Dwane Casey is not a happy man.

As per ESPN:

Toronto coach Dwane Casey was asked what he thought about the foul and technical called on Vasquez. Casey wanted to avoid criticizing the officiating, which has become a bit of a theme during this first-round series.

“Again, I like my money,” Casey said. “But I’ve got to go back and look at the tape. Those kind of calls broke our back. It was the difference in the game.

“Again, they’re a great team, give them credit. We respect them, but let’s let the game be dictated by that. I’ve got to go back and see what the calls were. I had a different view of them evidently as those guys did.”

RR analysis: It was a bullshit call.

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  • lucid

    Unbelievable. I like that casey is admitting there is a problem with officiating and the passion needs to be there to fire this team up.

  • Ted

    It was pretty obvious that the NBA wants the Brooklyn to win. Watching KG and Pierce punch, push and bully our players early on was ridiculous.

  • Rabidcaribou

    This game was tough to watch. The refs were to influential. It’s not a Raptors conspiracy – it’s just a flaw in the system that favours the more experienced. I hope this series sheds some light on this problem.

    • Frank Rollo

      If Sacremento Lakers game 6 in 2001 or 2002 didn’t shed light on the problem, nothing will and it will never change.

      • Miracle Anpu Sebek

        There is no comparison. The Raptors went to the line 38 times and the
        Nets went to the line 37 time. In the Lakers, and Kings game the Lakers went to the
        line 40 times and the Kings went to the line 25 times. Big difference

  • tank

    What an idiot referee for calling a technical with 50 seconds. If GV didn’t swear what the f__k is the ref calling a technical at that point. I’ve reffed 1000’s of games and to think that you would make such an influential call after making two consecutive questionable calls on GV (the charge that cost us two points from 2pats). Tells you that ref should not be doing the next game as the referee is using emotions and bias to influence his whistle. Please pretend NBA that your officials are able to be impartial and fair.

    • Matteemo

      I think the NBA does pretend their officials are impartial and fair. That’s the problem. If they would accept that something funny is going on maybe they would start doing things to correct it

    • Heyjoe

      According the Greivis, he didn’t swear, for what it’s worth. His claim was that he was telling the ref that the other guy from the nets hit him.

  • hotfuzz

    The Blatche foul was a BS call too. Ironically, I think the called foul screwed up the Raptors as Ppat missed both free throw.

    • cdub

      that’s fair but it likely was a make up call for the vasquez nonsense. this also happened earlier in the game when KG shoved JV into pierce and JV got a foul. couple make up calls after that one. reffing just blows it’s not good for anyone.

  • Wes mantooth

    The only thing Casey did eight tonight was call out the officials. He was awful but they were worse. Corrupt league. Can’t be convinced otherwise

  • Niagara_dude

    Disgraced ex-ref Donaghy says NBA pressuring officials to side with Nets.ENOUGH SAID!

  • database_666

    most of the calls were bullshit. the refs imposed an atmosphere of an obvious entitlement and vasquez was more than correct to protect. i understand that casey likes his money, but he and the rest of the bench should have erupted in protesting this downright missed calls. can MLSE pay for casey’s fucking tech foul or two, if he is strapped for cash?

  • Kev

    funny – the brooklyn fcking nets dont seem to think so.

    • nbaisrigged

      They will think so when they play Miami! Kidd complained about the officiating against the raptors! This time he will be crying on tv or he will have to pull a stunt like he did with spilling the drink on the court.

  • Miracle Anpu Sebek

    OMG! You, guys are a bunch of cry babies. You are going to cry foul every time the Raptors lose a game. I did not hear anyone on the Raptors side complaining about the officiating in game two. The foul calls were called evenly. The Raptors went to the foul line 38 time to the Nets 37 times. If you stop being bias, and look at it from both sides the Nets got some bad calls too. When it was 19 seconds remaining, and The Nets up by two there was a questionable call on Andray Blatche. That was the Raptors opportunity to tie the game, but failed. Let’s not forget that D. Will, Mason Plumlee and Shaun Livingston had three fouls apiece after two quarters. That do not sound like favoritism to me. If want to say that the officiating was bad I could agree, but the bad calls were not to help the Nets win. Because If Patterson made both his free throws, or if Landry Fields would not had made the boneheaded play by slapping the ball out of bounds, maybe the Raptors win the game without relying on calls from the officials. So there is no one conspiring against Raptors. If you look at all the other playoff games, everyone is having the same problem with calls down the stretch. Only Dwane Casey and the Raptor fans think it’s a conspiracy against them. WELCOME TO THE PLAYOFFS CRY BABIES. Good teams play adjust to the bad call, while sore loser cry foul all the time. Get over yourself. If fouls costing you close games just blow the Nets and you do not have to worry about the calls

    • Ted

      You’re an idiot. Who care if the Raps got to foul line 38 vs the Nets 37 times. The Raps were more aggressive and deserved more opportunities. Why do ppl always use that lame excuse??

      • Tom Foronjy

        Why do people always use the lame excuse that the refs are against them? We were blowing you out until the last 5 minutes

        • Teeroy123

          I think everyone can agree bad calls in both sides but its the phantom calls that go to Pierce and KG. The officiating has been bad all game and all year. The NBA is a shit league. It’d be more fun to watch if it was fair, win or lose. If Brooklyn does win let’s see how you feel about the officiating in Miami.

          • Miracle Anpu Sebek

            I am a veteran when it comes to watching playoff games. I’m totally aware
            that the super stars always get the calls, but you still have to put the ball in
            the hoop and execute. If you do that your team can over come the bad
            officiating, unless the foul calling is lopsided 50-25, and in this series that
            is not the case. You can check for yourself the calls has been pretty close.

      • Miracle Anpu Sebek

        I didn’t hear a peep from y’all about the officiating in game two, and The Raptors got most of the calls down the stretch. You didn’t hear the Nets using foul calls as a scape goat.

        • cdub

          of course no won was peeping we won…doesn’t mean there weren’t bad calls..its about legitimate fouls being called not phantom fouls or inconsistent no calls. even in game 2 there were bs calls at the end against the raps like that one on fields that put KG on the line. it’s not about how many calls teams are getting down the stretch. it’s about the game being on the line and bs calls that favor the nets. if these were actual fouls or at lest debatable fouls we wouldn’t be complaining, we’d be bitching about our guy picking up a terrible foul and costing us the game. there’s just no consistency to anything at all. I don’t think the raptors deserved to win game ,people just want a fair game called that’s all. Its not an excuse but it is frustrating, but at the end we still had our chances to win and didn’t come through. anyway the series is only 2-1,and quite frankly the more pressure put on the refs about their officiating the better for the raptors chances of them not continuing what they have been doing at the end of the games. this isn’t something new for raptor fans….there is quite a bit of history with the officiating and this team.

          • Miracle Anpu Sebek

            And with all that being said if Patterson knocked down his free throws yall wouldn’t have to worry about what calls going against yall. Bottom line your team didn’t execute down the stretch.

      • JJ

        Raptors fans need to calm down and stop blaming the refs every time they lose.
        Bad calls happen every single game in the NBA, and on BOTH sides. The
        raptors were not “more aggressive” to deserve going to the line more..
        Dwill was aggressive all game and didn’t get a single whistle when he
        drove in whereas DeRozan lived at the free throw line. Lots of nets players were in foul trouble compared to just
        Valinciunas and Lowry for the Raptors. And yea, let’s definitely not
        forget those BS calls against KG after a free throw that was missed and
        then on Blatche towards the end of the game. I’ll admit that the one
        offensive foul call where Blatche’s foot was in the restricted area was a
        bad call, but that call is missed at least once in like every game. You guys got QUITE A FEW calls last night so don’t keep going to that lame excuse about refs favoring one side.

        • sampson3121

          game 7 Williams with 5 fouls late in the 4th, he man handles Kyle and they give the foul to KG who didn’t even touch him….enough said!

    • teeroy123

      Looking at stats at the end if a game is a ridiculous way to see the overall picture. The truth is there are bad fouls both ways, sure. However the Nets are a much more physical team, and are not getting called nearly as much as the should. Ex. KG pushing Jonas into Pierce when waiting for a rebound and it Jonas gets called for a foul running into Pierce. Or at the end of the game KG has his arms wrapped around Jonas not even looking at the net for a rebound. He did get called that time but that he thought he could get away with it says alot. Again bad calls happen all the time but a number of the bad calls against the raps are just over the top awful. That’s the difference.

      • Miracle Anpu Sebek

        Ok you can keep running with that story if it help you get through the day.. But If I was you i would check out some of the other playoff match ups. Bad calls are being made every where, Raptors and their fan base are they only ones crying about it, and thinking someone is plotting against you. Yall need to wake up to reality, because your perception is becoming your reality SMH

        • nbaisrigged

          Did you forget about Kidd complaining about the officials in game 5 and getting a fine? That was probably to distract the fact that the officials were favoring the nets! At the end of the day there were bad calls on both end however raptors got the worst calls to make up for the stupid calls against them. Game 7 Williams should of been fouled out and 2 of the fouls against Amir was the worst calls. When we really needed the calls weren’t made. Hence it was unfair. We will just have to wait and see who will be complaining when nets play Miami. At the end of the day we all know Miami is going to win the championship and LeBron will probably play all game 7 without a foul called against him.

      • Miracle Anpu Sebek

        If the officials are trying to help the Nets (as you all claim) so that they can
        have a Brooklyn, Miami showdown why aren’t they helping the Pacers? Why aren’t
        they the Clippers, Spurs, Rockets and Thunders? Those are the NBA’s dream match
        up. But according to you

        • nbaisriggrd

          Did the clippers,thunder, spurs not win game 7? They are force to go to game 7 to make the revenue but who wins game 7 the team that will have better tv ratings and bring the big money for the league. NBA is a joke! For gods sake how were there 6 spurs players on the court and the officials did not see that? Although Dallas won the game if it was reversed would definitely been called for that. You say raptors fans are bunch of cry babies but I bet when Miami wins the championship everything you said will be reversed and you will be the biggest hypocrite!

          • Miracle Anpu Sebek

            You will not hear me crying foul if the Nets lose to the Heats, unless the foul calling is lopsided like 55-20. If you look at the game stats the foul calling was pretty much called even. Let’s not make it like the Nets got ever single call and the Raptors barely got any. Plus the better team had won. The Nets had blew them out in game 6, and outplayed them for most of game 7. If you want to believe the NBA officials are winning these games for the teams of their choice, you go right ahead and believe that. How come I do not hear the fans in Atlanta, Golden State, Memphis, Dallas, and Houston crying about the officiating. All that noise is mostly coming from Toronto fans. If what you are saying is so true, why didn’t the officials help Chicago, or Houston win their series? They are by far the bigger market, and bigger rating teams than Portland and Washington. It just seem like you, guys just need a conspiracy theory to legitimize why your team lost. So if it helps you get through your day run with it. And if the NBA is so corrupt, why put your time and energy in the games if you already know the end results

            • nbaisrigged

              No one is saying that raptors didn’t get any calls. The fact is when the call was needed to be made especially in the 4th no calls made. Sometimes stupid calls were made for the raptors to correct the one they unfairly made previously against them. If the officials just made the correct calls there would be no issue. You telling me Garnett made that foul on lowry game 7? It was clearly Williams. You telling me Amir 6th foul was a foul? Nba conspiracy and controversy with rigging has been around for many years not just now when raptors made it to the playoffs. Tell me how LeBron played 254 min with out a foul being called? I’ll tell you because he is a star so he gets favourable treatment and so does Miami! Raptors are considered to be under dogs not like houston, and bulls. no one expected them to get this far and nba wasn’t obv going to have them beat a team that is the most expensive in the league. Oh please dont tell me the better team won cuz if the nets were so good they would of won the serious 4-0.

  • Tom Foronjy

    Instead of crying about the refs you should be crying about how Patrick Patterson missed both free throws to tie the game on a BS call. If this was rigged they wouldn’t have made that call on Blatche after the missed free throw. But as the saying goes “ball don’t lie”.

  • CJ

    Listen you fuckers. This is how it goes the Refs give Raptors the call until the fourth quarter. Up until then it is all Raptors, but the fourth quarter being the most important; the referees side with the Nets. As for complaining about referees helping the other team win that’s not what we’re doing. It’s more like expressing frustration. Anyways go fuck yourselves and remember the refs “AIDED” your team in Game 7. #FUCKBROOKLYN