Landry Fields will haunt your dreams forever.

I have this odd phobia of things that looks like humans, but aren’t humans. A partial list of transgressors: mannequins, clowns (don’t give me this clowns are people business) and wax figurines.

From time to time, when they pull out whacky costumes (which is always), Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga land on the list. Now, after seeing this video, I think I need to throw Landry on there as well.

Those cheers you heard at the end? Those are screams. Of terror.

[crotch grab: Josh Lewenberg]

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  • RaptorsFan

    Good lord.

  • Slap Dog Hoops

    You know what was worse? In the show’s intro the show called him an “NBA star!” Now that was even a BIGGER JOKE.

    • RaptorsFan

      He was a star before the injuries 🙁

  • Colonel_Hapablapp


  • mike, prague

    Man …he has balls to pull that one off 😀
    Love that dude!

  • The Red Fury

    how is this not a headline on the nba page of

  • ac1011990

    At least he’ll have options after basketball.

  • Bloom

    If he gets injured cause he’s wearing heels and a fake ass… good riddance

  • RRT Ash

    I didn’t think his trade value could get any worse,,, but I was dead wrong :/

  • Cateater

    go Landry! unbelievable. Just let his arm heal….Dude is FEARLESS

    • GoingBig

      Not just fearless …. Sasha Fearless

  • Edgar

    I agree on the impressive fearlessness….. you know how a bad a guy would ripped in a locker room?!? haha I hope he has the excuse that its all for charity etc.

  • Alex Vostrikov

    dude is living the dream….
    will play out one more year, probably invest money in something, and live his life.

  • RapsExpat

    That’s awesome! Loving Landry. Why not freak out Richard Simmons if you have the chance?