I hate to break it to everyone, but in all likelihood, Andrew Wiggins ain’t walking through that door.

While it hasn’t really seemed a realistic possibility since the Toronto Raptors turned their season around in the weeks following the Rudy Gay trade, it certainly seemed a likely goal in the immediate aftermath. Even once the tank was unquestionably “off,” the idea remained that there may be some way for the Raptors to still end up with the hometown hero.

It’s not happening.

This isn’t news, of course, but after reaching out to bloggers from teams who have picks ahead of the Raptors’ No. 20 selection, it seems unlikely that, barring a major and unexpected trade, the Raptors won’t be moving up to select anywhere in the lottery, Wiggins or otherwise.

Depending on how you evaluate this draft class, that may not be a concern. The fluidity in rankings for the prospects in the 10-30 range is such that you may prefer a player at 20, anyway, who you may not need to trade up for. Still, I wanted to evaluate the possibility, so I reached out.

Raptor Assets
Before we get into responses, here are the assets that the Raptors could conceivably offer a team in any draft day deal:

Picks No. 20, 37 and 59 in 2014 draft
Own 2015 picks
Own 2016 1st, NY 2016 1st (lower of NY/Den)
Own 2017 picks, NY 2017 2nd
All own picks 2018-2020
DeMar DeRozan, Amir Johnson, Landry Fields, Chuck Hayes, Steve Novak, Jonas Valanciunas, Terrence Ross (roster players)
Patrick Patterson, Greivis Vasquez, Nando De Colo (RFAs sign-and-trade)
Kyle Lowry (UFA sign-and-trade)
John Salmons ($7M/2M), Tyler Hansbrough ($3.3M/1M) non-guaranteed deals (total/guaranteed)

Trading Up
As mentioned, I reached out to bloggers from the teams selecting ahead of the Raptors to see if moving up was reasonable. Basically, I sent them the list of assets above and asked “what would it take to get Pick X,” and they were kind enough to respond, for the most part.

Cleveland Cavaliers – No. 1
From Conrad Kaczmarek
“They don’t have anything, I don’t think.”

That one’s pretty obvious. Really, any of the top three or four picks are franchise changers, either via the player drafted or for the return it could fetch on the open market, which the Raps simply can’t match.

Milwaukee Bucks – No. 2
From Eric Buenning

For the #2, I’d hazard that the return would have to be pretty overwhelming. They love where they are.

I don’t know if there is something as readily appealing as this high pick, but if you offered Lowry, Ross, Amir, and at least one of the first rounders, I think they’d listen. Still probably wouldn’t pull the trigger though. They are pumped to be in a position to pick a franchise changing talent.”

Philadelphia 76ers – Nos. 3, 10
From Andrew Unterberger
“For the Sixers pick at #3, I don’t think you could put together a package that would really tempt us. DeMar and Lowry are too expensive and don’t really give us the type of production we’re looking for, and Jonas overlaps too much with Nerlens Noel for his inclusion to really get us in the room. You could include all (and I mean all) of your available first rounders and maybe Hinkie thinks about it, but I doubt it. This is our chance to get a potential franchise guy, and I don’t think there’s anything you could offer to make up for giving that up.

For #10, I’m also not sure there’s much you could offer us. Maybe if Hinkie likes Terrence Ross you could do #20 and Ross, or #20 and a couple future picks (one of which would have to be that 2016 Knicks pick), but I think the #10 pick from this draft means enough to the Sixers that it’d probably take an overpay on Toronto’s part to get it, and I’m not really sure why or if they’d do that.

Bottom line: I don’t think we like your players enough to make this work. Though really, it’s not them, it’s us.”

Orlando Magic – Nos. 4, 12
From Eddy Rivera
“Unless it was a Godfather offer, I don’t see any scenario where the Magic would trade their two lottery picks. Pretty cut-and-dry for Orlando.”

Utah Jazz – No. 5
I didn’t get a response from Utah, but given what’s available and their stated new direction, it seems unlikely they’d take a package of future assets, of which they already have plenty, for a pick that could land them a potential All-Star.

Boston – Nos. 6, 17
From Michael Pina
“The only player on Toronto’s roster the Celtics could find value for with their 6th overall pick is Jonas Valanciunas. For 17: Terrence Ross? Maybe?”

Okay, well once you’re out of the “big three” or four prospects, the Raptors probably aren’t giving up Valanciunas, a known commodity and potentially budding star, for a player who might be as good, but maybe not. A slide up three spots hardly seems a worthwhile endeavor.

Los Angeles Lakers – No. 7
From Andrew Ungvari
“Given that the Lakers two biggest needs are a PG and a big that can either replace or play alongside a re-signed Pau Gasol, there isn’t much the Lakers and Raptors can discuss. If the Lakers were interested in Lowry, they’d prefer to try and sign him outright and use their #7 pick on either Randle, Vonleh, or Gordon than trade it for a sign-and-traded Lowry. Would the Lakers consider trading the pick for Jonas? Sure they’d consider it. But the Raptors wouldn’t. Given the fact that the Lakers have nearly half of their cap already committed to just Kobe and Steve Nash, I would assume that the opportunity to add a significant player on a $2M rookie contract for the next three years is more appealing to them than trading it for a non-superstar making more than that.”

There was a slight hope that if the Lakers moved up in the lottery, the Raptors could somehow become a player by sign-and-trading Lowry, sending another piece or two to be absorbed into the Lakers’ cap space, and being willing to take on the troublesome final year of Steve Nash’s contract, but not only is said scenario still incredibly unlikely, it doesn’t make a lot of sense for the Raptors if the carrot is “just” No. 7.

Sacramento – No. 8
From Jonathan Santiago
“The Kings would probably want a deal involving Kyle Lowry or Valanciunas if they were to trade the No. 8. A deal with Lowry seems more plausible, but even then – the guy is a free agent so they could just sign him out-right if Rudy opts out.”

Charlotte – No. 9
Again, nobody responded, but given Charlotte’s desperate need for shooting and the number of shooters available here, it seems unlikely a deal would make much sense.

Nos. 11-16, 18-19
It wouldn’t make a great deal of sense to trade a present-day asset to move up just a few spots, especially given how close many of the prospects in this range are. Should the Raptors really like a player here and want to dive in, perhaps kicking in a second-round pick or taking back some salary would be enough, but this kind of deal won’t move the needled much.

Okay, So…
Yeah, “so” what? Nothing, really, but since I was the one who pitched the “Webber Wiggins” idea earlier in the season, I felt it only forthright of me to now point out that it’s unlikely.

The issue, I suppose, is that everyone has a more immediate time frame than what a “Webber-like” offer would provide value within, unless the team with the high pick suddenly lost all leverage (like in the Eric Lindros case, though Peter Forsberg and a gang of other assets is hardly a bad return). The No. 20 pick and first rounders in 2016, 2018 and 2020 is a serious price for a top-three pick, but it’s also one a rebuilding team is unlikely to like. For one, the GM may not be around to enjoy the acquired picks. For another, the assumption would be that the Raptors would be good, so the value of those future picks is, if not bad then less certain. History suggests that top picks are, not surprisingly, far more valuable than later ones, and it’s unlikely that four No. 20 picks – four quarters for a dollar, basically – would make sense for any team, let alone a rebuilding one searching for a star.

HOWEVER…once the Raptors land Kevin Durant as a free agent in 2016, Wiggins will surely follow as a free agent in 2018. So just be patient.

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  • Rick

    This is just a pointless article!!!! Why even bother. Why the heck will raptors trade up you nd talent ab docks for wiggins. Because he’s a hometown hero? I like him but give me a break already. We made playoffs hen we want to trade guys to take steps back again?
    If wiggins wants to be in toronto people wake up! He could come here in free agency after rookie deal. Wake up! Stop posting crap and talk about possible moves trades this summer raptors could make besides the draft.

    • Nilanka15

      Making the playoffs isn’t much of an accomplishment. Suggesting we should keep the team together because we made the playoffs is a weak argument.

      Masai’s gotta keep players who he thinks have value long-term, and acquire more such players. If a deal for Wiggins materializes (as unlikely as it is), he has to think hard about it. Even if it makes taking a temporary step back next year.

      • sleepz

        They will most likely take a step back next year anyways, if the team is kept as is.

        • jjdynomite

          Sure, sleepz, because everybody knows sophomores like JV and T-Ross are bound to regress in their 3rd year in the league. As would 5th year RFAs like PP and GV, who played exceptionally well after joining the Raptors. As would a 6th year player like DeMar who has only improved every year he’s been in the league.

          /goez against all evidenz to the contrary
          /thinks that if the Sixerz draft Wigginz the Raps lose the Atlantic
          /haterz are moronz

          • sleepz

            Not a hater at all. Just think the east won’t be as weak, they won’t be surprising anyone, and much of this season mirrors the last time they won the division.

            You can call me a hater or a moron all you want but if you think that they are going to exceed 50 wins and be a top 3 seed again this year we’ll have to see what happens

            Love your evidence of sustaining winning. Players are a year older so they have to get better….because you know regression never happens to young players, they all get better just because right? Guys getting paid in contract years almost assures they will come back the next year with an even bigger chip on their shoulders right?
            Demar is only improving and will be an elite 2 guard next year because his handles and shot selection have to get better just because right?

            Who said anything about the Sixers or Wiggins? I’m talking Raps, hombre.

            You think spouting off is providing evidence? Try again Matlock.

            • Mugsy

              Totally agree with this. While you’d have to be an idiot to not think improvement is a possibility with the young talent we have, its FAR from a guarantee. The two biggest reasons this team improved this past year are unlikely to happen again without further change. 1) A major piece was moved (Gay) that allowed others to step up into bigger roles (the young guys, Derozan, Lowry, pretty much everybody), and 2) Lowry was in a contract year. If the roster stays the same, Lowry will have gotten his (don’t mean that in the negative sense), and with him still “the man” its unlikely either Ross or JV get a much bigger role. Thus putting a cap on the team’s potential, if the young guys improving is what that potential is based on.

              I’ve said this before, and I stand by it… Lowry while the heart of the team this past season, is still a ball-dominant player, and makes his presence felt for the most part by scoring big buckets himself, not distributing and allowing others develop. Lot of people hate on Casey for the limited touches JV received which is probably partly true, but part of that has to do with what type of guard play you have. I’m not saying JV deserved more touches (actually think easing him into the roll is good), or Lowry isn’t a capable passer, just stating point.

          • mike

            You really like “z”

            • Haim not Feldman

              As long as it’s not world war. Can’t stand zombiez

      • Haim not Feldman

        Word up. Keep players that have long term value, and if an offer does come for an alpha dawg player, take the risk as long as he’s a character guy with skills like Amir and Lowry. But by all means, stay away from guys who say they’re ill but are out partying or who like front row seats and show off their bling. Let’s just concentrate on Lowry for now, we know what we’ve got with Kyle.

    • rapierraptor

      Sorry that the free content isn’t to your liking, Rick.

  • GoingBig

    Nice effort to measure the atmosphere out there for trading up. Those teams ok with trading their pick are asking too much.
    Totally ignored Wiggins because he won’t make it past the 3rd pick. If he plummets, it’s got to be some deal Masai makes on the fly.
    I don’t see MU selling the farm for the maybes of Wiggins. Wiggins is just not that over-powering in terms of shifting a team to elite. 2nd option at best.

  • TheR3dMenace

    These poor bastards who endured a year of tanking are seriously delusional as to the calibre of players in this draft and the return they’d demand. Jonas overlaps with Noel??!! pls Noel is junk! He’ll struggle to put up Ben Wallace’s offensive numbers. Terrence Ross for pick 17??!! GTFO. I guess that’s because with all the losing and misery all they’ve paid attention to is the hope that one of these guys will be a be an all-star 6-7 years from now.

  • Rap fan 2

    I think we have a good shot getting him in free agency. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.


    everybody overrates the draft picks sooo much. boston says #17 pick for jv hahaha that was a good one. we already have a good team there is no guarentee that any of those prospects will be much better then derozan or jv. to give derozan up for anything less then a top 5 pick is stupid. trading for potential is dangerous. why would we trade ross who was the #7 pick for a low lottery pick? doesnt make any sense

    • http://www.twitter.com/nickwernham Nick Wernham

      I think that Boston was saying that they’d want JV for the number six pick, but that the Raptors wouldn’t go for it. They’d want Ross for 17.

      The Raptors almost certainly wouldn’t benefit from the first move. The latter is more uncertain, but I’d probably stand pat too.

  • Alex Vostrikov

    wiggins for derozan straight up… and Toronto may not make the playoffs next year. and lowry is gone for sure….
    and then you are on ground zero again… no one wants to sign and play for loser team.
    wiggins was not in the drivers seat and proved nothing last season, against college kids. what will happen in the nba??? lol
    forget about it, build through scouts and character guys. don’t trade up the whole team for one kid

  • EmarErozan

    Terrence Ross and #20 for MKG and #9. MKG is the player we need to have – great athlete, finisher, rebounder and potential to be a stopper vs 1-4 allowing the raptors versatility and switch ability. Over the next 4 years (the Lebron years), nobody gets out of the east without a guy like this.

    The options at #9 for shooters to fill the T-Ross shooting skill set abound, or we could grab Tyler Ennis as a Vazquez of the future.

  • Gerald

    Listen, unless these kids are having bionics installed, they’re just basketball players with potential. Every team that suffered by being run over by a tank has rookie coloured glasses on. There’s no question this is a special class…so? Who would seriously gut a team to take somebody who might be a franchise player? Who would trade away all stars for a guy who will PROBABLY be an all star? All these Bloggers are having a little light shone on them for the first time this year and their pubes are getting excited. Any entertainment of their megalomaniacal delusions isn’t smart basketball management. The right and judicious moves as opposed to the home run swings…that’s what Masai has done his whole career and that’s what he will continue to do.

  • Jensan

    There are 2nd 1st rounds picks up for grabs, and that is where Salmons and Hansborough come into play. Lot of the quality teams who have 2nd 1st round picks, will be pleased to save 8.3 million dollars in salary cap, and have a big price player to take off their hands. Oklahoma with Perkins and the 29th pick, Chicago with Boozer with the 19th pick.
    Philadelphia 2nd 1st rounder and Young for TRoss plus Johnson.
    Magic T Ross for 2nd 1st Rounder from Orlando.
    My favorite is Lee + Draymond Greene/Harrison Barnes for Salmons and Hansborough plus Fields plus 2nd round pick, you upgrade your 2nd to a 1st rounder for Harrison Barnes.

  • rapsfan

    keep the pick, and try to get TJ warren, he’s an excellent off the ball player so he wont disrupt the chemistry, also hes a big SF which the raptors are looking for. Hes a perfect fit for the raps, and if i was masai id take him in a heartbeat if hes available at 20.

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