This week on The Doctor is In with Phdsteve, we place our draft coverage on hold for a week with an updated big board 2.0 coming next Friday.

Joined by my brother Mike (who knows college basketball), Greg Mason (the brain from the south), and Blair Miller from The Fifth Quarter Blog we branch out to explore the marketplace and play a game that really can help divert you away from hours of real work!  Its called 6 Degrees of Separation: How to get to 50 wins and while Sam Holako builds Raptors Republic an iPhone app to play this game, here are the simple rules (listeners and readers are encouraged to post their ideas on How to get to 50 wins in the comments section below)

6 Degrees of Separation: How to get to 50 wins

Assuming the Raptors brass grant Ujiri the chance to spend the same amount of money in 2014 as he did in 2013 (when the Raptors were a tax team) you have 70 million dollars to build a 2014 roster that wins 50 games in the East.  And because continuity and chemistry are important to team success, you only get to make a MAXIMUM of 6 moves/ changes to the existing roster.

But there are some caveats:

  1. For arguments sake, we will all use as official for $ and years.
  2. You can go over the salary cap but only within league rules (ie/ using Bird rights)  see Larry Coon for any cap related issues
  3. You can sign FAs or RFAs within the CBA form this ESPN list BUT you must pay fair market value + a premium for being a Canadian team
  4. You have your first round pick #20 that comes with a cap hit of approximately $1.2 million that you must wither use or deal (You also have 2 second round draft picks that you may use but don’t have to because they are non-guaranteed contracts)
  5. You can trade players but all trades must be verified by the trade machine  and must also be verified by logic (for example, just because Okafor for Kevin Love works in the trade machine does make it a legitimate trade)
  6. You have to fill all 13 roster spaces
  7. You start with 39 million already committed to the books (that includes 646, 000 cap hit for the Camby buy out)
  8. If you are applying multiples of the same roster transaction it counts as one move:
  • move 1:  Make qualifying offer to Vasquez (3.2 mil) but rescind qualifying offers for Patterson and De Colo and pick up the team option for Amir Johnson (7mil) but cut Stone and Buycks.
  • move 2: With the #20 pick draft Glen Robinson III (1.2 mil) and then draft and sign Patric Young and Melvin Ejim in the second round (800,000 ea)

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  • 2damkule


    anyway, steve…i know you didn’t want math stuff being discussed, but in your breakdown, you reduced the $1M for each of salmons & hansbrough from the salary total…they would actually need to be added to it, since they each have $1M guaranteed, and can be bought out for that amount. not sure it impacts anything either way.

  • ckh26

    Great Podcast…. So here my spin at the game of playing GM
    If I am GM for a day then I make the following moves and it costs 70-72M

    1. Decline Team Options on Amir Salmons and Hansbrough.

    2. RFA offers to Greg Monroe

    3.UFA offer to Emeka Okafor + Kyle Lowry + Patrick Paterson + Grevis Vasquez

    4. Draft a SF and a PF
    5.Waive DeColo+Bukys+Stone



    DeMar Derozan – SG 1$9,500,000
    Under Contract

    John almons

    Buyout Residual

    Amir Johnson – PF 1
    Team Option Not Exercised

    Landry Fields -SF 3
    Under Contract

    Kyle Lowry – PG 1
    Signed FA 4 Yrs 43M

    Chuck Hayes – C 3
    Under Contract

    Steve Novak -PF 3
    Under Contract

    Jonas Valanciunas C 1
    Under Contract

    Tyler Hansbrough
    Buyout Residual

    Patrick Patterson PF 2
    4 Years 24M

    Marcus Camby *
    Buyout Residual

    Terrence Ross SF 1
    Under Contract

    Greivis Vasquez PG/SG 2
    3 Years 13.5M

    Nando De Colo PG 3
    No qualifying Offer

    20th Draft Pick – TJ WARREN SF
    Salary Scale





    Greg Monre RFA
    RFA Offer Sheet

    Jarnell Stokes – Draft Pick 37 PF 3
    Replaces Tyler

    Emeka Okafor FA C2
    FA – MLE @Taxpayer Rate



    Quentin Richardson *
    End of Contract

    D.J. Augustin *

    Julyan Stone

    Dwight Buycks

    Amir Johnson – PF 1
    Decline Option





    Depth Chart




    Novak Fields




    • Blair Miller

      I like the Monroe idea, and I know our man Greg would too, but from what I’ve been reading StanVan is pretty committed to re-signing him in Detroit so I didn’t go that route. I REALLY wanted to add Gordon Hayward, but since he’s a restricted FA it was hell trying to figure out a realistic trade in the ESPN trade machine, as per our rules (his contract $ in the machine is still his rookie contract with the Jazz, so any reasonable offer for a sign-and-trade with Utah wasn’t allowed). I’m sure I’ll beat this drum in future podcasts leading up to the draft, but I think Heyward would give the Raps a bit of almost everything they need: Height, depth (push a good player to the bench), rebounding, someone to receive the ball in the perimeter area and distribute/slash from there (wish DeRozan was better at that). His deep shot needs work, but that’s a serviceable weakness.

      • 2damkule

        monroe kinda scares me…worried about his D, that he’s not going to stretch the D on offense, and would generally clog the paint with JV, making drives for DD, ross, lowry et al more difficult.

        alternatively…he’s a legit starting 4, is a great passer, and may have just been sucked into the vortex of DEEE-TROIT BASKETBALL that withers the spirt, so maybe a change of scenery would benefit him. agree, though, can’t see detroit/SVG getting rid of him. if you’ve got a big bag of shit, and there’s a diamond buried in there, you put on some gloves & dig out the diamond, and hold onto that sucker, throwing the shit away as needed.

        i’m not sure what the appeal is for GH unless you’re getting him at a good deal (possible, given the season utah had, and he wasn’t exactly spectacular). i’m not sure he’s really going to move the needle that much more than what you could reasonably expect from ross thru natural progression (except worse D)….but yeah, depth is nice.

        • rapierraptor

          I’d love to see Monroe in a Raps’ uni but I’m not holding my breath. If I am Stan Van Gundy, I’m doing everything in my power to sell Prokhorov on a package of Brandon Jennings and Josh Smith for Deron Williams and Teletovic and clinging to my young studs in Monroe and Drummond. SVG is obsessed with floor spacing and I could see him preferring a stretch 4 a la Ryan Anderson to pair with Drummond but Monroe works quite well out of the high post so he isn’t a spacing nightmare, either.

          • 2damkule

            Det would be better off bringing smith off the bench at the 4, and playing him 0 minutes with monroe & drummond, with the threat of chemical castration hanging in the air if he attempts 1 3pter. normally, i’d say the chances of that happening are slim to none, but with SVG running things, i can see it playing out that way (well, not the second part, but the likelihood he’s given free run to bomb away is precisely nil).

      • ckh26

        To both Blair and 2dk..
        If you went down the road of signing Hawyard as an RFA then he comes at a lower price tag than Monroe (around 8-9M which is Thad Young/Jeff Green/ Aaron Afalo kind of dough but less than Batums 11M). However you still have to fund that acquistion by still declining the option on Amir and IMO that leaves a rotation gap @PF thats going to have to be filled with either a 3M PF out there in UFA or a rookie that moves into the 2nd player off the bench at PF behind PPat. Viable but risky.
        Yep Monroe might be a defensive issue for a bit till Dwane whips him into shape. But he gives us a real legit low post presence that can score. Having that low post scorer gives a better option in the last 5 seconds for the win than an iso to KL or DD to hit a jump shot. Agree with you on being caught up in the Detroit vortex created by Joe D has caused Monroe to look to get out if he can and unless SVG can figure a way to get Monroe playing time and touches and work it into the scheme so all 3 bigs are happy then I think you repeat the calamity that was this years rotation with Drummond/Smith and Monroe. The hole in my scheme is that Detroit has all the leverage as they can simply match the 12M offer sheet and we go home with 2/3 of 3/8 of the square root of f*ck all and egg all over our face as Amir now is renewed but with a bad taste in his mouth that he wasn’t the first option. High Risk option on this RFA move.

        • Blair Miller

          Agreed on most counts, but if a sign-and-trade could be reached for Hayward it would make things more manageable. (Involving Vasquez and more, maybe?) The main prob with Heyward, I think, is that since Utah can match any offer, he might not come as cheap as you think.

          • rapierraptor

            But if they somehow manage to land Jabari Parker, he’s an easier get. A lot of contingencies!

          • ckh26

            He might not come cheap.. but he would be cheaper than a PF…From Shamsports is the compares chart which puts his FMV in the 8-9M range. So if one contemplates a sign and trade then we will have to come up with 8M of salary and some talent attached to that salary. Vasquez signed and then traded at 4.5 ? and we invoke our TPE might be workable.

            l George$13,701,250
            Andre Iguodala$12,289,544
            Nicolas Batum$11,765,500
            Danilo Gallinari$10,854,850
            Gerald Wallace$10,105,855
            Demar DeRozan$9,500,000
            Jeff Green$9,200,000
            Thaddeus Young$9,160,869
            Tayshaun Prince$7,707,865
            Arron Afflalo$7,562,500
            Wesley Matthews$7,245,640
            Wilson Chandler$6,757,913


        • 2damkule

          wouldn’t he & JV kind of clog up the low-post though? i mean, that’s JV’s best strength at the moment (offense from the post), so adding another guy who’s operating down there could bog things down, and let the D sit in the paint, cutting off driving lanes and reducing the amount of work the D has to do in help/recover situations. if JV is a mainstay, i really think you need a stretch 4, not just to spread the floor, but someone who can defend against other stretch 4s (the loves, aldridges, millsaps, boshes of the L). if you can’t get (or keep, if you think that guy is PatPat) one of those guys, then i don’t see much of an advantage in reducing amir’s role; while he’s not a stretch 4 by any means, he can play outside & in the PnR effectively enough that D’s have to respect him in those situations; any offense you’d gain by replacing amir with monroe could be offset by what he gives back defensively.

          generally-speaking, i don’t think it was their play (or depth) at the 4 that cost them the nets series. depth at 5? yeah, that hurt. lack of production & depth at SF? that to me (and many) was the biggest weakness. in the nets series, you replace ross in the starting lineup (bringing him off the bench, and removing salmons from the rotation altogether) with a guy like ariza (who’s a pretty marginal NBA talent), and i think the raps win the series pretty easily.

          • ckh26

            Yes sir your thoughts on clogging up the low post are very real and relevant. I was thinking that both Monroe and JV can play a high post low post game and alleviate that. JV can hit that 10 foot jumper and its up to him to take that shot 500 times a day in the gym and take a page from Demars book on practice – practice – practice till you nail it. Monore has that shot and is not afraid to take it right now. Both will be able to play in the PnR and JV’s pump fake will actually draw more than chuckles if he can hit that open 10 footer more consistently than he did this year. So that potentially keeps open the lane for DD and hopefully TROSS to get to the rim on drives through a spaced floor. If they do roar down the lane and if its suicide they can dump the ball off to the high or low post guy as the defense collapses to cut the lane off.

            PPat would be the roadrunner to chase the stretch 4’s during small ball time and I think Monroe could hold his won against the bigger bulkier 4’s like Love and Aldridge when they post up. But losing Amir and all that he brings is a hard one to do.. but you lose guys along the way that you don’t want to in the quest to get better. Getting better is a 50-54 win season next year and a 3-4-5 playoff seeding and a dark horse threat to win the ECF. Gotta aim high.

            For sure we had real trouble at the SF spot against the Nets. Tross not enough bulk or confidence and Salmons after so many years in the league and a bad back to boot was a step short on Johnson. Fields being in there is not a long term answer and you can only have one of Monroe or Hayward as an RFA with a salary cap to contend with. Hoping the draft yields a SF who is 6′-7/8 and at least 220 to attempt to fill that need. There are some guys out there but it will take training camp and to December to see if who they draft is the right fit.

    • jjdynomite

      When healthy (yes, a big if), Amir is better than Monroe. So why waive him?

      1. 2014-2015 season Amir will be $5 million cheaper, which will likely stay the same if he gets a new contract.
      2. Amir plays stronger defence (defensive win share of 3.1 last season, Monroe was 2.3).
      3. Amir can actually block shots (1.1 for Amir, 0.6 for Monroe).
      4. Amir takes a lot fewer free throws, so his mediocre FT% (.699) is far less harmful than Monroe’s (.678).
      5. Amir is only (almost exactly) 3 years older, and his veteran presence is a good influence in the locker room, by all accounts.

      The above also discounts what an ambassador he is to the city, and can help recruit FAs.

      Why waive Amir again?

      • ckh26

        I grant your point on the defensive end of the floor that Amir is better than Monroe is and may ever be. On the offensive end Amir is a career 9 and 7 guy where Monroe is already 14 and 9 and he can likely improve to 18 and 10 and hold that for the next 5 years and he is 23 years old with way less body miles on him than Amir. He gets us a PF big body down low to complement JV in the coming years and gives us the ability to play inside out.

        Amir is all those things – ambassador without peer and a reputable good guy that can bring others to the Tdot .

        As GM for a day this is what I would try to do. Happy you called me out on it with a cogent argument.

        So now JJ your on the clock.. what is up your sleeve to make us better for next year ? Think you want to keep Amir and make another chess move….

        • jjdynomite

          I dunno CKH, I haven’t thought it through. I just would rather JV be our 20/10 offensive force down low than Monroe, which I think we all believe he can be (his percentages are stellar for a 7-footer) and have someone like Amir holding the fort defensively — than have a guy like Monroe and JV competing for touches up front.

          It is rare to have a Duncan- or KG-like dominant Big both on O and D (look how OKC turned it around with Ibaka playing again). Monroe isn’t the solution, really. And his FT% is weak, which isn’t helpful for an offensive big man.

          • CJT

            It’s interesting that we seem to want a bunch of guys who can score the ball, but no one ever mentions where the shots are going to come from. We DD to score 20+ points a night, KL to have the ball in his hands more, JV to get more touches etc. How would Monroe even fit in to this model and get his numbers? Isn’t Amir the perfect fit for a team with so many high touch players on it? You want a guy who can defend and clean the glass on both ends, getting his points from Pick and rolls and garbage clean up. You never have to run a play for him and he is still productive. I just think that his value to a team like the Raptors is immense.

      • dwnin2

        Glad this topic has come up as I’ve been itching to share my building ideas
        1 extend Amir ~ $7 mil
        2 Trade Salmons, Ross, and Stone plus $1 mill (Salmons buy out) for TYoung. Has made noises about not wishing to be around for the painful Phily rebuild which may be more than 2 yrs in duration. TY makes~ $ 9.5 mil
        3 extend 2Pat 3yrs $12 mil or ~ $4 mil and extend GVasques 3yrs $ 9 mil or ~$3 mil and extend DeColo 3yrs $6 mil or ~ $2 mil
        4 Trade TylerH, DBycks and $1 mil (TH buy out ) to Bucks for ZPachulia who makes ~$4.5 mil
        5 sew up Lowery 4yrs $44 mil ~ $11
        6 Draft Payne/Capela #20, the Russian Kleminsky? #37 and Kane #59 all of who can be had for ~ $2 mil.
        With JV $3.5, Derozan $ 9 mil, Hayes $ 6.5 mil, Novak $3.5, Fields $6.5 mil
        the total should be about $72 mil.
        Sorry to see Ross go but to get quality you have to give up quality and Young solves many of the Raps shortcomings.
        ZaZa would be a great backup big
        This team could compete in the east

        • rapierraptor

          Interesting idea about Thad Young. I haven’t thought about him as an option. I wish he was a better 3 pt. Shooter, especially if you’re losing Ross to get him but I do like his size, age, defense and rebounding. Also I’m not sure if being a goto guy last season helped him develop his offensive game or simply allowed him to pick up a lot of careless, bad habits in the Philly shitshow! In their system he tended to play more as an undersized 4 than a 3 but he seems quick enough to guard small forwards. Could be a great fit for the Raps!

          • dwnin2

            Now that you mention Young’s 3pt scoring I’m having 2nd thoughts, something along the lines of Rory McElrory. If a team lacks 3pt scoring from the wing its an uphill battle most nights just ask the Grizz

      • mountio

        Amir is NOT better than Monroe. Not even close. I love the guy, but lets call a spade a spade.

        • jjdynomite

          Explain. Sure, Monroe’s bigger, but what really does he offer over Amir besides youth and a pending $12 million/year contract?

          Monroe’s FT% is weak. His blocks for a Big Man are terrible. His range is out to 10 feet max. And he turns over the ball a ton. I know this only too well, I’ve owned him in my fantasy league the past 2 years…in which Amir has ranked consistently higher than Monroe, as I’ve owned both.

          But hey, Monroe can score points inside and rebound. Only thing is, we have Jonas who is improving in all facets of the game playing in the paint.

          Again, explain.

          • mountio

            As you state, yes, he is bigger, which does help at the PF position. Beyond that, he has offensive moves (and can even draw the odd double team), as opposed to being a clean up man / hitting the odd open shot like Amir. One of our biggest issues in the playoffs was that our big men were not able to punish the Nets enough for double teaming out high. Monroe would change this.
            From a stats perspective, hes been 15-16 pts / 9-10 rebounds each of the last three years. Shooting roughly 50%. Amir has been roughly 10 pts / 6-7 boards. May not seem like a big difference, but it is. Amir shoots a higher percentage (55-56%ish) – but as noted above, thats mostly on put backs and open Js.
            You tout Amir’s D, which can be inspirational at times, yes, but he struggles with basic post defense often given his lack of size. While Monroe doesnt block shots, hes big enough to neutralize other big 4s.
            And, we havent even started about the miles on Amir and his often injured-ness.
            If our biggest issue is that JV deveops and we have TWO guys that can score high post / low post (Memphis, anyone?) – Ill be the happiest guy around.
            Ill hear the argument that Monroe at $12 mm vs Amir at $6-7mm might not be a better use of cap space. But straight up, there isnt much debate that Monroe is a better player than Amir.

            • jjdynomite

              “While Monroe doesnt block shots, hes big enough to neutralize other big 4s.”

              Again, “bigger” doesn’t necessarily mean “better”. Referring to the last playoff matchup against the Raps, Blatche was bigger than Amir, but Plumlee started over him because Blatche can’t block shots and play defence. There are lots of players bigger than Amir who can’t block shots and/or play defence.

              If you think JV and Monroe can be a tandem equivalent to MGasol and Randolph I’ll have what you’re smoking.

              • mountio

                Memphis example simply to say that it doesn’t make sense to not go after a post scorer (whoever it is) because we already have JV.

                • jjdynomite

                  Memphis, due to its 2 ball-dominant Bigs clogging the paint, was also dead last in 3-points made… and due to this fact played uncreative basketball on offense. Stretch 4s like 2Pat (and, to a lesser extent, Amir) would contribute far more to a line-up composed of ball-dominant guards like Lowry and DD. Memphis had Conley and… _____________ so it made sense for them to load up on interior play.

                  But sure, let’s bring in Monroe who has less range than either MGasol and ZRandolph — and is much poorer defensively!

    • mountio

      Small deviation, but why not keep Amir and not pick up 2Pat? While I like 2Pat’s game .. the scoring that Monroe brings will more than make up for 2Pat. Yes, you lose your stretch 4, but instead of picking up Okafar in your example, pick up another stretch 4 (or play novak more if need be).

      Im with you on Monroe if available, though one way or the other

  • rapierraptor

    Here is a recap of my moves:·

    1.) Resign Lowry (4 years: 11.5 mil./year), Vasquez (3 years: 3.2 mil./year), and DeColo (#DeYOLO) – 1 year/ 1.8 mil)
    2.) Waive Salmons and Hansbrough (1 mil. guaranteed on books for each next year), let 2Pat walk
    3.) Draft Adreian Payne in 1st round, Walter Tavares in the 2nd – he is a project but you know… the dude
    is 7’2, 265 pounds with some mobility and condor wings for arms.
    4.) Sign Luol Deng (3 years: 10.5 mil/year) – Deng is asking for 12 a year but his market value is more in the 10-11 mil. range. The injury history is a valid concern but he is a 2-way player, smart, and well rounded. Defense-minded wing from the School of Thibodeau. He fits well into a potential small-ball line-up.
    5.) Use remaining wiggle room (1.5 – 2 mil.) to sign serviceable big body with length and 6 fouls. I’m thinking Cole Aldrich (1 year, minimum).
    6.) We have Jonas and Ross on rookie contracts for the next two seasons so it would be helpful cap-wise to
    front load Lowry and/or Deng’s contract. Not sure of the rules on that under the new CBA. Help me out, Raptors Republic!

    These moves would put us right around 70 million, though I think there is actually more room to work with since the tax level will raise from last season’s mark of $71.748 million. It is a lot of fun to dig in and actually try to fit your off-season ambitions within the parameters of the cap.

  • That other guy

    Guys, great podcast. Always a joy to listen. About the moves in the summer: I won’t list all of the moves that I’d make, but first of all, I like the idea of drafting Payne a lot. However, correct me if I’m wrong, but it looks like Raps are after Ennis.
    Second, apart from going after Bosh in the free agency (if he would be available), I wouldn’t do any major moves in the off-season. I think that Raps will sign Kyle, Pat and GV, make other movements to improve the bench. I don’t think that it would be a great idea to go after players like Deng or Monroe and make a long term commitment to one of them.
    Let’s be little bit more patient. Those aren’t the right moves. I think that next year is going to be the year when Raps are going to sign a star caliber player in the FA (so, yeah, I agree with Mike on this one). A lot of contracts will go off the books and there will be plenty of cash to spend. Let’s focus on improving the youngsters and getting into the playoffs for the second season in a row. I am convinced that players really don’t care where to play. What they want (especially the good ones) is to play in a team that wins and can win even more. Next year money is not going to be an issue going after the top notch players.
    Finally, for those of you who follow European football (soccer) , here’s an example to back my thoughts: the football giants Man Utd had the shittiest season in 20 years. They won’t be playing in any of the European tournaments in the next season. Now the ownership gave the newly appointed manager 200 million pounds to spend on transfers to acquire new players. Guess what? A lot of elite players that have been linked to move to Man Utd declined because they won’t be playing in the Champions league. Even a huge name and a ton of money doesn’t help. Winning, staying competitive shows just how serious and ambitious organization is.

  • mountio

    What do you guys think of the Simmons / Lowe scenario that they threw our re trading DD for something like Charlotte’s #9 pick plus Gerald Henderson? If you do that, you take someone like Gordon or McDermott with 9. Henderson obviously isnt DD, but at $6 mm / year is certainly serviceable. Gives TR more playing time and should get a very quality (and cheap) player in the draft at #9. Gives you more cap space to go after a FA (whether Deng, Monroe, Bosh or someone else), gets the team younger and while it maybe puts the team back a half step this year (maybe not depending on who you draft / sign) – it should definitely help long term.
    Not saying Im sold on it .. but worth considering.

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  • TimR

    Ok. This is done with an eye to winning 50 over next two years, and then having cap space in 2016.

    1. Pre draft trade Salmons/Hansbrough and this years 37th pick to GSW for David Lee. GSW saves 11 millions. I think they do it but, if you think they need more, add the Knicks/Denver 1st rounder
    2. Waive Bykes and Stone and Patterson
    3. Draft Payne or Kyle Anderson
    4. Resign Lowry, 4 years 42 mil
    5. Resign Vasquez, 2 years 9 mil
    6. Sign cheap veteran wing for 1 year 1-2 mil, like Richard Jefferson or Sefolos

    • TimR

      This would give us a 2 year core of:


      With Fields/Hayes/Novak and maybe a late second round rookie to fill out the roster. I don’t know if this is a great playoff team, but I think JV/Amir/Lee would win a lot of regular season games.

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  • Jensan

    Trade salmons + hansborough + 2nd 2017 for Chandler + Mosgov
    KL 4/44 starting at 10 million
    Resign GV and PP for three years GV -3/10 and PP-3/13.5
    Drop Decolo , Buycks and Stone
    Reup Amir Draft best PF with first pick Payne
    Draft with 2nd pick a Russ Smith or a Nick Johnson
    Total Salary including Novak , Hayes and fields plus .650 for Camby =66 million which includes JV ,TRoss plus DD.
    Bill Simmons is useless.
    There are your 14 players . Than you can trade Amir plus Novak

    • rapierraptor

      Even with Chandler and Mozgov it’s only at 66? Are you keeping both of those guys? Where does that leave JV?

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  • Jensan

    Wes chandler not Tyson. Chandler and Mozgov come from the Nuggets

    • rapierraptor

      Sorry, brain freeze!

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  • why

    Would love to have Bosh back however I can’t see Bosh opting out of his current contract with Miami to take a much lower contract with Toronto which is what Steve has proposed.
    If I was advising LeBron, Wade, and Bosh it would be to play out the remaining two years of their contracts together. It is still their best chance of winning for the next two seasons.

  • Geoffrey ho

    Sign luol deng, nick young and Ed Davis. Draft Tyler ennis

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