With the NBA Draft now just two days away, and after looking through thirteen different prospects over nine weeks, it’s time to review the prospects, figure out who the Raptors could draft, should draft and who that probably won’t have a chance to draft.


There are two players who, for various reasons, I wrote prospecting articles and who will definitely not be available when the Raptors pick at 20.


He was never in the mix to begin with, but he was prospected for sentimental sake. With Joel Embiid’s injury, Wiggins is now the favourite to go number one, again. And if Cleveland passes on Embid, Wiggins is the next best fit.


He was a guy who would have to fall for the Raptors to be able to draft him at 20, anyway, and it’s not looking like he’ll fall. He’s gone from a borderline lottery pick to possible top 10 pick.


While not locks to be gone by the time the Raptors pick, nearly every mock draft has these three players off the board at 20, so it’s doubtful they’ll be donning Raptors uniforms next season.



Apparently a bunch of other teams saw what I saw in Payton, and he’s now being talked about as a possible top 10 pick. Even if he falls out of the top 10, it’s highly doubtful he’s going to be available when the Raptors pick at 20. Too bad, as he was one of three players I really liked for the 20th pick and one of my biggest sleepers of the draft.

If he does somehow drop, though, he should be near the top of the Raptor’s list. He’s got more upside than anyone else that will be available and his only real flaw is his shot, which is fixable.


I was never enamoured with Young, who I think has a possibility of being a solid role player in the league, but, despite his physical tools, not much upside. It was his defense that would be most concerning, though, and even if the Raptors retool and trade DeMar DeRozan (who he shares many strengths and weaknesses with) I don’t think he should be high on the Raptors’ list.


Likely to be the second highest college scorer in the draft, Warren has impressed several teams in workouts. In my report on Warren, I mentioned that workouts might be able to determine whether he can defend the small forward position, and perhaps those questions have been answered. Either way, I don’t see him being big enough to play the NBA power forward position full time.

There’s definitely a lot to like about Warren, but the NBA junk pile is littered with tweeners like Warren who never were able to find a position in the league.


There are players who were prospected, who simply don’t fit on the team as currently constructed, and even if Masai plans to make changes, probably won’t be the best player available.


If Hairston is available, he’d probably be the most NBA ready player they could draft. He’s got the skills to be an excellent role player and his outside shooting and defensive potential are both attributes the Raptors could use. But he’s got poor intangibles, both on and off the court, and putting him on a young team like the Raptors probably isn’t a good idea.

Plus, he can really only play the shooting guard, the position the Raptors are deepest at.


While the Raptors definitely need a defensive small forward like Grant, he’s got a shot that’s so bad I’m not sure who would win a shooting competition between him and Landry Fields. Well, probably Grant, but it would be close. And even if the Raptors completely overhaul their roster, having a small forward who can’t shoot from outside of the paint might end up hurting a team more than his defense will help. Especially in the playoffs.


There are four players who, while not not ideal, are still viable options for the 20th spot in the draft, for the Raptors.


There’s a hell of a lot to like about Payne. He’s athletic, tough, long, hustles and is a excellent 3 point shooter. And he’s a high character guy who is loved by both teammates and fans. So far he sounds like a perfect fit for any team, especially the Raptors. Unfortunately, he’s got poor defensive instincts and is already 23 years old, so that’s not likely to improve much, and neither is Payne.

A lot of teams would love to have a player like Payne, especially with such an emphasis on the stretch four.  The Raptors definitely have need for a stretch four, especially with Patrick Patterson a free agent and Jonas Valanciunas becoming a force down low. But his defensive problems and his lack of upside don’t make him a really enticing prospect for the Raptors.

The other issue Payne has is his lung condition, which will limit how many minutes he can play. It’s doubtful he’ll ever be able to play even 30 minutes per game, which might end up inhibiting his career.


Anderson would be a top ten player, possibly even a top five one, if he had even average athleticism. There is very little he doesn’t do on the court. At 6’8, he is one of the best passers in the draft and played mostly point guard at UCLA. With his nearly 7’3 wingspan, he 8.8 rebounds per game (almost the same as Jabari Parker, and more than any other prospect on our list). He can also shoot with range, shooting 48.3% from three point range this past season.

Because of his below average athleticism, he’ll never be a plus defender, though, and likely not even a neutral one, so he’ll need to be surrounded excellent defenders, which isn’t the case with the Raptors. He also needs the ball in his hands in order to be effective, which means he’s probably best coming off the bench because I can’t see him being good enough to have the offense run through him on a good team.


For a team looking to add defense, McDaniels should be high on their list. He’s an athletic freak who blocks shots and rebounds as well as anyone in the draft class. He’s got a good wingspan for a player his size and can outjump just about anyone.

Of course, he’s not a good shooter and doesn’t have a high basketball IQ, and as a 21 year old junior is considered an old man compared to the majority of players expected to be taken in the first round, so he is basically the player he’s going to be. The question is whether that’s good enough.

The Raptors definitely could use a player with McDaniels ability to play defense and rebound, but without a whole lot of upside, there will probably be better prospects for the Raptors available.


Napier is as polished a point guard prospect as anyone in the first round, and with the Raptors having all three point guards entering free agency (in some form or another) this summer, filling that position should be high on their list.

Napier might be the second oldest player taken in the first round (after Adreian Payne), which means he’s got little upside, but also should be able to contribute immediately. He can shoot, has become a much better passer and there isn’t a player in the draft with more confidence than Napier.

For the Raptors, taking Napier at 20 (if he’s available) should be a low risk but also relatively low reward move. He’s fairly short for the NBA point guard position (under 6 feet), isn’t a great athlete and doesn’t always make the best decisions on the court. Anyone who cringes at Kyle Lowry’s decision making at times will feel similar emotions watching Napier.

He’d definitely fill a need for the Raptors (point guard, outside shooting) but I don’t see him having the potential to be a starter on a good team, so you’d be drafting a bench player. For some teams, that would be fine, but the Raptors still need talent.


So after crossing off (more or less) most of the prospects we looked at, there are a couple left that have a combination of talent, potential and lack of red flags that should make picking any of them a good decision.


Duke v Syracuse

When I wrote the prospecting article on Ennis, he was being looked at as a definite lottery pick and possible top ten pick. In the weeks since then his stock has dropped and most mock drafts have the Raptors taking him at 20. And, in my opinion, there couldn’t be much better news if you’re a Raptor fan.

I’ve never been a big fan of putting too much weight on post-season workouts. Too many players have jumped up the draft boards due to workouts only to disappoint. The biggest problem I have with workouts is they don’t show the most important thing for any player, and that’s how he does in a game.

Jeremy Lin didn’t impress anyone in workouts and went undrafted, but, while he’s not as good as he seemed to be during his time with the Knicks, he’s a very decent point guard whose ability to run the pick and role well simply couldn’t be judged playing one on one or even one on none.

Ennis is one of the youngest players in this draft, but played the point guard position like a four year veteran for most of the year, displaying a maturity and basketball IQ that simply don’t show up in workouts. He’s not an athletic freak and needs work on his shot, so workouts don’t highlight any of his strengths. And with such a premium on Russell Westbrook, Derrick Rose or John Wall-type point guards, people forget that in the last fifteen years, the starting point guards who have won Championships have been guys like Tony Parker, Derek Fisher, Jason Kidd, Chauncey Billups and Avery Johnson, cerebral players who, for the most part, weren’t wowing anyone with their ability to dunk on anyone. It’s no coincidence that three of those players went on to become head coaches, and Billups probably will eventually (and so might Parker).

Basketball IQ and the ability to solidly run a team are two attributes that are too often undervalued when looking at point guard prospects, and Ennis has both of those in spades. And I haven’t even mentioned that he’d be playing for his hometown team.



When the good teams draft at the bottom of the draft, they usually look for two types of players. The player who will fit their system and fill a role and the player who does one or two things really well, but needs work on others to fulfill his potential. The latter would describe Capela, who is mostly raw physical potential.

He’s athletic, has a monster wingspan and has an impressive touch around the basket, especially for a player as raw as Capela, and the ability to score off the pick and role. In fact, he has similar tools as a younger Amir Johnson (but with a longer wingspan).

Considering how much talent the Raptors still need, their best strategy in the draft would be to go for a home run rather than a single, and Capela has the potential that could lead to a home run. At least for the 20th pick. There is the danger of him being a bust that never takes advantage of his physical tools, but he could end up becoming a major defensive force who can score when he needs to on the other end.


In the nine weeks of writing the prospecting series, there were a couple of players that were overlooked but who might end up having their name called at 20 for the Raptors.


Up until yesterday (Monday), there was no chance the Raptors would be able to draft Saric unless they traded up into the top twelve in the draft. But then he went out and signed a three year contract with no opt out clause for two years, and my guess is he’ll drop down until, at least, the late-teens and possibly farther. Phoenix, Boston and Chicago all have multiple picks and draft ahead of the Raptors, so he could still be taken by one of them as a down-the-road-pick, but the Raptors need to be prepared if he’s available at 20.

For those unfamiliar with Saric, he’s a very versatile big man who can score in a variety of ways, including from beyond the three point line (although he’s still not a consistent three point shooter), rebound, pass and handle the ball. He’s aggressive, hustles, works hard and has decent, although not great, athleticism. After watching Boris Diaw carve of the Heat defense in the Finals, a lot of teams probably saw similar attributes in Saric, and they wouldn’t be far off. He’s got a high basketball IQ and loves to create shots for his teammates.

He doesn’t have great physical tools (he’s got only average wingspan and isn’t going to wow anyone with his athleticism) but he works hard on defense and has good instincts.

Whatever team does draft him will need to put the ball in his hands and allow him to initiate the offense in order to be truly effective. Putting him into the normal role an NBA power forward would play simply wouldn’t make use of his talents and might

While he’s not the defensive anchor that would be ideal playing beside a player like Valanciunas, I’m not sure the Raptors could pass up a player of Saric’s skill level and potential, even if they have to wait a couple of years before he comes over.


For some reason I always get Hood and James Young mixed up, and they are fairly similar players. Both are jumpshooting  small forwards who don’t rebound or defend at a high level. Hood is a much more consistent shooter (42% compared to Young’s 34.9%) but Young has more physical tools.

Hood also has the same things to like and dislike for the Raptors. A three point shooter like Hood is always going to have a job, but his future is as a bench player, and the Raptors are still in need of talent, so they should probably target players with more potential than Hood has.


Stokes had an inauspicious start to his NBA workouts by getting into a car accident on his way to his first one and consequently was out of action for a while, but he’s back on track and moving up the mock drafts enough that he might even be off the board before the Raptors draft.

Although I’ve stated I generally don’t like comparing players, Stokes is eerily similar to DeJuan Blair. Both are undersized big men with NBA bodies and a toughness to match. Both rebound well and can score around the basket, but don’t have a lot of offensive skills, especially as they move farther away (Blair’s improved on that since being drafted). Blair was a better rebounder in college and a much more efficient scorer, but Stokes actually has cartilage in his knees.

Like Blair, Stokes probably doesn’t have a whole lot of upsiAQde, but  he also is one of the few players expected to be taken this low that is pretty much guaranteed to contribute to whatever team he’s drafted by and could definitely fill a role on the Raptors backing up both the four and five spot.


Not including the players who definitely won’t be available, here are my final rankings for the prospects, including what chance I see their name will be called when the Raptors make their decision. Astute readers will notice that the percentages add up to 99, which leaves a one percent chance someone else’s name will be called by Adam Silver at 20.

1. Dario Saric – 2%

2. Tyler Ennis – 40%

3. Elfrid Payton – 1%

4. Clint Capela – 15%

5. K.J. McDaniels – 10%

6. T.J. Warren – 2%

7. Jarnell Stokes – 5%

8. Adreian Payne – 8%

9. James Young – 2%

10. Kyle Anderson – 1%

11. Shabazz Napier – 7%

12. Rodney Hood – 2%

13. P.J. Hairston – 1%

14. Jerami Grant – 3%

On Thursday, which is NBA Draft day, tune back in for an all encompassing look at the draft, including predictions, rumours and possibly even a Bill Simmons-style trade proposal or two.

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  • ckh26

    Nice analysis …

  • Feather Ruffler

    I was hoping for a brief rundown on Glenn Robinson III just for my own curiosity. But I really enjoyed the entire prospect analysis segments these past few weeks. Great job Tim W!

    • sitnonDfence

      I too was looking for som GR3 love.

  • sleepz

    I don’t see Saric dropping to #20 even with his recent contract signing in Europe. If he did, Raps have to take him. He won’t be playing in the NBA next year but at #20 I’d rather they take a chance on a player who could be a star in the league, than a player who might be able to contribute off the bench next year.

    I agree with you Tim that shots can be fixed as you spoke about Payton…….but we also see many examples of players that just can’t shoot it as well, and if you can’t shoot it in this league, things get considerably harder.
    P. Beverley is as lock down as you can get at the 1 but can’t shoot with enough consistency. I love Rubio’s game defensively and his court vision is incredible, but until he can shoot better than 38% and not have defence’s sagging off him all the way to the FT line, he will never truly realize his vast potential.

    • 2damkule

      tim agrees, hence the 2%.

      re. shooting…big difference between a guy who’s an inconsistent shooter, or has flawed mechanics, or who simply hasn’t had the proper instruction, and a guy who’s just got a naturally poor shot/touch/feel. you think about the way the ball goes through the hoop when a guy like curry shoots…it’s like butter, silky soft, just floating on the perfect arc. that’s natural talent, honed over the years with rigorous training at the hands of one of the best shooting specialists in the league. and then you have demar, who can work and work and work and work, and his shot will improve here & there, and within his zone, he’s great, but he’s not a natural shooter by any means.

    • OakTree

      Before JV was drafted it was a similar situation.

      Everyone was under the impression that he’d be in Europe for at least 2 seasons, then 24 hours after draft day Colangelo negotiated a buyout with Lietuvos Rytas for him to come to the NBA after 1 season in Europe.

      Personally, I think Saric’s agent is doing something similar to what I suspect JV’s agent did. He’s telling everyone Saric will be in Europe for 3 years, except behind closed doors he lets the teams he wants Saric to get drafted by know that a buyout will be no problem.

      Just a wild random accusation on my part, but I suspect Saric’s agent is trying to rig the draft.

  • Alex Bill

    Interesting that you compare Saric to Diaw, as I thought Anderson was the type to share more of Diaw’s traits. Also, the obsession here with the alleged correlation that youth = upside is getting ridiculous. We are talking about the difference between 19 to 22 year olds (with one notable exception). In the 80s and 90s you were coming out early if you were a junior, and people were drafting based on talent. Yes, some players with preternatural talent who are also 19 or 20 are an extra commodity, but once you drop off the top names I think the expected impact on improvement is vastly overrated, as is the case with Ennis. The biggest difference with any of these athletes is that they are transitioning from part-time athletes to full-time. The ones with natural physical gifts and an evidenced determination to improve are the ones who will have a higher upside than the ones who are two years younger.

    • 2damkule

      it’s not so much age, but experience…at 22-23, with multiple years of college ball & development behind you, you pretty much are what you are. a guy who’s younger, with less experience & who’s simply had less time to develop is more enticing as a prospect, since the ceiling they may reach is unknown. you have to assume that ennis will continue to develop & grow his game, and become an NBA-calibre PG (or, hope he will), while an older prospect like payne has pretty much shown what he’s going to be as an NBA player.

      • Alex Bill

        I hear you, but I would make my original point again and just substitute “age” for “college experience.” The lack of experience makes players greater unknowns, but doesn’t necessarily mean they have greater upside. Even if you’re a junior or senior, you’re still playing a much different style of basketball (If Ennis explodes it could be from getting out of Syracuse’s offense as much as anything), with a different surrounding cast, and with a much different schedule. This is why players like Damian Lillard “surprised” people (except this guy, who made big money on his preseason RoY bet) by winning accolades despite their relatively low pick. Again, at the top of the draft my point isn’t so strong, but after the 10th pick age should decline as a selling point.

  • Alex Bill

    Some more second-round pick coverage would be great.

  • keith

    I would have thought I was crazy to say we shouldn’t take a SF with the #20 pick even a week ago, but I think that might be the situation. I think Ennis would be a great pickup to backup Lowry. That is my wish for the #20.

    Where I think Ujiri needs to get going is finding someone to trade up and get another late first and go after Clint Capela. He is not polished by any means but he has skills that I think would work well off the bench. Chicago will go after Carmelo, so they don’t want 2 picks (plus might want to trade some salaries. Salmons would be a nice player to trade because he could be bought out for 1 million before the end of the month). Miami will probably want to dump their draft pick. there are teams out there that Ujiri could work with.

    if we keep both second round picks, I think Jerami Grant would be nice with the #37 pick. He has fallen that far and would be helpful off the bench despite whatever shooting issues you think he has. Yes Fields can’t shoot, but doesn’t mean Grant couldn’t develop. He would be so much better for defense than Salmons or Fields. At #37, why not!

    If there is anyway we could get Patrick Young in the second (possibly #37 as well) I think that would be an excellent pick for depth behind Jonas. He is massive and can rebound like no other. He runs the floor well. Again, he can’t score for nothing but he is better than Ben Wallace, and he can defend like Wallace could. And he certainly would be an upgrade over Hayes.

    I know we need to find a possible future starter at #20, but if we could get another 1st or get smart with the second rounders, any of these guys would be great bench players so we could dump some dead weight (salmons, Fields, Hayes) and maybe find a way to afford Vasquez and 2Pat. I would be very happy with a team of Lowry, DD, Ross, Amir, Jonas, Ennis, Grant, Vasquez, 2Pat and Capela.

    • Feather Ruffler

      I like your idea of Patrick Young with the 37th pick. He seems like he’ll be Amir v2.0. And after watching the draft interviews I really hope they pick up Jordan Bachynski with the 59th or invite him to camp if he goes undrafted, he seems like a great kid. Articulate, high basketball IQ and defensive minded. Plus a Canadian lad!

  • dunkmycat7

    Its a no mans land pick @ 20, trade the pick in a sign and trade package for that new F/A from Miami…what’s his name again ? James, Johns, Jacks ?…got a funny first name….Le something?
    Hey TL ! Masai ! yeah and even YOU DRAKE ! you all ON this ?
    Negotiating tip: Throw in a helicopter and pilot so he can go home to Akron after the games and be back for practice in the morning….

    • mtds

      um although I would love to offer LBJ 4 year 96 million (max contract). It is highly UNlikely!
      As for no mans land? I’ll name just players who are really good role players from 20-25 in the last 15 years.
      At 20th pick: Jameer Nelson Zach Randolph. At 21th pick: Ryan Anderson, Darren Collison,Rajan Rondo, Nate Robinson, Diaw. At 22th pick: Faried and Jarrett Jack. At 23rd: Wilson Chandler, Tyshaun Prince. At 24th: Tim Hardaway Jr, Reggie Jackson, Serge Ibaka, Lowry, Delonte West, AK47. At 25th pick: Batum and Tony Allen.
      As you can see there are plenty of finds. It’s not so much ‘no mans land,’ however in recent passed it has been in the case for the Raptors. Masai is a great scout (where his career originated in terms of NBA career)! This is supposedly the deepest draft as well!

      • Matteemo

        Additionally, I’m pretty sure the 28th pick we traded away to get James Johnson a few years ago ended up being used to select Jimmy Butler, how nice would he look playing for Casey in a Raps uniform? There are lots of good players available at 20th and later every year, I’m glad we finally have a GM who seems to value these picks. Plumlee is another player who was selected 22nd last year for Brooklyn and has given them great minutes.

      • dunkmycat7

        There is no-one @ the 20 that is going to help this team now. As I have been saying repeatedly this team needs to get better toute suite and despite all the arguments to the contrary(patience building blocks, etc) I’m just not buying it – PERIOD. Want me top make a list of the FAILED 20’s ? It’s WAY bigger than yours. 🙂
        As unlikely as it may be we should take a run @ Lebron or K LOVE or anyone that can take this team to the next level NOW- except ‘Melo(RG 6.0).I think this team as it is has a great chance to REGRESS this year unless we do something dramatic. EVERYTHING went as well as it could last year, no guarantees that happens again.
        Sure there can be gems found at the 20 that MIGHT work out in a few years – again just not buying it. I’m taking Kevin Love NOW in a heartbeat. Tim L didn’t get to be the man in charge because he shied away from this stuff and he has a flair for the dramatic and this kind of move needs to be made by the OWNER (who decides on the $$$ spend ).
        Please Remember – every time you want to buy or sell a stock there is ALWAYS someone on the other end willing to take that trade. THAT is what makes a market.
        That is what makes this off season the most interesting in ages. And the discussions that go with it.
        Go Raps.

        • mtds

          Please remember – every time you want to buy or sell stock there is always someone on the other end willing to make that trade HOWEVER is that not how we got swindled most of the time with BC? Was it not the big ‘dramatic’ trades that made the team worse? Trading Hibbert for J-O’Neal then shipping that for Marion less than a season away THEN Turkoglu … or the great Rudy Gay trade that impaired our roster because of the financial burden.
          Truth be told, I ain’t buying your shit either. You sir are looking for quick fixes, Masai is looking at sustainable GROWTH with translates to success but people are so quick to dismiss the process. The Spurs don’t win the title every year do they? I recall them getting bounced out by Mavs in the first round then, knocked out in the second by Pheonix, knocked out by Memphis, knocked out by OKC THEN made it to back to back titles.
          Moral of the story, you want to prolong success because it’ll make it more desirable for players LIKE a Love or LBJ or Melo but not after just one good season.
          I think we’ll be fine this season, maybe not 48 win season however, we are still in the Eastern conference so I don’t think there’s anything to worry about. 2016 KD!

          • dunkmycat7

            2 points…
            -and to your point MU – is NOT BC and if he makes a blockbuster you HAVE to believe he will do the right thing, … I am NOT looking at quick fixes – I am looking to take this team to the next level
            NOW. Can’t do that w/o BIGBIG stars in this NBA.
            -Take a look at the last 4 champions. Dal -part build part mercenary -Mimi -total mercenary..SA -total build. While you may RESPECT the way they built their team,They have 3 BIGBIG STARS (there it is again)they have the best coach and system in the league, and THAT is really hard to duplicate, See OKC.
            Not Buying my SHIT? We disagree on how to build this team but MY opinion is shit ?Just goes to show what happens when you try to have an interesting 2 way discussion.VERY nice -get some manners. Your buddy Matteemo is of the same opinion, he and I have been on this for 2 weeks now, he has been killing me on the same stuff you are, and somehow we managed not to insult each other. Worst thing bout this site is the lack of civil discourse. Have a nice day.

            • mtds

              Biggest flaw with what you’re saying is your analysis of MU. MU would do something more subtle like aim for two successful seasons then throw all the peas in a basketball for Melo or Love. If it was LBJ okay, but we know he isn’t going to leave MIA to go to TO since he said he didn’t want to go anywhere cold. Sorry for hurting your feeling man! It just annoys me when people make quick decisions and say dumb shit like 20th picks is no mans land. If you said we have to assume MU does the right thing then how is 20th pick no mans land? Did he not draft Faried? One of the best scouts to ever move up the ranks to GM and you agree with me that he’s going to draft well …but yet 20th pick is no mans land? Doesn’t make sense buddy.

              • dunkmycat7

                The 20th pick IS no mans land and despite the examples you give, like I said my list of failures would be WAY bigger. And I have heard Masai say EXACTLY that about picking @ 20.Wanna see the list of failures in TOP 5??? It’s HUGE.Has ZERO to do with how good a scout he is.Wanna trade UP significantly in the draft with the 20 as part of the deal – better but I’m all about the bird in the hand.Not what some draft choice might be years from now.
                My position is that ANYTHING less than LY’s performance is just NOT acceptable and IMO this team as it is is going to go backwards.When I say MU is going to do the right thing in the context of a blockbuster I am saying he isn’t BC, he WILL trade for the RIGHT guy(as in NOT Melo) for this team and he is NOT BC stupid. Are you telling me that if he pulls off a killer deal for a star you aren’t going to be over the moon. There are many ways to build a team, and with the salary cap the mercenary way will be the way of the future.
                Do you blame CB4 for what he did.? I bet you do.He Was SO smart to leave – that was all on BC, CB has 4 trips to the finals and 2 championships. I want to win and I don’t care about the IDEALS it takes to get there. This is PROFESSIONAL sports my friend and winning is the only thing. And really-it’s not my money or yours what do you care how the Raps spend it as long as they win.
                You didn’t hurt my feelings.
                I think you are totally wrong about this and you think the same about what I think.
                l can still respect your POV w/o agreeing with it or being an asshole about it.but I guess that’s just too much to ask.
                ” dumb shit like 20th picks etc ”
                Can’t help yourself can you ?
                best wishes. enjoy the draft.

              • dunkmycat7

                How about this to attempt to demonstrate my point re: the crapshoot that is the NBA draft.
                You – Mr..GM have the 3rd pick in tie upcoming draft.
                AW and JP go 1-2.
                NOW you are faced with the hardest decision this year. You me and every GM in this position is pooping his diapers.
                Do you Embiid ? or not ?
                Are you prescient if you pick him, he recovers from all this injury stuff and becomes the star most people see in his POTENTIAL.
                Or are you the dipstick of the year if you get Greg Ogden ?
                How many answers are there to this ? 4? 5? 6? Bet you could make a case for every argument you think of but NOBODY KNOWS for sure what is going to happen.
                Just think of the total BUSTS that our Raptors have drafted…it’s a litany of stupidity in RETROSPECT…. but at the time ?
                Kevin Love -I KNOW 24 and 11 for the foreseeable future.
                Thank you for your consideration. 🙂

  • ValanInuyashssss

    easy simple, they will take a point guard if both Ennis and Payton are gone at #20, they will take KJ McDaniels. Two teams will be potential changing the entire draft, one is Cleveland, other is the Chicago Bulls. Assume they traded their two picks for a top 10 to get Stauskaus or McDermontt. Then either Ennis or Payton has a higher chance to be available at 20. If Bulls stick with their two picks for sure they will take a PG off the two.

  • Chuck Johnson

    I like Capela. Granted I didn’t know anything about him until a few minutes ago. But after watching his Draft Express video http://www.draftexpress.com/video/8860/ I’m sold. If we bring roughly the same team back, the biggest need is rim protection, another guy that can finish about the rim doesn’t hurt either. We have stretch fours and Jonas, but none of them have Capela’s natural ability (size and althleticism). For the most part, we currently have guys on the team that can do what the other options can.

    If we lose Kyle Lowry, Capela still makes sense as that’s such a giant step back that it’s worth swinging for the fences and going with the high upside pick.

  • Mexiballer

    I liked Elfrid Payton before he became out of reach. I would be completely happy with Tyler Ennis even though we could have a log jam at point guard.

  • Mexiballer

    Tim W. Who are the two other players that you like at #20 .

  • onemanweave

    Tim, When you aren’t insisting that the world fall into line behind Tim W. and see things exactly as he does, you can be an interesting and even likeable writer. Good job.

  • asifyouknow


  • Marnix Saynor

    You mentioned Stokes doesn’t have much offensive skill away from the net but from what i’ve seen he has a good mid range touch and if Masai Ujiri and the Raptors organization are being honest when they say they’ll take the best player available I think they should take PJ Hairston despite having Demar and Ross at that position. But most likely they won’t draft him because of his off the court and character issues which I appreciate when I watch players like Dion Waiters and Lance Stephenson mess things up. I’m also not a big fan of Ennis here although he’s from Canada and I do enjoy myself some home grown talent I think that his lack of finishing ability and shooting touch will cause him trouble at the next level I would prefer Shabazz as a PG option at 20. And as far as home grown talent goes I would like to see us draft Jordan Bachinski in the second round because he led the NCAA in blocked shots something the Raps could use, some size to protect the rim and a backup for Valanciunas when he gets in foul trouble as he often does. I also enjoy the long ball so if Young or Hood slide to 20 I would be ecstatic! ORRRRR I just read that the Phil Jackson and the Knicks are keen on Ennis and also are rumored to be shopping Shumpert for a late first rounder I would do that also. Some other names i’ve heard available are Barnes and Thad Young so i’m open to trading the pick if we can get players of that caliber.
    Let me know what you all think

  • Alex Vostrikov

    Anderson all the way….
    best team player in the draft. and raps don’t need no ball hog, do it myself guy.
    raps played the best when they shared the ball, until shot was available.
    if someone learned anything from this years final, knows that “pass first” beats anyone.
    cavs will improve dramatically with the new coach… he simply wont let players ISO on every play. even irving.