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Most impressive was Vasquez’s shooting from deep. Not known as a good shooter prior to his arrival in Toronto, Vasquez shot 38% from beyond the arc this season as a Raptor. Just as importantly, he was fearless. Granted, that quality could get frustrating at times — he had a tendency to fall in love with his shot — but for a team not exactly blessed with great shooting, his unswerving confidence was crucial. He was, as Bill Simmons would say, the Raps’ ‘irrational confidence guy’. Vasquez’s value to the team was underlined further in the playoffs, where at times he became the third scoring option after DeRozan and Lowry. With Ross struggling, Casey gave Vasquez heavy minutes with Lowry in the backcourt, with DeRozan shifted down to the 3. Vasquez, as he often did during the regular season, allowed Lowry to play off the ball and take advantage of his catch-and-shoot abilities. Vasquez will be an RFA this summer, and unless some team extends an outrageous offer sheet, Ujiri will surely re-sign the Venezuelan point-guard.

Greivis Vasquez Says Kevin Durant Will Lead Raptors to an NBA Title Someday | Bleacher Report

Hayes: It was announced ‘Raptors Day’ on Monday here in Toronto, and you guys just got to the first round. What do you think the city would be like if you ever won a title here? Vasquez: Well, imagine if we get KD, Kevin Durant, 2016. Hayes: That’s your guy, too, right? Vasquez: And he’ll lead us to a championship. Hayes: Are you calling your shot right now, Kevin Durant coming to Toronto? Vasquez: I think he’ll have statues right outside the ACC.

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Toronto fans generally don’t need extra motivation to get all riled up, but Vasquez is certainly giving them some. It’s a wonder there aren’t people walking around the city in custom-made Durant Raptors jerseys yet. The timing of this is hilarious for two reasons: 1) One week ago, Durant accepted his MVP award by thanking each of his Oklahoma City Thunder teammates individually, and talking about how much the team meant to him; 2) Vasquez will be a free agent in July, and while he has emphatically and repeatedly stated that he wants to return, there is no guarantee he will be back in Toronto.

Vasquez: Raptors can be East version of OKC | TSN

A key contributor in the post-Rudy Gay trade turnaround that had the Raptors within a basket of the second round, Greivis Vasquez says he is hoping to be back to Toronto next year as he looks to help build upon what his young squad accomplished last season. The restricted free agent joined TSN 1050 to discuss the high expectations he has for the team moving forward and how he’s comfortable sharing the backcourt with Kyle Lowry.

Why Dwane Casey Turned Out to Be Right Coach for Toronto Raptors After All | Bleacher Report

Consistency in positions of authority is something the Raptors have rarely had, mainly because they haven’t done a whole lot of winning. Casey is one of the main reasons why the philosophies of the team are starting to change for the better. Ujiri couldn’t afford to lose that. The blockbuster trade in December that sent Rudy Gay to the Sacramento Kings could have been the final nail in the coffin for the season, but not with Casey at the helm. He not only integrated his new assets into his system with relative ease, but he also helped save a floundering 6-12 team by turning them into one of the big surprises around the NBA

Kyle Lowry – The Ultimate Warrior | Raptors Rapture

We’ve witnessed energy, team play, fancy and attractive basketball, many wins (franchise record of 48) and playoff series. We’ve also witnessed leadership and superb basketball skills and stats from two of the players: DeMar DeRozan and Kyle Lowry. The first, DeRozan had been awarded with an all-star appearance, first of his career, and the second one, Lowry, lost his All-Star appearance for a vote, which been given to the Toronto Raptors “exterminator” during the Playoff series (20 pts per game), Joe Johnson of Brooklyn Nets. In my opinion, the true leader of this Raptors team, and the true all-star, is Kyle Lowry. His leadership on and off the floor, his unselfish but also very effective play (21 pts 4.7 ats, 4.7 rebs during playoffs and 18 pts, 7.4 apg and 4.7 rpg during the regular season), his energy on defence and offence made him the “king” of this team, and the true franchise player. We must give credit to DeMar for his performance this season, and for his season by season improvement, but Lowry’s performance this year was critical for this team’s success.

Lakers Nation Free Agent Of The Week: Kyle Lowry | Lakers Nation

Because of his tremendous season with the Raptors, Lowry is expected to demand a significant raise. While he can be considered one of the top point guards in the league, he doesn’t deserve a max contract of around $16 million a year. A more realistic range for Lowry is in the $9-11 million range. Landing With Lakers Odds: 10 to 1 The Lakers could potentially have a need at the point guard position. Steve Nash confessed the Lakers cant rely on him to be completely healthy and be consistent producer.

Q & A with Raptors Watch Writers | Raptors Watch

I think Gasol could work well with Valanciunas in a starting role, or even coming off of the bench. He can hit mid-range shots, is still a decent defender and on a good day has one of the best post games in the league. The major problem with him is his health, but that can be overlooked since he also adds veteran experience to a team who clearly missed that against Brooklyn.

Fans Rightfully Irritated By Toronto Raptors Day | Rant Sports

Likely to the dismay of both City Hall and Toronto’s front office, Raptors fans didn’t waste any time expressing their frustration over the misguided publicity stunt, and in a related article from Monday’s edition of the Toronto Sun entitled ”Raptors Day Declared”, one in particular left a comment that echoed those feelings: ”Don’t get me wrong, I love my Raptors, but this is silly. Wait until they actually win something. I doubt that this was decided upon by actual knowledgeable sports fans, they would see the ”cringe factor” in doing it.” Evident from the many comments posted that express this same general reaction, this fan wasn’t alone in his or her frustration; and going forward, it would be wise for those responsible for these type of Raptors-related events to learn that there’s a fine line between praising a team for a job well done, and an over-publicized photo-op that insults the intelligence of that team’s fanbase.

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  • why

    Lowry is best suited to an alpha dog role like he had with The Raps last year – if he went to LA or Miami he would be a support player which, I think he would struggle with (FWIW and IMO LAL will not be able to move forward until Kobe is gone – I am sure he will take lots of shots and score his share of points however he is too old and too much of a ball hog to lead a winning team any more) .

  • dunkmycat7

    2 years ago I was FREAKING out about Steve Nash. BC and his lackey mouthpiece Doug Smith thought that this was THE BEST IDEA EVER…Well – SO NOT !! Don’t get me wrong, LOVE Steve -Nash …from 10 years ago. Yeah I REALLY wanted him to come to T.O. too….but to take BC’s job – not to be a pretty much washed up always injured 57 year old PG on a young developing team.
    If the Lakers STEAL KL to replace Nash in LA I’m gonna poop my diapers.
    I don’t like this kind of irony.

  • Bo4

    If Kyle goes anywhere else, he’s a fool, and will deserve the consequences he runs into. The grass is not always greener on the other side of the hill, no matter how much green they throw at you.

  • jakdripr

    The simple fact is the best move for both parties is for Lowry to stay, he’s finally found a fit after bouncing around the league for so long. If he leaves, he’ll probably regret it, but I also think it’ll REALLY crush this fanbase. Things seem to finally be turning around for our city so to lose another good player to free agency would be horrible.

    On a separate note, I’ve been on the Pau Gasol gravy train for a while now, I think of the 3 free agents listed he’ll probably have the most impact on and off the court. With that said, if we can get Deng for cheap ill also be behind that. Getting either would also bolster our bench since we’d be sending Ross or Amir there, although I’m not sure how the former would react to coming off the bench.

    Once again, I’m glad I’m not Masai this summer, so many tough decisions.

    • Bo4

      Ross is deluded if he thinks this year’s performance was that of a starter on an above average team. This is the NBA now. Nobody cares if you’re unhappy. All anybody cares about id on-court production. There’s lots of decent basketball players sitting out of the rotation, like Tyler. Suck it up, Terrance! GET BETTER!

      • jjdynomite

        “Decent basketball players”….? Oh, now I get it, you’re talking about Tyler Zeller.

    • asifyouknow

      I fell that Vaz playing will benefit from Lowry being here…….if Vaz can stay to play with Amir and and Patterson on the floor for some.significant minutes that would be a hell of a team. Off the.bench…..if Raptors could bring in a big time forward to start and play Amir off the bench……it be a great team

      • jakdripr

        No doubt. Can’t wait for free agency, although truth be told we’ll probably not make any major moves if we successfully keep the core together. Although trades are always an option. Man I can’t wait for free agency.

  • asifyouknow

    Vasquez needs to go home and wait for his offer ….his mouth is even anoying me….lol