As first reported by Doug Smith and later confirmed by Michael Grange and then The King of the World, the Toronto Raptors have agreed to a three-year contract extension with head coach Dwane Casey.

We’ll have more analysis of the news tomorrow, but here’s my quick take: This should come as no surprise at all, though it would have seemed so at the beginning of the season.

When Masai Ujiri was brought in, many thought the writing was on the wall for Casey, since few general managers want to inherit a coach. However, as I pointed out at the time, GMs only get so many “bullets,” and the number of coaches a GM goes through can be a measure of the success of their tenure (unless somehow you have Joe Dumars’ leash). It didn’t make sense to fire him until he had to. He hasn’t had to and still doesn’t. There’s also the very real possibility that Ujiri has found himself a Casey fan after a year of working together, given what Casey’s accomplished and his perceived willingness to incorporate franchise goals into his strategy (more so towards the end of the year).

As for Casey’s accumen as a coach, it’s difficult to evaluate. He was solid in his first season when the team was admittedly tanking, somehow coaxing a decent defense out of a team that was led in minutes by a then-sieve-like DeMar DeRozan and noted liability Jose Calderon, flanked by help defender extraordinaire Andrea Bargnani, Leandro Barbosa, Aaron Gray, Gary Forbes and so on. Year two was nothing but turmoil and roster upheaval, but Casey then managed an average offense, though the defense tanked. Some of that was personnel, some noise, but through two seasons Casey had shown he could run a defense and at least not destroy an offense.

This season, he got more out of the team than the sum of their parts would dictate. The team finished in the top-10 on both ends of the floor, something only three other teams can boast about, despite a roster that doesn’t look exactly menacing on either end of the floor. The players clearly play hard for him, and the “never say die,” “fight to the final bell” attitude this team employs is an extension of Casey. Managing players, ego and motivation is a big part of coaching over an 82-game season, and Casey seems to have a handle on how to do that, at least with this core group.

He’s hardly a master tactician and probably needs an Xs & Os complement for the offensive end, but his defensive game plans are generally strong and he’s shown a willingness to adapt to the realities facing him, save for the whole John Salmons obsession. He’s not perfect, but few coaches are, and Casey is probably around average in overall quality, though you could argue a few spots below or above. Plus, there aren’t exactly a plethora of options waiting. Some like George Karl, who was Ujiri’s coach in Denver, and I’m a huge fan but it’s unclear if his system would fit with this roster. The Van Gundys aren’t taking this job. Really, outside of Karl, everyone either lacks a track record (which is fine) or isn’t an obvious upgrade (which isn’t).

The concern of some will be that we’ve been here before, when Bryan Colangelo inherited an unexpectedly successful team under Sam Mitchell, extended the coach and then went all-in. This isn’t the same, unless Ujiri likewise goes all-in (with the wrong pieces, no less). Ujiri doesn’t seem the type to have his hand forced and surely knows what happened with his predecessor.

Casey earned this extension with his work this season. His relationship with Kyle Lowry, the player development and the ability to be above-average on both ends of the floor, something few teams can manage, are worthy of praise. He has flaws and I know some don’t like him or that he’s not “Ujiri’s guy,” but I’m more than okay with this. He earned this contract with his work this season.

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  • mike, prague

    Good for him, he deserved it. Let’s how he also grows as an essential part of the puzzle now.

    • mike, prague


  • Thomas

    Glad he got an extension. Players love him as a coach, and would have left a bad message if they didn’t extend him.

  • mike, prague

    BREAKING (but not back-bone breaking): Jonas will be living the dream with “The Dream” in the summer per

    Warning: Realgm has been known for some BS …

    • mike, prague

      The Sun also confirmed this.

      • CJT

        Jonas said it at his year end presser.

    • Frazzle.

      I saw this elsewhere on twitter too but can’t seem to find it again, but the guy said “multiple” sources so could be true, would be great if it is!!!

    • Ogi

      It’s true. Jonas confirmed it at the press conference earlier today during his interview

    • noname

      Yeusss, once he trains with the dream coach will (hopefully) FINALLY believe in is post skills! He will improve a lot.

    • nikemanvc

      JV said it himself during today’s press conference

    • rtz

      For all the good it did rudy gay last summer.

      • noname

        rudy gay is a good post player, the reason why he’s playing better in sac is because he’s using it more. In T.O he was running iso all the time and taking ridiculous contested jumpers.

  • c_bcm

    Big fan of this. Way to go DC. bring’em back strong.

  • Frazzle.

    Great news!!!!! Hopefully with that out of the way we can get Lowry re-signed soon and get the off-season plans in motion asap.

  • ItsAboutFun

    No brainer. Well earned. Can’t wait to see some clowns blow a gasket, especially over in the forums, haha.

  • RobertArchibald

    Casey is a class act, but I’m really disappointed with this decision. It’s tough because you can argue he deserved it, but I still feel his negative attributes weigh heavier than his positive ones. His lineups, in-game decisions, ability to adapt, and overall strategies are going to hurt unless he makes some serious changes.

    Here’s hoping he improves in those areas as he’s respected by the players and seems to be a good motivator.

    • mountio

      Couldnt have said it better. Great guy, and while you can debate how much he had to do with the teams success this year … one way or the other, you have to give the coach credit for the team outperforming (which it did).
      But, its hard to ignore Casey’s in game short comings, both on the offensive and (surprisingly) defensive end (as was the case in the Nets series). He got better. He learned to use his his assistants. He gives a shit. Thats all great.
      He NEEDS to lose all of this “vets” bs – we will see how this plays out, but he needs to get his younger guys (JV, TR) more important run in the regular season so that HE trusts them in the playoffs – which he clearly doesnt yet.
      Im torn. My mind tells me we will regret this a year from now, but part of me certainly feels good for him because he does deserve some credit.

      • RobertArchibald

        Yeah it’s tough to fault him in any way, and there’s no guarantee that another coach would fare any better. I guess the silver lining is that he doesn’t seem like a guy who will take the summer off. If he does improve some of those shortcomings he has a chance to be a special coach. Players love him and you could argue he cares more than any other coach in the league.

        Just hope he’s not too stubborn to address his faults when it comes to his handling of young guys, and obsession with veteran presence on the floor.

      • Paul Stevens

        The shortcomings on the defensive end, particularly the playoff series…where they his shortcomings or the fact that, with the players he had, it was a terrible match-up problem. The Nets players were able to perform quite well on defense…The Raptors had a young team that couldn’t handle the type of pressure they had never (most of them) seen before. You can’t make a souffle if all you have is rope and gravel. Masai givces Casey some better pieces, then let’s see how he does.

        • mountio

          Pressure definitely had something to do with it …and certain guys (TR in particular) were not up to the task. However, as the defensive mind that supposedly slowed down LBJ when the mavs won the title, you would think casey could have made better adjustments to stop JJ. Also, until the last game, didnt figure out how to exploit a mismatch at the 4 on the other end.
          Anyways -it wasnt always simple.. JJ is a beast (I hope those who hacked on his all star selection were matching this series) – but I just feel like casey adjusts to everything at a glacial pace …

      • noname

        just pry john salmons from his clutches and a huge chunk of those problems are gone! lmao.

        • GoingBig

          Sorry, I see Casey switching vet Chuck Hayes to SF for that vet presence…. hahaha!

          • noname


    • johng_3

      I hope that the playoff experience and maybe having a better lineup will help him next year

    • CM

      Agree with you 100%. Good post

    • asifyouknow

      Great post. I simply don’t like the guy so is hard for me to objective. You said everything I wanted to say but in a well organized and respectful manner…lol… Again great post.

    • dunkmycat7

      Well said. You HAVE to respect what he did with this team, but I’m just not sure he is the right guy to take the Raps to the next level.
      Vince back in TO ? Can we get Oak instead ? Anybody actually WATCH the Nets series ? We need perimeter DEFENCE not another shooter…We need Tony Allen, Igudoula etc…SOMEBODY on this team has to be able to go one on one vrs. all the great guards and wings in the NBA. We don’t have that. Not even close

  • bobmasa

    This is the worse move by Masai UjiriI never expect this crap! The are so many good coaches around the league why Casey? Dwane Casey is just lucky man but not a good coach Masai Ujiri lost my respect and his gonna regret.

    • Bryan Colangelo

      Name five coaches that you would rather have that are available.

      • Abused Raptors Fan

        The better question would be name 5 coaches that would come coach in Toronto. But we really don’t know who’s going to be available, as there will surely be some post season coaches that get fired, some of whom would be a definite upgrade over Casey. My problem with the extension is that Masai didn’t even wait until he and his staff had a chance to truly evaluate the season, particularly the post season, and then review the options available.

        • johng_3

          What is there to really review? The guy exceeded expectations. If he wasn’t brought back, there would be a lot of questions from the locker room

        • noname

          in all fairness, now that the raptors are good and the management doesn’t seem to suck anymore I believe there are coaches who would love to work for this team. But with that being said I think the right move was made.

        • DC

          Masai can’t wait for other GMs to make their coaching decisions before he makes his.
          BTW, wasn’t he once chided by some here for being “indecisive”?

        • Mexiballer

          Masai already knew. There was no need to evaluate the season. It was far better to let Lowry, Derozan, Patterson and all of the players and coaches know that there is total stability going forward. That this organization has a plan to develop young players with a defensive mind set. The message is clear. Masai liked what he saw and so did the team leaders. They’re a family. Why would you want to tear away the leader of that family and start completely over. A new coach, new assistant coaches, a new system, new offense, new defense, new rules and guidelines, a new routine…and the list goes on. There is communication and trust between Casey and his players. What if you bring someone else in and Lowry, Derozan and the other players dont even like the guy. What if his communication skills with the players and his staff are not as good as Caseys and things go awry. What if him and Masai are not on the same page and a conflict develops. Something that happens in so many organizations. Casey is a team player and for the most part will take Masai’s lead. Its hard for a general manager to find a coach he trusts and who trusts him in return. Masai is establishing something here that is a solid foundation of trust, communication and most important a system that endures long term. Something that will endure even if Casey can’t get this team to a contender level in three years and has to move on. But this is the right move now. For building growth, development, stability, and the future.

          • asifyouknow

            A verry romantic view…BUT when the bean counters start working it will become all about what profesianal sports have been about…MONEY…Lowry will want a 3 or 4 year deal and about 10 mill plus again if evens and holyday get that why isnt Kyle worth more…He is a top 5 guard ….when he is on ..

      • bobmasa

        George Karl
        Lionel Hollins
        Stan Van Gundy
        Mike Woodson
        Avery Johnson
        You can’t compare Duwane Casey (aka John Salmon) with any of those great coaches Masai Ujiri commit the biggest blunder.

        • CM

          You can’t built a stable organization and develop a winning culture if your always changing coaches esp after achieving some success. If the team regresses in the next 2 yrs then it’s fair to look for another coach. Wrong message wrong time to can Casey even if his failure to adjust to small ball cost them the nets series.

        • Bryan Colangelo

          Karl is overrated. Both Karl and Stan Van Gundy tends to flame out and lose their teams. Of the two I like Van Gundy, but it will take a lot of money to bring him or Jeff Van Gundy back to the bench.

          Woodson … meeeeehhhh. I know he did a decent job in Atlanta, but when you lose complete control of your team like he did with the Knicks. Ugh. I don’t see how that’s an improvement.

          Don’t know what went down with Hollins and the Grizzlies. I’ll give you Avery Johnson though. I wonder why he hasn’t been given another run.

  • Thomas Smith

    Good signing. The most important thing is do players want to play hard for a coach. Dwayne Casey seems to have the respect of his players and the temperament to be a coach players trust. I see him being here for a long time. Now we need Lowry on a decent a contract, resign 2pat and Vasquez, and trade Salmons and that other guy.

    • MoPeteRules

      I think only 1 million of Salmons’ contract this coming year is guaranteed, so if we release him before whatever the deadline is, we save 6 million of his 7 million which makes me happier than a cat surrounded by toilet paper

      • asifyouknow

        A healthy Salmons is worth a few millions. Casey loves the guy he will stay…

      • why

        It always amazes me how in a salary cap league guys like Salmons and Hayes (limited role players) get big money long term contracts. I cannot imagine Salmons coming back under any circumstance other than maybe as the 15th man at minimum salary.

      • dunkmycat7

        NO WAY they keep Salmons @ 7 mil.
        That’s just Forrest Gump stupid.
        He gets bought out.
        Toilet paper ? Please -My cat wants to know more 🙂

  • Blackjitsu

    Good for Casey,

    A part of me hoped that they would wait a bit and see if they could hook a big name coach with the right acumen to upgrade the position, but minus that, bringing Casey back is solid.

    FYI: Sam Mitchell should never have been fired. He had a bad Raptors team in the top 8 of the East when BCo. did his thing. The team took years to recover — not sure what your point was in mentioning him.

    • Marz

      The point was in the similarities. Both Casey and Mitchell aren’t known for their X’s and O’s. Both were extended by a GM that didn’t hire them. Both had a quick hook for young players. Both… I think you get the picture.

  • Raps101

    I think this move will likely persuade Lowry to stay, given the good relationship the two have and how bright the future looks with JV, Demar, Ross. We gotta re sign 2pat and vasquez now, get ride of Salmons, Landry n bring in carter

  • Thunder

    I like Coach Casey, he definitely needs a few more talented bodies on this team.

  • Bryan Colangelo

    Dwayne “The Rock” Casey — The People’s Coach!

    (except for all the RR readers that hate his rotations and out-of-bounds plays. But still.)

    • nickfromtime

      Well technically, in order for us to hate on his out-of-bounds plays it would require him to have some… so there’s that… But all things considered he had these guys maxing out their potential and playing with incredible resolve and togetherness all year so it is a deserved extension. They definitely need to get an offensive specialist in here though. Our lack of playcalling ability will definitely get exposed in the playoffs when teams focus in on our star payers.

      • Bryan Colangelo

        And let’s get real. Our best iso-player was 6’0 tall. The play-calling definitely should have been better but it’s partially a personnel issue.

  • RaptorFan

    Great news! Casey got far too much slack from some Raptor Fans who blamed him for EVERYTHING. The man worked his ass off and the team played hard for him. Imagine if Casey had more talent to work with and less washed up vets…up next is Lowry.

    Hopefully Casey continues to improve his rotations/play calling and lead us to bigger better things!

    • DC


      • Will

        I think he means flack.

        • DC

          that would be flak

          • Will

            That’s what I meant. Thanks.

  • thatpeterguy

    Players love him and work hard for him and despite his sometimes questionable rotations and play calling acumen he is growing and getting better just like the rest of the team. Good move.

    • KickPuncher

      He’s a players coach, and he gets his team to commit and play hard. Give him some better options off the bench and his rotations will improve. A lot of times he’s left searching for an answer on the bench when it’s just not there.

  • SickNTired

    Congrats Casey and I am happy Masai made the decision immediately. It showes that the organization support and believe in their decisions.
    Also, while a lot of you questioned his rotation, one thing Casey did was be consistent on development of his young players. Through thick and thin, he brought demar, ross, and 2pat to highlest level of experience while never throwing them under the bus. He is a class act, and he admits he needs to improve as well

    • Sickntired

      And JV

      • KickPuncher

        I’d actually like to see him show more commitment to JV’s growth. It’s as simple as having him more involved in our offense. There were countless times in the Nets series where I felt we could have used him and for what ever reason Casey hesitated.

  • jakdripr

    I can live with this. I think the final few minutes of Game 7 pretty much summed up everything right, and wrong with Casey. We played two sets of amazing inbounds defence, one which forced a time out and another that forced a turnover, then we went on the other side and ran a poorly spaced isolation offensive set that resulted is a horrible shot. I personally value defence over offence, so ill take a D specialist over an O specialist any day. But I also hope Casey realizes he has a long way to go and works on his offensive sets over the summer.

    Either way though, it made sense to bring him back, especially if you’re planning on bringing back Klow. Last time a coach changed, hommie didn’t react to it very well so this made perfect sense.

  • Pong

    Looks like MU wants to maintain the current core. Swapping coaches would have definitely curbed the momentum the raptors have built over this last season.

  • Niagara_dude

    One thing that still bugs me is Casey playing hard to end the regular season and win the third seed.Brooklyn was not our best match-up and they new we would be there best match-up.We would have beat either Washington or even Chicago but Brookklyn (even though only lost the series by one point) was no good.They had experience (got most of the key crucial calls) and had the deepest bench.They also new we had no player who could match-up with Joe Johnson.Next time if we are in this position play they seed game.At the end of day Washington received the best seeding 5th playing and beating a Chicago team with no offence and now should beat a poor Indiana team to make to the conference finals.

    • c_bcm

      If the goal is to win a championship this year than of course the path of least resistance is important. But when we are still a team trying to establish an identity and instill good values into our young players (the stated goal from the time of the Gay trade), then you are wrong. Casey did the right thing. Playing hard down the stretch was important.

      Playing a team like Brooklyn in the playoffs (as stacked with vets are they are) was the perfect match up for the Raps. See what clutch looks like. See what execution at the right time looks like. See what leadership looks like. Raps learned a lot more than a cake-walk into round 2 would’ve taught them. Mission accomplished! The fact that Casey got re-upped so quickly proves that management agrees with his strategy.

    • Will

      You still think we would’ve beat Washington so easily. Yes, Chicago and Indiana are struggling but they earned their wins. As much as we had trouble with Joe Johnson, we would’ve had problems containing John Wall. They’re legit.

      • Niagara_dude

        We matched up much better against Washington then Brooklyn, there bench is not as deep as the Nets.We beat Washington 3 times this year and lost the fourth late in double overtime (that includes twice in there building).This was a mistake not tanking at the end to avoid playing them and if they wanted to play us then they would have had to play to win.Brooklyn rested there players the final 3-4 games of the year and went from trying to win the third spot to falling to the six seed.

        • Will

          The seeding came down to the last day. Washington could’ve finished in 5th, 6th, or 7th. If Chicago had won their last game, we could’ve lost our last game to face Washington. Up until the last day, Washington was in 6th, so we were matched up with them. So to say that if we lost more games at the end it would’ve paired us with Washington is incorrect. If we had dropped down to 4th earlier, Brooklyn would’ve just played their starters to keep the 5th seed.

      • Niagara_dude

        Yes i feel we would have beat Washington and there would have no been the experience / deep bench, also there would have not been the one sided critical call advantage the NETS enjoyed.

  • asifyouknow


    Casey will be the first coach who will have a loosing season and never let the opposition score more than 60 points a game…lol
    He will lose games 67 to 60, this guy does not believe in offense ..AND to top it all he beats the hell out of his players, he plays them to death.
    He had two, TWO SHOTS to win the series and he let a child coach beat him. That is an undeniable fact, specially the last game where he spend all night trying to stop Joe Johnson rather than do what most great coaches do, let the guy have his night and concentrate on other thing LIKE AN OFFENSE.
    He does not like fancy passes , he said that , and even though Ross and DD can jump out of the gym he does not allow lobs for dunks, have you seen one? I don’t know one NBA team who doesn’t do the back-door lob and dunk, oh wait I know one Toronto and Casey.
    The lives in the past.
    Oh well too bad for you guys. Bad choice. hope Vaz isn’t stupid enough to stay there. Rumors have it that Kyle will be heavily looked at by Lakers, they want him bad and they have some money.

    • c_bcm

      You are a complete joke. You are definitely entitled to your opinion. But you will be hard-pressed to find someone who agrees with your opinion. Let me take you through this point-by-point:
      1) Nice to see you ‘loosen’ your handle on grammar-checking your posts.
      2) To be coupled with an actual response with your first comment. You say these things despite 3 years of evidence. Umm ok. Even against a very good defensive team like BKN in the playoffs when pace is slowed down, Raps scored: 87,100,98,87,115,83,103.
      3) Last time I checked JKidd didn’t will his team to win. Joe Johnson couldn’t be stopped by anyone on the team. It was one adjustment that took him 4 games to find and he rode it to the victory. Nice try.
      4) He doesn’t like fancy passes because they lead to turnovers. He values a possession, which is a great mentality for establishing discipline among young players. How much success did Triano have when BC told him to open it up? I’ll remind you: we scored lots of points, and lost lots of games.
      5) I don’t think blanket statements like this are supported by any of the evidence you have presented.
      6) Time will ultimately tell if you are right. But my read on the exit interviews tells me that everyone (2Pat, Vaz, and Lowry) wants back in.

      • asifyouknow

        I have never been afraid of being a complete joke.

        I end most of my blogs like this:

        -This is just a fans opinion and from what I understand everybody has one and I’m thankful for that.-

        I see you got the Kool-Aid logo on your avatar so I assume you also have been drinking the Casey is a great coach line.

        Casey is a good coach, anybody who participates in the NBA at any level is good but as noted by many posters RIGHT HERE, he has lots of shortcoming. If you read ALL posts as I do, you would of not made the statement “But you will be hard-pressed to find someone who agrees with your opinion.”
        There are many folks here who do not like the hire.
        Please read the posts other than yours and mine. Please.

    • Mexiballer

      I see you haven’t upped your medication yet.

      • asifyouknow

        LOL….No I have not but you need to stop drinking the Kool-Aid they feeding you about how great Casey is ..

        Again he got his ass played by a kid who has never been “EVEN” and assistant coach.

        Is that statement a lie or a truth?

        End of story!!!

        • Steverino

          Well, let’s not be rash. Losing by 1 in a 7th game is not exactly getting your ass played. I agree, he’s not the best, but look what he did. The team was fun to watch for the most part. Why do you think they’ll only score in the 60s next season when that wasn’t the case this season (or last, or the year before that)?

          • asifyouknow

            It was a joke. The guy is an offensive ahhhh I’ll take the high road…lol

    • bobmasa

      Good insight, you are the one who knows exactly whos Dwane Casey I beleive without him we would have give Miami a run of their money.

      • asifyouknow

        You need to get better at smack/sarcasm my friend that was weak…lol There are actually web sites where you can learn to be cleaver. Just helping you..

    • André-Paul (A.P.)

      Lowry to the Lakers….that is funny. Kobe only has a few years left. Lowry not a proven winner. 6.4 seconds left can’t find an outlet , stay calm, once pierce jumps go around him and lay it in. He is in experienced, one good year (contract year), Lakers gonna try to win with him? Just not going to happen, especially considering Lowry’s past behavioural issues. Him and Kobe would NOT get along. Add into the fact LA media would destroy him, it would be horrible, and just not going to happen.

      • asifyouknow

        First time I’ve ever seen you here all year …who is your team?

        • André-Paul (A.P.)

          Long time forum reader but your ignorance could not keep me on the sidelines.

          • asifyouknow

            At least your motivated…..But I don’t believe you…Moving on..

    • With respect to Vasquez if you watch his post-series interview he seems to be pretty emphatic about wanting to return here.

      • asifyouknow

        Oh I know he loves Toronto, I just don’t think a defensive minded coach is going to keep him on the floor, hell Casey gave DeColo a hell of a chance to beat Vaz but it did not work out.
        GM likes Vaz but coach is not a big fan because the only thing this coach cares about is defense and Vaz is not a Casey standard D-player, you know like Salmons…lol…look for a bunch of Salmons type in his team next year. lol
        bad choice..

  • Bryan Colangelo

    06/07 once again

    Casey gonna be fired early next season

    • johng_3

      Masai doesn’t panic like BC and make changes to save his job

    • asifyouknow

      By the all-star game..

    • Bryan Colangelo

      Depends how high expectations are. If Masai swings for the fences and brings in a big free agent, than maybe, yes.

    • SR

      There is a distinct possibility of a let-down next year. Everything went really well this year and the team was generally healthy, and now expectations will be very high (aiming for 2nd round) instead of basement-level (tanking talk). It’s going to be an entirely different experience.

  • André-Paul (A.P.)

    Happy with the Casey signing, I think term of contract, 3 years is perfect. On paper, we were out classed, out talented and lacked depth vs Brooklyn. We came within 1 bucket of winning the series. Yes Casey made some questionable decisions, every single coach does. Lowry finds the outlet on that play or stays calm, gets pierce to jump (like he always does, the defensive liability he usually is) lowry could have easily just went around him and lay it in. My question is; 3 mins to go, game 7, down 9, the majority of plays happening coming out of timeout….Raps cut the lead to 1 w 6.4 secs left, oh yes Johnson torched us the last 3 mins, oh wait, we closed the lead to have a game winning shot, ya Casey worse coach ever(WTF!?). I do agree that perhaps finding a solid assistant with some X and O experience would not be a bad thing. Anyways, I am happy he is head coach to start next season. He should have better options on the roster, more experience as a head coach as well as the players. More importantly, the players will play for him and our happy with him, at the end of the day, that is very important.

  • TheSpiceTyrant

    Good news. He’s got some good x/o guys in his assistants. #poundthesubway

  • TheSpiceTyrant

    For all the naysayers out there: if you’ve ever coached you’d realize that the games are but a snapshot -a very public one- where it is easy to point to mistakes and errors. Unless your a player (or a fly on the wall) we have no idea what goes in and out of the locker room. We have no idea what goes on practices.

    There’s a saying in coaching: practice makes *permanent*. Remember that we have a core of guys who are still young, make mistakes, and will learn that practice indeed makes permanent. I think Casey and his team of assistants are on the right path in growing this team.

    • RobertArchibald

      Not to say that Casey and his staff are teaching the wrong things (no way to know), but the fact that practice makes permanent is not necessarily a positive. Practicing the wrong things means you are permanently ingraining bad habits.

      I prefer the saying “perfect practice makes perfect”. Hopefully Casey and staff are preaching the right things.

  • Truth Teller

    He seems like the right guy for this young team. He won 48 games. He deserved the contract.

  • Mugsy

    While I get all the positive comments about the re-signing and the reasons for wanting to re-sign Lowry, it still feels like a repeat of whats happened before. Sure we have promising and improving young pieces in JV, Ross, and Demar, but they’ll only truly flourish with more responsibility.

    While Lowry’s got the biggest balls in the league and his contribution this year was unmatched by anyone on the roster, I can’t see him passing or even matching that production this year while relinquishing responsibility or shot attempts. And that is what needs to happen if we ever want JV to become an all-star. If Lowry stays, so does the status quo and the ceiling for this team. It really does pain me to say this, but its how things appear. He’s a leader, and a competitor, which is a big reason why this team never gave up and over-performed, but if the team ever wants to be more than underdogs over-achieving he’ll need to change his game drastically, or they’ll need a new PG.

    Another sign that things seem to be repeating themselves, is the talk of signing Carter again. While I get the immediate benefits of having and experienced vet who can shoot the ball from the wing, it seems like another move that shows the GM is satisfied with just tweaking and adding a little experience.

    If these signigns came at a good price I’d be elated, but they probably wont, meaning the raptors hands will be tied in the future.

    • SR

      I partly agree – things could play out this way (re: continued guard-heavy play). My hope is that as some of the other young guys develop, DD and KL (if he’s here) recognize that and the offfence becomes more evenly distributed. I actually cringed all year whenever Jack mentioned the “second highest scoring backcourt” or whatever it happened to be at the time. Even this year I didn’t really want KL and DD dominating the offense so much – they have very capable teammates and quality shots generated by good ball movement were replaced with iso play and contested jumpers. I think KL recognizes that he can impact the game in multiple ways – he only takes 12+ FGA when he feels he needs to. I’m more worried about DD’s self-image as Kobe 2.0. DeMar’s a solid guy and I respect his game, but if he cuts down on his shot attempts by just a few a game and works on his 3-pt range and defense, he’ll hit the next level.

      • Mugsy

        I agree. If Lowry can keep his leadership and competitive nature (contagious) while realizing the necessity of relinquishing responsibility (not just shots) than thats a perfect scenario.

        The problem is that it seems the two come hand in hand. Because of his competitiveness and will to win he seems to want to control the game, certainly in important possessions and becomes to ball dominant. But a guy can hope… The other problem is how much they’ll pay him (and Carter for that matter). Thats an even bigger issue, as in the short term he’s clearly a good leader and good for the team. But with rumors of other teams (Lakers) wanting him its tough to think the Raps will get a home discount.

        As for demar, I completely agree. His most important area of improvement should be shot selection, and then defense.

  • Jonathan Lealand


  • BadDinosaur

    There are some things that I don’t like with Casey, some rotations and X’s and O’s on offensive side as mentioned here, but there is nothing more important than continuity for a young developing team. Just like the team has grown over the season and the POs, Casey has too. I’m happy with these news. Considering that Lowry and the entire team have developed a bond with Casey, it’s all good. They will all improve together, including Casey. All we need is sign another good big that would contribute well off the bench and replace Salmons with a SF that can also contribute in a more productive way. That and the internal growth should be enough for a deep PO run and maybe even a chip. Just resign Lowry ASAP.

    P.S. heard that JV will be working out with Olajuwon over the summer. This is great. Can’t wait for next season. JV is gonna be ready for 18 and 10

  • Rapchat

    I like it! I know DC has shortcomings but you’d be a righteous fool to change coaches after a franchise year. He deserves this. Most wins on the road ever- HUGE. You have to ride the hot hand. Plus I think it would be a pr disaster to switch coaches after this kind of year. It would confuse a lottttttt of people. There is no reason to believe this core with DC will not continue to improve. In my mind, we should expect 50 wins and at least 2nd round next year. I’ll take it.

  • asifyouknow

    Quick question do you think this decision was made by the GM or by the ownership to keep the fans happy , is this a marketing move or a real bsketball move.

    My opinion: This was not the GM’s decision

    • DC

      Strongly disagree. Anything different would be poor management. Not saying there weren’t high-level discussions about such an important corporate decision.

      • Rapchat

        I think it was the right choice on all fronts. There is much to argue about DC but there are glaring facts to warrant the contract as well. People say he was lucky, hey, I’ll take luck any day, just keep it up. We shall see. Nothing is forever and I like this decision for at least next year to see if we can build on this great season with the main parts still in place. I believe THIS team deserves another shot at it, with addition of some nice pieces this summer, hopefully.

  • dribbles

    I don’t think anybody should be too upset about this. If the team under-performs, and remember the expectations are going to be higher, he can always be fired. Coaches don’t count against the cap and I don’t think this management is going to hold on to a coach for the sake of being cheap.

    He definitely has his pros…players have developed under him, they play hard and seem to respect him, and maybe most importantly he should get a lot of credit for the great chemistry on this team. He’s also a humble guy by all accounts and wants to get better himself. He’s just not a great tactician and doesn’t adjust well on the fly. That stuff matters. Hopefully he improves in those areas.

  • asifyouknow

    Mark Jackson fired….that would of been the coach for Toronto…missed on that one..

  • Raptor fan15

    My opinion is if he has the players trust and they believe in what he is preaching, then you are already a step ahead. Too many big egos in any professional sport, not an easy job to try and channel all those egos and personalities. Been a fan since their inception in ’95, never had I seen the Raptor’s play with this much intensity! landing Wiggins in 3 years is my pinnacle, hopefully he plays for some marinaded vets who can teach him the ropes so we get him ready to explode:)

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