This week on The Doctor is In with Phdsteve, I have called in the boys from the world wide roundtable to talk ball and we talk playoffs!  Joined by my brother Mike (who knows college basketball) and Greg Mason (the brain from the south) we discuss:

  • Should Ross start?
  • Hansborough’s unexplained absence.
  • BKN wins this series by psyching out the Raps but Toronto wins this series because they are just better.
  • Can the real Masai Ujiri please shut up.
  • Is Paul Pierce clutch?
  • And a whole lot more!

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7 Responses to “Dr Is In Podcast, April 25 – TRoss, THans, F* Brooklyn and The Myth of Clutch”

  1. Blair Miller

    Heyhey! Great podcast, guys! Just thought I’d send in a thought to add to the excellent podcast you guys did while I was travelling through NY Thursday. (I’m in upstate NY now, but made sure to yell a f#^k Brooklyn! As my Amtrak train passed by the now-infamous borough to Raptors fans – and Steve, I requested that all kids’ ears be plugged first.)

    I’d like to make a point I’ve made in our ‘casts before, but put in a more poignant way:

    The Raptors ARE indeed the better team – as far as starting five goes, with BKLYN’s age, TOR’s athleticism, etc. But the Nets unquestionably have the better bench, and at times that’s what is proving to be
    the advantage for them. (Who would have thought they could hang in a playoff game with Pierce going 2-for-11 and KG pulling down 4 boards?) I’ve said that if BKLYN wins the series, it will be the younger names – Livingston, Plumlee, Teletovic, Blatche, Thornton – that end up being a big factor, and that’s the point here, which also addresses the Hansbrough and Ross discussions: Look at the names we bring up talking about options to go to on the bench for the Raptors when we talk about benching Ross and/or mixing it up against Pierce at power forward. Hansbrough, Salmons, Vasquez…LANDRY FIELDS? Compare those with the Nets names I just rhymed off and it comes back to a general point we’ve been making on the roundtable all season: Toronto has depth issues that need to be addressed going forward.

    ALSO- I misspoke with Steve the other day. I DO believe in clutch. I don’t think that just because something psychological can’t be quantified by the sabermetricians (who, in their hubris, think EVERYTHING can be quantified) it doesn’t exist. My example is a bit weird – from the other direction, the anti-clutch. I give you the career of Nick Anderson. He famously missed 4 “clutch” free throws for in Game 1 of the NBA finals vs. the Rockets. It’s often referred to the early dagger that determined the whole series. Go look at Anderson’s season stats before AND after 1994-95 and you’ll see not only his FT% drop, but virtually all of his offensive stats nosedive for the rest of his career after those epic misses. Anderson was a top-notch defender and above-average offensive player – until that seminal moment. My point: There is a je-ne-sais-quoi that players can have/lack that comes out in big moments at the end of (big) games, and Anderson lost it in ’95. If he lost it, other players can have/find it. ….EXHALE I think I’m done. If my travel sched permits, I hope to be in on some more series reactions over the next two games. If not, I’ll definitely be back in the graces of the rest of the roundtable come Tuesday!

    • Blair Miller

      Oh – and to verify Steve’s representation of my opinion, Hansbrough blows. That is all.

  2. Ricky E

    Great podcast but I think you guys are overreacting about the F*ck Brooklyn stuff. Because a GM yelled this out it’s going to cause more turnovers now? Or even more jitters? This is just media spin in all accounts and its not going to make any difference with the outcome being in Brooklyn. Masai methods got us here so why you doubting his actions now. Let it play out and keep the optimism going.

    • ace5950

      I agree with you but it made us look kind of stupid because we lost the first game. I just always hated the guys that talk a lot and hype up a situation. Sure it was awesome that our GM said F Brooklyn but it’s even better when everyone says F the raptors and then the look on their faces when they see us get to the second round.

  3. Saskatoon Raps Fan

    Hansborough is just the worst. I don’t think starting him is a solution. It’s great that he plays hard, but the guy is just too small and doesn’t have enough natural ability/skill to make up for his shortcomings

  4. Heyjoe

    IN regards to “clutch” being a myth, I present to you Reggie Miller.

    Some players thrive under pressure, some players choke.


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