Looking Ahead to the Draft: Who Ya Want?

The draft is coming up. Tell us who you want and why.

On Tuesday, the NBA will hold it’s annual Draft Lottery to determine who selects where on June 26. For a change, this has no impact on the Toronto Raptors, who will select at numbers 20, 37 and 59 this year.

That raises the question as to who you would like to see the team draft. Tim W. has been doing some work covering prospects but as the draft draws closer, we’ll want to focus in even more on players that are being tied to the Raptors via buzz or RR comments. Here’s how Draft Express and ESPN currently have the 15-25 range looking, though the combine that took place this week will surely change things next week.

Selection ESPN DX
15 James Young James Young
16 PJ Hairston TJ Warren
17 Clint Capela Kyle Anderson
18 Cleanthony Early Clint Capela
19 Adreian Payne KJ McDaniels
20 Jerami Grant Jerami Grant
21 Jusuf Nurkic Adreian Payne
22 KJ McDaniels Rodney Hood
23 Elfrid Payton Kristaps Porzingis
24 TJ Warren PJ Hairston
25 Rodney Hood Jordan Adams

Obviously, the issue with thinking about these things now is that there is a ton of fluidity in the picks in that range. We also don’t have a clue what the Raptors are going to do this offseason, but that’s still going to be true on draft night, so it’s of little concern this early.

All we really want to hear this weekend is who you want and why, and what you think the Raptors’ approach to the draft should be. We’ll try our best to sort through the comments and guide some pre-draft content in the direction of the themes therein.

Have a good weekend everyone!

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