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Why wouldn’t Miami be interested in Lowry’s services? The Heat are less than a week removed from a disheartening trip to the NBA Finals, where they looked vastly inferior to the San Antonio Spurs in a five-game elimination. Their current point guard, Mario Chalmers – also a soon-to-be free agent – was notably ineffective en route to losing his starting job late in the series. And Lowry? Why wouldn’t he want to play in South Beach? Under the right circumstances, accompanied by a suitable contract, you would be hard-pressed to find someone unwilling to play in one of the league’s most desirable destinations with LeBron James, the best basketball player on the planet. Therein lies the caveat, and it’s a big one; money. The Heat, under their current construction, can only offer so much of it. Firstly, in order for Miami to put together a passable offer to Lowry or any other prominent free agent, James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh would need to opt out of their contracts – owing them each more than $20 million over the next two season – to renegotiate smaller deals. Udonis Haslem would likely have to do the same. Lowry, underpaid for most of his eight-year career, has been one of the league’s bargain players, earning just over $6 million last season. At best, Miami – or any other capped out team – may be able to offer something in that neighbourhood.

Raptors Lowry is going to be a coveted free agent as the rumours start to swirl | Toronto Star

I don’t know what it’s going to take to sign him – I would think a three-year deal that maybe goes $9 million, $10 million, $11 million with the third year not fully guaranteed might be a good starting point in negotiations – but I know the Raptors are going to give it their best shot. If they have to go to a fourth year to get an edge on other suitors, that’s something they’ll have to consider. Lowry is a key piece here, no question about it; but he will also be coveted around the league and this will be the first big test of this Raptors management. How far will they go to fend off other suitors and can they make the compelling case that this is where Lowry has the best chance to win and have an impact. It’s a different situation than has been faced here for a while, it’ll be interesting to see how it unfolds now that it’s starting to percolate in public.

Best Potential Free-Agent Landing Spots for Kyle Lowry During 2014 Offseason | Bleacher Report

There’s something to be said for continuity. Lowry has experienced breakout success with the Toronto Raptors, and that should probably count for something. The franchise won’t find a better point guard on the open market, and it should go without saying that Greivis Vasquez probably isn’t ready to take over full-time duties at the point. It should come as no surprise that Lowry sounds like he wants to stick around. After Toronto bowed out of the postseason, he told reporters, “This is only the start for us and the Raptors organization.” Us. That’s a telling word. It’s the kind of word Lowry probably wouldn’t have used if he was seriously intrigued with the possibility of going elsewhere. On the other hand, the price has to be right.

Video: Raptors HQ Talks to Jordan Adams, Recaps Pre-Draft Workout Number 9 | Raptors HQ

Think about it this way. All year Toronto’s scouts prepare their top list of draft options. They’ve already seen these players a ton, and have an idea in their heads of who they like most come June. Then, at the NBA combine, that list gets further solidified as Masai Ujiri and a small group of Raptors’ brass gets to see and talk to these players that the scouts have been talking about all season. But it’s not until the individual workouts that the full group of coaches and trainors gets an opportunity to spend some time with these prospects and that’s a very important piece of the puzzle, more important than the physical paces each prospect is put through. Tolzman reminded me of this process, something that I never felt was treated the same way under the Bryan Colangelo regime. Under BC, you often got the feeling that some players’ pre-draft workouts were actually the deciding factors in their selections, something that should never be the case. As humans are prone to recency bias, an entire collective of work should be used to make crucial decisions such as these.

Terrence Ross – ’13-’14 season report card | Raptors Rapture

While acknowledging Terrence’s issues, he deserves commendation for stepping into the starter’s role following the departure of Rudy Gay, and keeping it. His coach told him at the time he hadn’t earned the promotion, but he grew into the job, and was an important contributor to the team’s turnaround.

Wiggins, Stauskas, Ennis, Should Raptors Trade Up? | Pro Bball Report

The opportunities for acquiring another first round draft pick are real. Half of the teams picking in the lottery have multiple first round draft picks, so draft day deals are a distinct possibility – even a likelihood – plus the Cavaliers and the Kings are rumored to be shopping their coveted lottery picks. As always, it will come down to price and the main obstacle to trading first round draft picks has always been teams falling in love with the guy they believe is available. The Cavaliers would like to be a playoff team next year and any deal that could make the postseason a certainty will have their interest, but the price for a first overall draft pick is going to be chokingly high. In the Raptors case, even their All-Star DeMar DeRozan might not be enough to get a deal done on his own. Another tempting Raptors asset is their rapidly developing center Jonas Valanciunas, but moving either of these players would represent taking a step back next season in the hopes of moving forward in the future.

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  • Paul Stevens

    “….the price for a first overall draft pick is going to be chokingly high. In the Raptors case, even their All-Star DeMar DeRozan might not be enough to get a deal done on his own.Another tempting Raptors asset is their rapidly developing center Jonas Valanciunas, but moving either of these players would represent taking a step back next season in the hopes of moving forward in the future.”

    If the Raps traded DeMar or Jonas for anyone outside the top 3 or 5, the price might be taking a step back next season, and then additional steps back in the future. The price to get into the top three would be gutting the team. Can’t see it being worth it. Even LeBron didn’t help Cleveland after they drafted him, #1 is no guarantee of success.

    • jakdripr

      Exactly. We just gotta focus on finding some steals in the lower half of the draft(there’s always one every year) because the price for that #1 pick would be far too high.

  • Jensan

    The question really is do you resign Lowry 4/44 last year partially guaranteed , this action eliminates Miami. If you do so, than you keep DD & TRoss and add a scorer who can play a wing who pushes TRoss to the 6th man.
    Draft an Adrien Payne like PF. Resign Vasquez if Lowry is resigned at 3/10 million. if Payne is drafted trade Amir Johnson for an asset combine with Salmons or Hansborough
    1. Chandler + Mozgov
    2. Lee+ Harrison Barnes
    If the Trade 2. Can happen for Tyson Chandler it can happen for the above assets.

  • dunkmycat7

    Today’s rumour is Chandler and Faried and Affalo ? in a 3 way for Kevin Love.
    Would they take Amir and TRoss and the 20/or other cap ballast instead ?

  • Bo4

    Offer Kyle 4 yrs at $9.5 M per year (equaling DeMar), all guaranteed. No competitive team today has that to offer under the cap, without gutting itself (see the Heat)

    • GoingBig

      I agree that most competitive teams are not in a good cap situation to compete.

      But offering less that $10MM, when Lowry’s agent has said 10-12M, leads to possible over-pays by less competitive teams. An FA offer of $11.5 would ask Lowry to leave 8MM on the table over 4 years.

      DD’s contract is considered a steal. After producing at as high a rate as Lowry, all team members would expect to be rewarded. I think it dampens the team players’ spirits when they don’t see a reasonable reward for excellent results.

      $11M will make any bargain-seekers pass up on Lowry. Lowry can move the needle for 90% of all teams. The NY Knicks would have been in the playoff with him.

      • Bo4

        Do we want to be the Heat or the Spurs, financially. I pick the Spurs. If players want to win as a team, they have to behave as a team. When Jonas & Patrick & Terrance & Greivis are due, they, too, will have to decide which they want to be a part of. I don’t want greedy players on the team. If Lowry insists on more than 4 yrs or $10 M /yr, I say let him walk. He won’t be going to a ‘better situation’. AND it won’t be long before he’s unhappy there!

        • John Bitove Jr.

          Amir did not take less. In fact, his contract was considered an overpayment at the time. He panned out and the Raps ended up with a bargain in the end. DeMar didn’t take less either, he was rewarded early, but if he held out he could have probably gotten more.

          • Bo4

            Do the math. If the cap for next year is $ 63 M, then a fair distribution is 5 starters averaging $ 8 M, 3 subs averaging $ 4 M, 4 bench sitters averaging $ 2 M, and 3 inactive players averaging $1 M. 40+12+8+3=63. If a starter demands more, then a lesser player has to take less. Is that what most people would call teamwork? Should Kyle be allowed to take more than his share now, and Jonas not be able to even be offered his share when his turn comes? No.

            • GoingBig

              A side-step into Capologist Time
              Looking at http://hoopshype.com/salaries/toronto.htm with $35MM for the current starters(assuming 2014 $12MM for Lowry then averaging 11MM for the full 4 years (12,11,10.5,10) – Giving Lowry more money upfront would help with keeping the Lowry on the team & the Raptors at a high level of achievement.

              Concentrating on what is current rather than the ideal (5 starters averaging $ 8 M)
              2014-15 Ditching Salmons(minus) will allow Lowry but Hayes+Fields are still dead weights (14.5M)
              2015-16 More bad contracts come off & Lowry will be at 10.5, we will have the means to address JV and Ross
              Workable & forward-looking with the Raptors playing at a higher level

              To step back a bit from the the capology & talk about principles
              – With Lowry at a higher salary 10.5 to 11, the Raptors will still have to wait out some bad contracts to get a player as high a quality as Lowry (that 9.5MM you supposedly saved is not going to get you a needle-mover)
              – The decision as to what is teamwork, each player wants to be paid what the marketplace decides. He will forego salary for trophies (SanAntonio/Miami) – that’s where the teamwork (on salaries) comes from. Otherwise you have 24 teams that cannot offer trophies, just money. No player wants to make that sacrifice without trophies for it.

              • Bo4

                Landry is making 3 more than he should be. Both Tyler & Steve are making 1 more. Chuck is making 4 more. That’s 9 that was wasted. We need to stop making those mistakes if we’re going to be able to give Jonas & Terrance an average of 8 when their turn comes. Yes, the cap will go up again, and again. Still, sooner or later that type of error forces a good young starter to go elsewhere cause we can’t even offer him a reasonable (by my system) salary. That’s all I’m saying. We can throw the max allowed at Kyle, but we don’t even have to, so don;t!

            • dunkmycat7

              The math is neither of Amir Or D2 took less and yes both were considered overpayed at the time they signed.
              I don’t see KL getting any less then 12 mil from whoever he signs with and as someone said above there is ALWAYS someone willing to pay stupid money. will someone come up with 15 mil ?You might THINK this is out of the question…but if that’s what it costs to lock up the best PG we have ever had that’s what it costs, and the Raps should not be outbid. This is not like paying Kobe 20 mil when he’s kinda done and the team is in disarray like the Lakers are. This is about building on our success and keeping our BEST player. He WILL “get more than his share” but really that IS his share.
              Did you see Pat Riley’s rant yesterday ? Makes the KL to Miami stuff seems a lot more plausible.
              Can you say luxury tax ?
              To all of you who killed me on the KL signing /FA $$ stuff earlier this week what happens to a team that spends above the cap (approx. 63 mil n/y ) and the Lux tax (approx. 77 mil) -what are the penalties if any.
              And is there a good website where I can go to read about all this ? .Thank you.

        • GoingBig

          With your talk about Lowry not being happy at most other places, you have talked me down from $11MM hehe

          But only to 10.5M – one million in a league that has growing revenues+cap and if the Raptors make a good (and profitable) position in the the playoffs (maybe 2nd round)

          To disagree with your Demar point, he did not take less. At the time of the contract and the next year, he was considered overpaid and then somewhat overpaid.
          Now considered underpaid.

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  • GoingBig

    I’m surprised that there’s all this surprised noise about Lowry leaving.
    The NBA is littered with managers paying too much too often – every year!

    Salary Cap is not just to keep the players in line – but to keep the GMs and teams from destroying themselves

    If Masai does not have a backup plan that he can go to aggressively, he is not a quality GM