look so bad. Horrible shooting night by DD. He needs to attack a tad bit more. I counted 4 drives + 4 drives where he was fouled that makes his jumper to drive ratio 9:8. It should be at least a 7:10.

    • mountio

      not sure where you get that ratio, but agree conceptually

    • arsenalist

      You honestly think I would go through the time of doctoring videos to make a player look good when he was shit? Man, you have read all wrong. If there’s a duplication in the video, it’s due to editing error.

      • mike, prague

        I know I know … just poking at ya sorry …

  • essi

    Wow that really hard to watch. I doubt he going to play this bad again. I expect a big game 2 on Tuesday. Raps in 6

  • Gary Gill

    Nets in 5. Can’t contain pierce. Amir and Ross virtually non existent. Some match up issues. Really needed to win dis game!!!!!!

    • KJ-B

      Easy…easy…wooaaah nellie!!! They’ll probably have less pressure on the road–Brooklyn now has a lot of pressure on it too… DeRozan won’t suck like that again–now they have to close this out. Garnett looked really old today..like 45 or so!

      Hopefully, when the refs check the tape, they’ll get a reality check–KG is no longer the “Big Ticket”.

      • Gary Gill

        Barclays centre is a really tough place to play. It’s gonna be tough for the raps. There’s too much star power on dat team.

  • RPT23

    I don’t know how anyone cannot really expect this type of performance. Sure it isn’t rocket science, but heck DD has been playing lights out for us the whole year. I’m sure he was trying to treat this a “another game” by his comment earlier (the whole rocket science thing…) but I’m sure he’ll bounce back. I’m sure all the Raptors who weren’t up to par this afternoon will bounce back. They all worked too hard to get here, and working hard will get them all back on track. I have all the confidence in the world for them. This first game was good to get under their belt. I think personally, the 2 days off will get them calm the F down and get back to what go them to the playoffs to begin with.

  • KJ-B

    DeRozan never stood a chance in this game. No coaching game plan–horrendous point guard play (Lowry played like a 2) and when he did get the ball–his teammates thought it was the regular season–no movement. Not sure how they got 22 assists (home court statistician?) but the ball didn’t move… Every possession was late in the clock.

    Gave Brooklyn, way too much respect. Garnett is slower than a sloth… DeRozan needs to bring up the ball every so often to see over the D and needs to have way more screens set a la Reggie Miller to get those old “dinosaur” legs in Brooklyn worn down.

    Casey–this why I think he’s an assistant coach…

    • asifyouknow

      Guys there will be no Landry. I dont know what he did but he is on the Toronto dog house…forget about it…

  • Gary Gill

    Joe Johnson played well. Needless to say. Raps better win on Tuesday night!!!! Or else it’s over.

    • SickNTired

      He scored at will in the paint and we dont have anyone who can guard him well enough. Every time they needed a basket it was a set pick and roll play for Joe to get inside and short jumper

      Could we possibly put Patterson to replace TRoss to cover Joe? He has a big enough body to push Joe out and Joe is not that fast for 2pat to defend
      Lowry, Derozan, 2pat, amir and JV.?
      Then on the offence you would have 3 bigs and one of them (2pat) can stretch the floor to hit a 3.
      Also, Ross could eat their bench for lunch with Vasquez and less pressure to guard joe.

      • Gary Gill

        Hmmm yeah but if we put Patterson on joe Johnson who will guard pierce? I think Amir is too slow for pierce. Can we put Vazquez on jj or will he just manhandled? Tross an option on pierce?

  • bobmasa

    Dwen Casey has to know that this time we won’t let that old Broklyn team beat us, we are tired of noncence, next game we will come with the signs FREE LANDRY FIELDS and if you play John Salmons we gonna booo him.

    • asifyouknow

      My friend this not about Salmons , this is about DeMar trying to do too much.
      As for for JV, I know the stats look great but he allowed lots of second chances when he should of had an easy block out and rebound and all on critical poss.

  • ValanInuyashaSSS

    I do not think Raps lost the game because of Pierce of his 9 points in 2 minutes, Raps lost the game because of Joe Johnosn and Livingston. Remember when Patterson finished that one handed fast break dunk, the Raps pulled even, but then they give easy, i mean EASY basket right away to Johnson and Livingston and trailed by 4 points.Johnson and Livingston combined in the fourth quarter had about 10 points, plus the Paul Pierce performance which pulled away against the Raptors. So I think the Raptors fought right hard and pulled the game to an even, but this is where they truly lack playoff experience by lost focus on the very next transition defense that gave away the quick 2 easy baskets to Livingston and Johnson.

    And to play Chuck Hayes in the fourth quarter for the first time is just a stupid move by Casey, game like this he should just put JV in the whole time and JV could score 30 points in the game.

    The coaching decision I think is one of the reason why we lost the game. After the first quarter Casey should’ve realized who is on and who is off, in my opinion he should shorten the line up into 7 players rotation in the second half, by having Lowry, Vazquez, Patterson, JV, and Derozan on the floor, and Hansbrough and Ross as sub.

    I know Ross was in foul trouble but so what, I rather see Ross get foul out of the game if he can make few key stops on Johnson, Livingston, and Pierce. And Casey didn’t use Ross at all in the fourth quarter which again was a dumb thinking that Ross was in foul trouble.

    Nets actually played poorly, I was really worried about Telenovic, and Thorton both of them can capable scoring 20 points in the game, and had Telenovic knocked down most of his wipe open 3s, Raps would trail 20 points in the second half.

    My honest, prediction for the second game, I don’t know why, I see Demar will be still struggling, because Nets were all over him they had Livingston, Johnson, Pierce switching to guard him, so again I don’t see Demar can have a big game to outplay the Net’s perimeters, unless Demar can prove himself a superstar in the making(much similar to Paul George did last year, and also young Vince Carter) but I honesty don’t see that in Demar, but I could be wrong.

    So, in order to have a success in Game 2, I think Ross and Johnson needs to step up and Casey please short up the rotations, no more De Colo, no more Hayes, and play JV, I truly because JV can dominate the Nets, and becoming the topic of the playoff stories where many people were anticipating Derozan is going to be the guy that becoming a Star, looks like it’s JV that will make the buzz in this year’s playoffs, so Casey needs to play him at least 40minutes.

  • Icarus Descending

    I like Derozan as a person, but frankly I don’t see us needing a volume shooter who can’t dribble or shoot the three in future years with JV coming along as he has.

    Unless derozen can pick up his efficiency and not be a liability on D Id like to see what we can get for a trade in the off season, switch Ross to the 2 and get another 3 and D sf.

    I don’t see us being successful in this series with derozen as the feature on offence, hope I’m wrong. I’m sure he won’t stink it up like this in game 2, but I still think he’ll be inefficient and a liability on d.

    • Tee

      Have you ever heard of patience?

      • Dan

        It’s his 5th or 6th year. Go look at his shooting percentages from his rookie year. He has not really improved as a shooter. Every year the things talked about for him to improve are ball handling and three point shooting. This year will be no different. He has gotten better at getting to the line and his passing has improved. Outside of that any improvement in stats have been due to an increase in minutes and not in being more efficient. If Orlando, Charlotte, Washington or even Cleveland had better records I think most of the shooting guards make the all star team over Demar.

        • Tee

          Sometimes it takes years to improve. Look at Lebron James’ rate of improvement in the playoffs. I’m not sure if you watch nba basketball often but it takes years. Often Players reach thier peak late in their 20s

          Patience dude.
          Demar is nowhere near his prime yet.

          You might want to wait.

  • asifyouknow

    DeMar said he will be more aggressive Tuesday.

    WHAT! Hell if he gets more aggressive than Saturday afternoon everybody might as well pack their bags and go home. DeMar decided to play by himself, someone needs to tell him he is not MJ yet!

    Is simple! There are 5 players per side on the floor, if two or three of them are in your general vicinity keeping an eye on you, I would bet, and I may be wrong, there are a few teammates somewhere on the floor OPEN ! Probably cross court.

    Just guessing!

    DeMar needs to become an assist monster on Tuesday if the NETS are going to play him the same way. Love the guy but he can’t dribble his way out of this, he is not skilled enough for that yet.

  • From somewhere in the East

    Hey, Guys. To be honest I don’t really like the idea of trading him for somebody else. I mean He has been with the Raps for quite some time, Good or Bad Times. And we have to remember that even though we have Lowry, JV, etc, De Rozan is also one of those guys that brings the Raps to the Playoffs. Yeah He had a Bad Night, but so other players as well. As long as he keeps on improving I think the Raps can still have a bright future with him…