Game 5 Unedited Reaction featuring Kyle Lowry’s gigantic onions.

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  • Bryan Colangelo

    Ahhhhhhhh shout out to Jurassic Park.

  • Thomas Smith

    Why are these files so big? It is a podcast not a song. No need for the high quality audio. This could have easily been a 7mb file and no one would notice the difference. Would love to listen but bandwidth restrictions.

  • why

    KG reminds me of when Hakeem played for The Raptors – a once great player who is done. My reactions are the complete opposite – for Hakeem, who was always played with grace and dignity, I felt sad about his demise. For Garnett, who always comes across as a low class, big mouth, douchebag I feel a sense of glee – like when the heel wrestler getting his comeuppance.

  • iHeartLowry

    Lol “lob them a pitch?” I think the expression you were thinking of is softball – though it wouldn’t really apply in the context of the conversation.

    Nice podcast!

  • jlongs

    To be fair to Ross, he’s playing out the inexperienced sophomore kid succumbing to the pressure of playoff basketball to a T. It shouldn’t be THAT surprising. I’d bet you sophomore Demar would have been at least just as bad. We can only hope now that he goes through the same improvement year after year like DD has. And wants it bad enough that he’d develop that killer instinct down the road.