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Talking Raptors @ The Square: Game 3


Raptors Must Adapt, Attack, or Die


Dwane Casey on the performance of his team: "I can't say enough good things about those guys cause it's going to take all of us, especially with Patrick being out"

Adapt to small ball, or figure out a way to make them pay for going small. Or just die.

Post-game: Raptors 98 Nets 102


DeMar DeRozan View all interviews

Talking Raptors Elephant Long Sleeve Shirt



The guys at Talking Raptors have decided to check themselves into the T-Shirt game.

Game 3: Late Comeback in Loss Reinforces Belief That Series Can Be Won



Emotionally devastating loss. For me, that is. I’m not sure how a professional athlete reacts to such roller-coaster affairs where at one point you’re down and out, and the next riding a platonic high, only to fall just short.

Morning Coffee – Sat, Apr 26


Lowry and Cabbie

Missed free throws | Suspect foul calls | Lint brush dude | Ross is MIA | Lowry a warrior | Raptors down 2-1

Dwane Casey: Officiating “broke our back”


Dwane Casey is not a happy man.

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