• GoingBig

    Ooohhhh, Fiddy – you are a caution

  • CashGameND

    looks like 50 said F*CK BROOKLYN too!

  • RPT23

    Haha… Love it! I saw that too… I bet he just wanted to get his hand on the OVO Lint Roller!

  • Guest

    The best was when the camera was focused on him and you could tell he was a biiiit embarrassed caught cheering against a NY team.
    Say what you want about Drake and the marketing scheme, but this exposure is nothing but good for the ball team.

  • tweed8

    Seems like the hat is causing him a little burn, the way it’s sitting on his head. lol.
    Come on, Fiddy, pull the hat down a little. You know you want too.

  • Jacob

    Hiring Drake and creating an actual culture around this team was an absolutely brilliant move. Suddenly the Raptors are constantly talked about in the States, they’re drawing larger crowds and ratings, and ultimately you see star players taking interest in participating. The change Drake/Lieweke have brought to this team in such short order is absolutely astounding.

  • DDayLewis

    50 cent, back on that gangster shit