This week on The Dr Is In with Phdsteve were talking Raptors.  Time has passed but the hurt still remains.  I’ve called together the World Wide Roundtable for an end of season review and my brother Mike and Blair join me to take a few moments to go back and relive the highs and lows of the greatest season in team history.

In particular we look at:

  • Initial thoughts The Raps Vs BKN and the series as a whole
  • Some more specific concerns or feelings about what happened in game 7
  • A detailed breakdown of the final play itself

Then we back out to gain some perspective and talk about:

  • The big gains made in a 48 win season (best season ever)
  • The “internal organic growth” this season

Then we look forward to the summer:

  • Where are the holes in this roster?
  • Who stays? Who goes? And who NEEDS to go?
  • Early potential FA targets
  • Early prospects for pick #20

We close with a discussion on the resigning of Dwayne Casey

After we are done talking Raptors we are treated to a guest appearance on the World Wide Roundtable from sunny Los Angeles, California, where friend of the podcast Anthony Q. Farrell from Worst Show on the Web gives us his second round playoff predictions.  Don’t forget to follow Anthony on Twitter @aqfarrell and the show @worsttwit and to check it out each and every week!

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6 Responses to “Dr Is In Podcast, May 9 – This is not the end”

  1. Wiley

    Ross definitely didn’t do shit in this series but the fuck you talking about “No contribution what so ever over the seven game series from either Ross or Valanciunas” ? Valanciunas??? JV WAS A FUCKING BEAST in the first 3 games then basically got taken out of his game by the refs and Casey’s dumb ass rotations. To say he contributed nothing after he averaged 10.8 and 9.7 at twenty one years of age in his first playoff series is ridiculous.
    Fuckin Ph.D Steve… get your shit together man

    • raptors phdsteve

      Wiley, no need to swear. Thats just rude and uncalled for.

      If you’ve ever listened to a podcast all year then you will know that I am (and have been since draft night) probably the strongest, loudest, and most ardent supporter of JV in Toronto media and stuck by him when many Raptors know-it-alls bailed on him. Thats a fact.

      Having said that I agree with your assesment of many of the reasons why JV didnt do more and I am eqaully upset about htose too. BUT the point is still valid that the Raptors could rely on him in crunch time and there was never a single game or stretch of a game in this series where he was the difference, which is sad because he was playing against Andrey Blatche & KG who both dominated key moments of games that led to Nets victories.

      • Kevin S.

        They never went to JV in crunch time. Casey wanted the ball in Lowry or DeRozans hands down the stretch. Whenever JV got the ball (which was usually early in the game) he would bully the Nets guys and he did a great job on the boards. Considering the amount of touches he gets, he played very well in my opinion.

  2. De Colo

    They dont even have a real backup center but ya, lets try to get everything else first

  3. soup

    like the D’antoni idea but the thing that scares me its the his offence would not use Jonas at all


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