• Lets Play

    Thank you Chuck!!! They actully talk more and Chuck says “Raptors are getting disrespected becuase they are going to be broadcast on NBATV for the next game” he wants TNT to show the next game

    • johng_3

      Its so true

    • FREEJV

      kenny is a tool

  • Rapsfan

    Kenny smith is dumb still no love from him

  • Wes mantooth

    Kenny smith has a real problem givin raps love. It’s like it’s painful for him.
    Chuck are guy but TNT abc u suck. Our series is amazing should be front and center like it was Sunday night. Two amazing games and my fav series

  • jakdripr

    I can’t understate how big of a win last night was for this team, other than raptor fans I don’t think anyone genuinely believed we would give Brooklyn a run for their money and when we lost game 1 everyone thought we were done. Then we came out and stole a game on their home court, on national TV btw, pretty much outplaying the veterans the entire fourth quarter. The same way the pacers surprised the league when they took Miami to 6 in 2011(or was it 2012?) I feel that’s what the raps did last night. There’ll always be haters, but the fact even Kenny couldn’t find anything negative to say about us after last night goes to show that we’ve definitely earned some respect around the NBA.

    Shout outs to Chuck for calling us at the start of the series, and sticking with us after we lost game 1.

    Now we just gotta handle our business at home in game 5.

  • Kyron John

    Full episode here: http://youtu.be/uOgFT0f9fno

    If anyone wants to watch

    • Lets Play

      Raps at 24 minute Mark!!!

    • RaptorsHood .

      Its private tho

  • RNsteve

    Well that was a complete waste of time./

  • James

    The tnt crew is comical at times . I caught the end of game 4 on the tnt feed because i cant stand devlin for too long . Interestingly enough steve kerr who i respect as an analyst referred to amir johnson as amir williams numerous times . Goes to show how much respect the raptors were getting all season . Doesnt surprise me about kenny , hes a biased brooklyn kid anyways . As for shaq hes horrible regardless .

  • Hassan Mehmood Khan

    respect to chuck for calling the raps from the start

    • BigDickKaman

      he didnt he actually bashed them during preseason

  • Ted

    We DO have an Inside post PLAYER. Its just that Demar “DONT PASS” Derozan and Casey don’t seem to care for him.

  • Calling out kenny

    Kenny’s a two faced liar. Pull up the tape from this shows’ Eastern playoff previews where a fight almost with breaks out between him and Super-Chuck…. ‘Kenny the WET’ says Raptors HAVE NO CHANCE. That day-Just a FOOL. Today a goof who denies what he said and cant admit truth.