Casey on Game 1:

“I’m not going to comment on the officiating, except to say I went back to look at the calls [on tape] and we didn’t get any. That’s unusual”

Vasquez on officiating:

“We can’t expect anything. This is the playoffs. We’re playing against vets. They’ve been in this league. They earned that respect. We can’t use the referees as an excuse.”

Officiating was a concern heading into this series, and although I don’t like to blame officiating for anything, some very dubious calls went the Nets way. For example, the Valanciunas foul on Garnett in the fourth, and the Paul Pierce travel. The Nets were also not called for a defensive foul in the fourth quarter.

At the same time, the Raptors didn’t put enough pressure on the Nets to earn those calls. We stayed on the perimeter and didn’t test the Nets’ interior defense, which ranked 28th in shot-blocking and 20th in picking up personal fouls during the regular season. Blake has more pre-game analysis for Game 2 and Game 2 is discussed in today’s Talking Raptors pod as well

RR will have immediate coverage of Game 2 in the form of the Quick Reaction and a post-game pod live from the ACC.

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  • DandB

    I’m not sure I’d the say NBA would go so far as to rig it so the more publicized city (Brooklyn) should win. But I do think the refs are all susceptible to giving star calls. That’s something that should be fixed.

    • Will

      We need a challenge system where calls or non-calls can be reviewed. Even if it’s as little as 1 incorrect challenge per game, that would be helpful. Obviously, if a challenge is correct, they can still challenge a future call.

  • RickE

    Funny how Brooklyn critics are hammering us on there forums calling us whiners about ref calls. Let’s see what happens tonight if the calls go our way. I would love to see there excuses…Oh they wanted to appease the whiners for this game…lol


      bottom line is had the refs been fair raptors would have won and if anyone is getting calls it should be the home team its very suspect that the away team had 0 fouls in 4q when they fouled every god damn minute

  • Doc

    This surely doesn’t bode well for us. 🙁

    Tim Donaghy explained why Raps won't get favourable calls from the refs on @GloBlair show today. My writeup:— Jeff Simmons (@realjeffsimmons) April 22, 2014

    • lino

      wow. this is so disheartening, masai and lieweke should really make this their focus, because there will be no championship if this continues.

  • Brian Gerstein

    I happened to hear Tim Donaghy on Blair’s show, and my worst fears going into the series were realized when he explained exactly how the process works prior to the series starting and the league dictating to the refs how they expect to see the series called. Of course, they are biased, and the direction they give out is followed by the refs if they want to stay in the league and progress both salary wise and from doing more high exposure games. So far it rings true, as Game #1 was called to the Nets favour. Donaghy said that tonight’s refs are actually susceptible to the fans getting on them and giving the home team more calls, but he doubts the Toronto crowd is capable of doing that, unlike in Portland for example, where they can influence certain refs. It is clear that tonight Raps fans attending have to focus on the refs and turn them in our favour.

    • jjdynomite

      Mission accomplished in the 4th quarter. Yup, I was there.