The video is below – here’s how I saw them.

#1. Loose ball foul v Pierce: He was out of position and tried to reach for the rebound, bent his arms, and Pierce took full advantage by going down, perhaps, easier than he should have. There’s some body contact there as well. The most important thing to note is this: there is no need to commit this foul as he’s not in rebounding position and this will get called every time.

#2. Offensive foul v Pierce: Bad call. Pierce is moving on his late rotation. He’s definitely outside the circle, which these days is too often mistakenly perceived as having position. You need to be outside the circle and have position firmly established before contact. Pierce got there when Valanciunas had left his feet.

#3. Over-the-back v Garnett: Very questionable call. Garnett pulled the old veteran trick of exaggerating contact as soon as he felt Valanciunas’ hands on him. There was no push-off here, not even in the slightest.

#4. Over-the-back v Kirilenko: This looks like an obvious foul, however, when you look at the replays of this one (sorry, don’t have ’em), there was minimal contact on this. The onus is on Valanciunas to play smarter, and not use his forearm in a way where, when he brings it up for the rebound, it brushes against the defender. He may have a reach advantage in these sorts of situation and in order for that to materialize, he forgets that he still needs to move his feet to get the right rebounding angle, rather than relying on reach alone.

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10 Responses to “[Video] Analysis of Jonas Valanciunas’ Four Fouls in Game 6 – Good Calls?”

  1. Wes mantooth

    It’s such bullshit. It’s the playoffs and “suppose”to be physical. The pierce foul number one was barely anything. The charge call doesn’t bother me that much cause we’ve gotten alotta of charge calls. But the kg push was criminal. Kg was already in the key for seven seconds and the refs know he does that. Zebras were looking for reasons to blow the whistle.
    We won the game after Casey complained and sure enough nets did after Kidd whined. It’s the refs that have taken away our biggest advantage in the series. JV rebounding. Such bullshit

  2. jtj

    The refs have been taking Jonas out of games since game 3. Ridiculously soft calls on Jonas, some even phantom calls, and some calls where KG manages to foul Jonas and still get the call against him. When was the last time you saw someone get 2 T’s rescinded on them in a game over replay? Absurd! The Nets get loose ball fouls in their favour that are a joke. Let’s be honest about the officiating here, there’s one set of rules for the Nets and another for the Raptors. The Nets are allowed to play however they want on D and get an average amount of calls against them – JJ, DWilliams, and Pierce are reaching and fouling machines and are constantly using push-ups on offence to gain separation, while KG just holds guys, slaps, and blatantly pushes guys instead of boxing out. The irony of Kidd calling out the refs, what a joke! The only truthful thing he said was that JJ doesn’t flop – he doesn’t need to, we aren’t allowed to play any physical D on him whatsoever!

    • Heyjoe

      The refs seem to be kind of picking on him, but really if you watch the video in the article all 4 fouls are flops.

      Kind of ironic that Kidd was crying about flopping when not only his team, but also Kidd himself when he was a player, regularly flop.

      The nba has to start doing a little ore than slapping wrists when people flop. I mean fining a millionaire a few thousand dollars isn’t really going to do much.

  3. RapsFanatic

    Honestly the officiating against the raptors is absurd. The refs are calling so much bullshit calls. That charge call where pierce took the charge should’ve been a blocking foul cause pierce was still moving his feet. The push on garnett call was bullshit at it’s finest, KG flopped like a bitch. The Krilenko call was a barely a push by Jonas, but Krilenko was smart, he sold the call a bit there. The Nets are a veteran team so they can sell calls and the refs are buying their bullshit like it’s hot. It’s funny, Jason Kidd calls out the raptors for flopping but his team flops like bitches. I’m scared for the raptors in game 7, the same shit is going to happen too.

  4. mike, prague

    I’m not surprised about the calls at all. Russia does have a very dangerous mafia.

  5. afrocarter

    That over-the-back call on Garnett especially was fucking ridiculous.

  6. Haris

    Folks, as much as I agree with the analysis that shows questionable calls on JV, the main reason for Jonas’ disappearance in the latter games of this series was Raptors own regression to individual rather than team play. I can’t count how many times JV is standing wide open 3 feet from the basket and one of Raptors either completely ignores him from the perimeter or makes a heroic drive to the hoop culminating in a rainbow shot over one of the Nets’ centers. Shot percentage goes down, JV gets discouraged, Nets’ defense gets a lot easier … Raptors lose!


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