That would explain his lack of aggressiveness all game. But why Casey played a flu-ridden DeRozan for 45 minutes is the larger question. He hadn’t exceeded 40 minutes for the series up until this point, but logged 45, while Landry Fields, who we desperately needed to guard Joe Johnson played a whopping 14 seconds.

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  • Ed Davis

    Could have used Rudy Gay tonight…

    • morganc

      I trust this is a joke.

      • Microaggressive

        “Ed Davis”

  • Brian

    Are you really complaining that Casey (*feigned shock*) played DeRozan too much (a whole 2 minutes more than in game 4 I’ll note) in the most important game of the year??? I guess he should have rested him for their next game and instead played DeColo?

    • ItsAboutFun

      Seriously messed up views of DeMar all over this site. You should see the diarrhea spewing out of mouths over on the forums. Disgustingly messed up minds not appreciating what they have, like a bunch of spoiled brats,,,, or is that whiney btiches?

      • SickNTired

        Tell me about it. Its terrible. This is what i posted in the Game Reaction.

        “Demar Derozan should ask to be traded. You fans give this kid no respect for how hard he plays for this team and chose to sign here.
        Tonight Demar had the flu and yet he the only player outside of Lowry driving into a sea of Nets players, trying to will his team to keep it close.
        And when we was double team (often) at the high post, he distributed the ball instead of taking very difficult long jumpers (which SO many of you scream at him for)

        He is KD or LBJ? Not at all. Is he a future Joe Johnson? he definitely could be with more experience to his game.

        In the end, show some respect to someone who improves and Balls all out for our city and has the character of a man in a young person’s body.”

      • Ghotte

        The shit flies would have come out when they lost to the Heat anyway.

      • Bryan Colangelo

        Yeah. It’s kind of sad. The Raptors might have the worst anti-fans in the league.

    • Some Truth

      Agreed. Might as well have FREEJV do the analysis from now on, Zarar’s just lost all credibility to me.

    • arsenalist

      Asking a flu-ridden DeMar DeRozan to guard Joe Johnson in any capacity is suicide. That’s all I’m saying. I like DeRozan, a lot, and want him to succeed more than anyone. I have never doubted his work-rate, effort, or heart. I am, however, doubting his shot-selection and the coach for not correcting said shot-selection.

  • Henry Jones



    Let it go.

  • Landry Fields’ Girl

    For the love of God, Fields is injured with a terrible back. Stop it already, please.

    • Thomas A.

      I know. I sometimes feel like I’m the only one who saw the man fall on his spine in game 3 and spend the last 30 seconds (whether he was playing or not) grimacing in intense pain. There’s a reason he didn’t play after that game.

      Also, I thought DeMar played fine. He didn’t score a lot, but made a lot of nice drive and kick plays.

      • Ghotte

        He didn’t force the ball the way so many of his detractors have been complaining about but the shit flies are still going to gripe and complain!

    • arsenalist

      As per Casey and Fields himself, he was available and his back was ‘fine’ prior to the game (Source: Koreen, Wolstat)

  • Mike

    I doubt Derozan will use having the Flu as an excuse .He was blitzed everytime he had the ball, Nets took away the lanes. He needs to do a better job at guarding his position regardless of having the flu. And Raptors third scorer was non-existent the entire series. I do agree though Landry should have played more… minutes that Salmons got should have went to Landry.

  • jjdynomite

    Zarar, you’re outdoing yourself with your narcissistic bitchiness. I’m off this site for a day or two until cooler heads prevail. So ridiculous.

  • Kkb003

    Marc jackson! George karl !

    • raptorholic

      and doc river

  • ROB


  • Maciej Staniszczak