10 Responses to “The Moment”

  1. Niagara_dude

    That hurts looking at how close he is from getting shot off, PP should have just pushed Paul out of the way (refs were not going to call anything at this point).

  2. oioi

    I was surprised with that play by DC, it was obvious refs weren’t going to call a foul and Nets were obviously gonna clog up the paint. A perimeter shot would’ve been better

    • Heyjoe

      I was surprised Lowry didn’t pass the ball to Patterson who had post position 1 foot from the net after rolling…

      • Nerius

        Lowry was quickly doubled and that passing lane was closed even though it would have been the smartest choice. But to Lowry’s left was open Ross who just scored a very important lay-up and stolen the ball creating this opportunity. If during this series there was a moment where Ross’ confidence was up – it was this moment, I’m sure he could’ve made it. Better take a shot than not, right?

  3. GoingBig

    While disappointing, I am not going to reduce the achievements of the Raptors to just a moment lost in time… like tears in rain. They have made many steps from being lottery fodder to good to being top-8 in the league(by one point.)
    This team has seen the mountain-top for the first time. They now know better the distance to the top and have harvested a wealth of experience and memories.

  4. Kkb003

    Agreed! Coach need changed. At first there was nobody inbounding da ball !!! Wtf. And they had a timeout left shlda used it if didnt like the look! Wtf y save the timeout man with 6 secs left !? kL put his head down after catch went in the lane alone 1 on 5 like …. too much iso ball killed us man , dd, kl …jus look at the assists numbers. Better job next season !


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