Politics and sports mix as well as cyanide and happiness.

Do you know what today is? Today is “Raptors Day” in the beautiful city of Toronto. Go ahead, mark it on your calendars and free-up the rest of your schedule. Today is our day! Pay no attention to the fact that the other 364 belong to the Leafs (suck it, Jays!)

Of course, if you’re reading this here on a site entitled “Raptors Republic”, there’s a good chance that every day is “Raptors Day” for you. But for the rest of the bandwagon fans in this glorious Greater Toronto Area of ours, this give credence to their newfangled fandom in ways only politicans and corporate sponsors can. Enjoy it!

Or, if you can’t muster the love in your heart to welcome our fellow bandwagonners, at least enjoy this (via: Herbert the new CBS write-ert):

If you’re looking for advice on how this day is to be best celebrated, heed the words of occasional guest-poster Alex Wong:

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  • Guest

    I hope a couple of people showed up even if this was held a week too late.

  • Norm

    Sweet. Day off work.

    • Norm

      Update: I was fired…

      • arsenalist


      • DDayLewis

        Oof. Sorry to hear.

  • jjdynomite

    Quite impressed that Greivis is doing the community outreach rounds… and the guy is a pending restricted free agent! Is he even getting paid every two weeks at the moment? Will this be the first case where a player agent drops his client because the player has put himself into such a poor bargaining position due to his openly professed love for the Raptors? Will Masai rip up GV’s $3.2 million qualifying offer and put in front of him a veteran’s minimum deal (with a per diem included, as per the Talking Raptors guys)? I know there are likely more Venezuelan hangouts in Toronto than Memphis, New Orleans and Sacramento combined, but seriously. So many questions….