Bruno Caboclo.  BAM! First reaction is a flashback to Rajael Araujo, which you’ll forgive me for.  Foreign? Check. Unknown? Check. Takes a full minute to pull up the highlights? Check. Highlights are blurry? Check. ESPN rips the pick? Check.  Add to it the “in 2 years he’ll be 2 years away” comments from the pundits and you got to be shaking your head while at the same time showing tentative faith in Masai Ujiri’s judgement.  At the end of the day the front office scouts the players from top to bottom, processes the workouts, looks at measures and metrics that you and I can’t even dream about having access to, and makes a decision which they firmly believe is the best for the franchise.

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In the flesh, though, you’re watching the Raptors pass over Shabazz Napier, Rodney Hood, Clint Capela, Kyle Anderson, P.J Hariston etc.  At this point you have two options: 1) raise your hands and tweet out “Fire Ujiri” or, 2) take the saner ‘time will tell’ approach.  Of course, time always tells so that can never really be a wrong answer.  I chose to view it as either Ujiri being very crafty and seeing through all the other GMs, or wasting a pick on a guy everybody seems to have slotted for the second round, if that.  The comparisons to Araujo are a bit misguided because Araujo was a known quantity at the time which people had heard of and written off, nobody has even heard of Caboclo.

The bottom line is that we don’t know much about him except that he’s got a Draft Express profile thinner than he is.  He’s in the US right now and is trying to get a work permit so he can be here for summer league.  He’s a 6’9” swingman playing in Brazil against shoddy competition, and you can check out some of his highlights here.  Dwane Casey has spoken in glowing terms about what they saw of him, and considers him a “stealth move” steal, essentially implying that they pulled one over other teams.  The Raptors, supposedly, had the best intelligence on the player and executed effectively, and feel that he has the highest potential of anyone in that part of the draft, while acknowledging that there are more finished products out there.  Read the bullet-point recap of Dwane Casey’s presser (will take one minute) and you’ll get the sense of what the Raptors were thinking.

Then there were the Tyler Ennis rumours, started by Stein and fuelled further by TSN conducting an interview with him and blankly asking him whether he’d heard the trade rumours.  Personally, I thought it was a done deal just because how open they were about it and the multiple sources tweeting about it all day.  Later, Casey confessed that getting Ennis and Caboclo was always part of the plan and once trading up for Ennis didn’t work, they simply couldn’t take a chance at Caboclo not being available at 37.  It’s a self-admitted reach, but they’re so high on this player that they potentially took him 17 picks early!

The Raptors also picked Xavier Thames and traded him away promptly to Brooklyn for future second-round picks and possibly cash considerations but nobody really cares about that.  In between was DeAndre Daniels, a junior wingman from UConn who was ranked 64 in DX’s Top 100 prospects.  Given Salmons’ imminent exit, the dearth of options at small forward, Daniels’ low salary, it’s conceivable that he gets a legitimate shot at making the team come training camp.  Daniels is a distraction, though, this draft was about either who the Raptors would get at #20, or how they could maneuver to get something higher.  They couldn’t do the latter and reached on the former.  I accept that.  And since the draft is a crapshoot anyway, all this was is a roll of the dice.  The frustrating part of this is that we got a player nobody has seen, which makes us fans feel that we’re barking up the wrong tree entirely.  By the same token, it’s liberating to know that we’ve picked an unknown player that nobody has any expectations for, and considering the Raptors have apparently scouted him extensively, albeit over a brief period of time, he is poised more to surprise than disappoint.

If you truly view success in drafting as intractable or unpredictable, then going with the upside angle every time is a fair ploy.  Ujiri has clearly done that.  He’s acknowledged that there were plenty of other options that could produce in the now, but has chosen to swing for the fences knowing that he doesn’t have much to lose.  My guess is that he views players taken from 21-30 as rotation players at best while seeing Caboclo as having a chance to do something greater.  Time will tell, it always does.

Though I’m disappointed that the Raptors didn’t grab a point guard like Napier when they could have, the Raptors did clearly go into the draft with a very focused plan and pivoted once their primary target could not be acquired.  The night spoke to Ujiri’s ruthlessness and confidence in that he was willing to take the risk of reaching that far across to get the man he, and only he, believed to be a top-20 prospect.  A couple years from now we’ll look at this pick as a total waste or total genius.

The draft also told us something about Ujiri’s approach to free-agency.  The targeting of Tyler Ennis, a deal that could still happen given Phoenix’s point guard situation (Eric Bledsoe, Goran Dragic), speaks to Ujiri potentially planning a replacement for Kyle Lowry. Not drafting a rotation player when you had the chance to do so could speak to the comfort-level Ujiri has with the current roster, and that he didn’t feel he had to make a move.  Judging by every analysis out there, Bruno Caboclo has close to zero value on the trade market so the idea of packaging the pick for something more meaningful isn’t even on the table (not that Ujiri would go through these lengths to just trade him).

All in all, this was a typical Raptors night.  The last time we picked a player everybody expected us to pick was DeMar DeRozan and he turned out to be an All-Star.  Ed Davis was a fairly predictable pick as well.  Surprise picks like Rafael Araujo, Charlie Villanueva, Jonas Valanciunas and Terrence Ross have all met with mixed results, and Bruno Caboclo joins that bunch, only with a more dense cloud of mystery surrounding him.  For fans, they have no option but to give the benefit of the doubt to Masai Ujiri as he is amongst a very few set of NBA eyes that have actually seen Caboclo in-person, worked him out, clocked him, and evaluated him.

Being a Raptors fan is never easy.

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  • golden

    The problem with the Caboclo pick is not the pick itself, but where he was picked (#20). Caboclo was projected to not even be drafted (#69), so the ‘perception’ is that MU could have nabbed him with a much later pick and scooped up an asset that was highly valued by another GM at the #20 for a potential trade. Only MU and the other GMs can tell you what reality is, or would have been. Man, this feels a lot like the Aleks Radojevic boom-bust gambit.

    • c_bcm

      Lots of discussions out there indicating that other teams were interested, and that he would not have been available at 37.

      • 2damkule

        exactly, but why let that little dose of (probable) reality prevent him from making up a scenario that wasn’t going to happen & passing it off as something MU could have ‘just done.’ because that’s how it works. if a team/GM wants a player, then that player is off-limits to all other teams.

    • The problem with thinking that we could have gotten him at #37 is that all the teams that were rumoured to have scouted Caboclo were picking before 37.

      Both Phoenix and Utah already picked up some nice rotation pieces earlier in the draft, and so they could’ve easily gone with a project at 23 and 27.

      The Spurs being the Spurs probably could’ve drafted Caboclo and been praised for it at 30.

      Masai admitted to trying to trade for a pick (likely the Memphis one) but when that didn’t materialize, he just had to go for the second guy he wanted.

      • DanH

        Yeah, it was supposed to be Ennis at 20 and Caboclo at 22, to make sure we got him before the other teams that scouted him (Utah, HOU, PHX, SAS). Once Ennis was gone, no need for the 22, since I guess they figured the guys left weren’t significantly better than who would be there at 37.

        • Quirk

          I’m pretty sure Clint Capela and Klye Anderson are significantly better than DeAndre Daniels, both were available at 22. But maybe Memphis wouldn’t play along. But I guess there’s nobody on the board at 37 that will make us regret picking Daniels, except maybe Dinwiddie.

          • DanH

            How are you pretty sure? The fact that the deal didn’t go through (and reports are that the Raps backed out, not MEM) suggests that Ujiri’s scouting staff disagrees with you. Perhaps there are more holes in Capela’s or Anderson’s games than we think.

            • Quirk

              I’m no expert, but the advanced stats on both Anderson and Capela look miles better than Daniels. But, yeah, not sure I’d take on Prince’s contract to (maybe) upgrade. Lots of moves left to make, so we’ll see. I was hoping for Ennis and Capela, like a lot of people, but we’ll see what Masai has planned. I’m certainly surprised and intrigued. Invite Sim Bhullar to Summer League and all is forgiven.

              • I’d rather see Bachynski invited to SL over Bhullar.

          • Kyle Anderson will be a good pro in the right system, and I honestly believe the Raps aren’t the system for him. I think he’ll thrive in a structure like what Pop has set up. Look, our offense doesn’t even have well-defined offensive sets, and to get a guy like Kyle Anderson to just play within our system would probably hinder him. He also doesn’t look athletic enough to play one-on-one hero ball to bail us out, so I don’t see how he fits.

            Capela is a raw project big… but what he brings can probably be filled in free agency when we need it. I’m ok with passing over him.

            I’m more upset that we didn’t get Glen Robinson 3 at 37… he seems like a versatile do-everything role player type and could be a good replacement for Landry Fields.

          • KuH

            Either Memphis didn’t play along … or he felt that he would happily take a year of Prince + Caboclo, but he didn’t want to take a year of Prince + Capela/Anderson.

            My only guess on Capela is he felt Capela would be a locker room disruption/head case he didn’t want around. Masai is trying to build a winning ‘culture’ and a team, not just talented individuals (see the Spurs vs. the ‘Jailblazers’).

            On Anderson, he must have figured the defensive downsides weren’t worth the offensive upside, i.e., he’s not a good ‘Casey hire’.

      • golden

        Ok, so assuming Phx is going to grab him at 23, then why not still do the Memphis deal and pick Caboclo at 22, after getting another asset at 20? It seems alot was hinging on drafting Ennis, which is a shaky strategy which doesn’t even need to be linked.

        • Who’s to say that the Memphis pick at 22 was still there though? Masai in his presser stated several times that they were trying to trade for picks, and he actually looked dejected that he wasn’t able to do it.

          Besides, if the guys Masai really wanted were Ennis and Caboclo, and Ennis was already gone by 20, then why would he take someone at 20 and at 22 if there was nobody else he really liked. Just because he can?! No. These are guaranteed contracts that will count against our cap, and we still have other needs to fill in free agency.

          • golden

            Again, we’re both making posterior extractions about what was and wasn’t available to Masai and how he’s viewing the talent with absolutely no way to confirm our theories. And it’s not even over yet, because trades can still happen, articles will come out, etc…, etc….

            For the record, btw – I do love the swing-for-the-fences mentality and MU trying to outsmart the other GMs months in advance of the draft itself. It says a lot about his work ethic and competitive mindset.

            • Posterior extractions? Sounds painful.

              Did you watch Masai’s presser? He said he tried making trades and wasn’t able to. He admitted that it was difficult to make trades. Unless he’s flat out lying to the media, I’ll take his word for it.

              Plus, even if a trade was available, maybe the financial implications weren’t worth it. You’re right though, trades can still happen.

    • Erb Dean

      The Suns were one of the few teams scouting him, and they were really high on him. They were going to draft him at the 27 spot, so we wouldn’t have been able to get him at pick 37.

  • c_bcm

    I am OK with this pick. I think we have a lot of young assets who continue to need playing time to develop. Ross and JV in particular. So having this guy come along slowly, for the chance of him developing into a rock-star, is reasonable for me. Any major improvements to this team will happen either through development or trades…not drafting NBA-ready talent.
    When you are winning on a consistent basis (hopefully we get there), the draft is used to maintain a steady-stream of talent moving through your system. Then you evaluate that talent and decide (before any other team gets a chance to) if you want to keep him.

    • mtds

      my thoughts exactly

    • bobby

      the main idea, in addition to your thoughts, i think is this. we have never really attracted a 6’11” 240 four. And a 7’7″ wingspan? i just hope the bruno has the smarts enough to pull this off.

      • Alex Vostrikov

        isn’t he 6-9 and 205 lb?

  • asifyouknow

    This is very interesting statement by NU.. He said that Amir, JV, DeMar etc will be in to work out with Cabloco .,,I understand the no mention of Kyke , he is no longer a Raptor but Vaz is and he did not mention that…Kyle and Vaz are both gone folks…

    • consmap

      It’s because they’re working out in LA. Amir and DeMar are from LA, and JV said he would be practicing in LA for the summer. That’s probably why he only mentioned those 3.

      • asifyouknow

        Good post but I still think Toronto is going to wake up soon signing DeColo as your point guard…lol

        • Joey Drummond

          I think you’re right. Vasquez and DeColo will be our starting PGs.

        • Alex Vostrikov

          KL and Vas will drain to much from toronto, and with fair market salary, they are gone elsewhere. don’t really care how much gets who, but to much money for the two, and Toronto is stuck for a few years.

    • DC

      Do you always jump to conclusions?

      • asifyouknow

        Well if I keep waiting for the Toronto star to get us some information we will probably grow old without knowing anything…lol …Read my random thoughts rant above please…

        • DC

          Already read it – fair comment. But I hardly ever read the Toronto Star or their bball reporter!

  • dribbles

    The greatest thing about this pick is that it’s such a great demonstration of how full of crap people are due to some irrational need to be certain about everything, and because they think the internet makes them experts. I was floored by the pick, but in retrospect I love it so much more because it’s a nice antidote to the “everybody’s an expert” dreamland we live in.

    1) Clearest example is the “he could have been taken at 37!” or “they could have traded down” comments. How the fuck does anyone know this for certain? Because he wasn’t on internet draft boards? Maybe Marc Stein and the Raps brass are right, that there was a real risk of him being selected later in the 1st round. This was the only other primary target for them after Ennis was taken. If he’s your guy, why risk it?

    2) The immediate, universal reaction from people who don’t know shit saying that he’s not going to be in the NBA for at least another year, and then Masai clowns everyone saying he’s going to be on the roster next year. Everyone just assumed he’s a young guy, a project (which he is), and therefore we’re not going to see him for a while. Did anybody bother checking with the team who drafted him?

    3) Everyone and their mother repeating the “he’s 2 years away from being 2 years away” comment. Oh, because an ESPN analyst said this? Because that guy knows more than the people who have actually scouted him a lot more? Is it unimaginable that he may actually be a useful rotation player in 2 or 3 years?

    4) Does anyone doubt that this guy, with his measurements and at least apparent skill set (however raw), would have been taken higher and had a ton of buzz had he come over for workouts? Especially after the “Greek Freak” hysteria? Masai helped keep this guy hidden, at least for the most part, by making him a promise at 37. Give him some credit for that.

    Nobody knows how he’s going to pan out, and how quickly it may take. Masai did his homework and swung for the fences. Applaud the man’s balls, his conviction, his misdirection, and let’s hope it turns out. Shit, who isn’t excited to see this guy in summer league?

    • golden

      Actually, just listen to Masai breakdown the pick and his options on draft day. In his own words, he was trying hard to move up and down in the draft, but couldn’t get a deal done and was really disappointed by that.

      So, I guess that puts also puts Masai into that pool of ‘full of crap’ people who are also disappointed that he couldn’t make any deals to get both Ennis and Bruno at the spots and price he hoped.

      Again, kudos to MU for swinging for the fences and drafting maximum upside, but so-so on getting what you really wanted and thought was possible.

  • Kujo2020

    I wish I could give Masai the benefit of the doubt, put this pick is pretty indefensible imho. I’m pretty sure we could have gotten Bruno at 37. This is a major reach. I would have loved for the Raps draft to Napier, or Capela at 20.

  • asifyouknow

    ONE thing that PISSES me off about the Toronto sports media is that they don’t ask the hard questions, they don’t dig into MU and Casey and pound them with fallow up questions.
    Is like they ask a question and Casey and MU give them a bull of crap answer and they just say OH OK..
    My dear God ask them what the hell is going on with Kyle and Vaz and Patterson, and rather then just listening the standard answer ” well we are really going after them” ask them what the hell are you doing to get them ..get us some specifics.
    Ok I’m done with my Rant.
    I’ve learned a lot about Toronto and their diversity, been there a time or two and love the people but man get that media some New York style,,,lol

    • Masai can’t really say anything more than he has about his FAs. Its against league rules to negotiate before July 1 – unless of course you’re expecting him to pay fines so you can read more interesting answers

  • Brighter Dayz

    If this guy ever becomes even SOMEWHAT close to the level of Durant, we will all get Masai Ujiri tattoos and name him as mayor.

    Just a thought, in light of all the negative bs.

    • Forget the Durant comparisons for now… Hell, at 20, if he becomes a Brazilian Anthony Randolph, I’m ok with that. If he turns into a Brazilian Batum, I’d be thrilled. A Brazilian Durant probably gets my first born named Masai (if my wife doesn’t object).

      • RPT23

        The Batum comparisons make a lot more sense to me than a Durant. But if he becomes a Durant type player, who am I to complain!

  • Lyall

    “It’s a self-admitted reach, but they’re so high on this player that they potentially took him 17 picks early!”

    Stop, drop and roll a Caboclo.

    • bobbo

      as to the certainty of so many commenters that Caboclo would be available at 37, I suggest that people divide the question into three parts.

      1. if Spurs knew nearly as much as Masai about Caboclo, would they have taken him at 30? From what we know of Spurs, it is safe to say that they would have taken him at 30 if they knew about him, rather than someone projected to be second unit at best. They would take the chance that he might be a total bust.

      2. How much would anyone want to bet on Spurs being unknowledgeable? Not much.

      I don’t think that anyone can assert with any confidence that Caboclo would have been available at 37. Based on his reported tools, I think that it is far more likely that an informed top-tier team would draft him late first round as a project.

  • That other guy

    I will try to look at this from another angle. Now everyone agrees that this draft was deep and was one of the strongest in the last ten years. If we to believe rumors on twitter, there were 4-5 teams that were planning or at least considering to pick Bruno in the first round. Raptors at 20, jazz at 23, rockets at 25, suns at 27 and spurs at 30. We can’t say that they would’ve drafted him because there’s no way to know, raps picked him. So there’s a lot of room to speculate. But let’s assume these reports are correct. Now what we have here:

    1) Ujiri is known in the league for his ability to draft well; I remember reading somewhere (again might be true might be not) that when he was trying to get in 2013 draft he wanted Giannis ‘Po. 2) Rockets gm has an impressive record of drafting Parsons, Beverley and Jones late in the draft; 3) in the last year or two suns look like a team which is managed by smart people; 4) spurs are excellent at training, signing and drafting players.

    And here are all these teams willing or considering to draft a kid with their first round who:

    1) is only 18; 2) doesn’t speak English; 3) is from a different culture; 4) didn’t play in NCAA; 5) no one has heard of; 6) very raw; 7) there were some much safer players to pick; 8) first there were rumors that he might not be in the league for another year or two (and by the way, I’m very happy that he will play in the summer league and will start 14-15 season, I just don’t like that whole stashing idea).

    Ton of alerts and several smart teams had him on their radars. Coincidence ?

    • Alex Vostrikov

      you are wright, and wrong.
      most of the players enrolled in the draft, are somewhat ready to play, and have talents. you bring any of them, to a good team (spurs, rockets, thunder and etc..) and suddenly you have valuable piece. why? they don’t expect anything out of them, and give them specific roles what they actually good in (shooting, defending, passing and etc).
      for sure players like ross, jv… would be ahead by now in organization like spurs and thunder. in Toronto, you cannot hide to much behind players like DD and KL. you have to perform and be available at 100% for the team to win.
      for me, I cannot wait and see spurs pick, Anderson. to me, by mid season, we will see star in the making. on any other team, he might just be a bust…. even as a 30th pick

  • Bruno Caboclo

    Kevin Durant Who?

  • Harry Kays

    Xavier Thames was by far the steal of the draft. Why did Jason Kidd see something in him? He LED the NBA combine in shooting at 75.5% and was 16-25 from NBA 3 a shot analysts thought he could not make. He was the only scorer on the Aztecs so he ended up having to take alot of tough shots which explains his 41% shooting percentage. SDSU was only 202nd in shooting percentage out of 351 teams. He shot 37% from college three during the season. Next best shooter Shepard shot only 17% from 3 which is ugly. He is great off of ball screens. Makes great decisions with the ball leading to a low 1.4 turnovers per 31 minutes. He had 1.7 steals per game giving him a steal/turnover ratio at 1.20 which was top 5 in the country. If he had been on a better shooting team such as UNLV,Boise State or New Mexico he would have had double the assists and would have had a better shooting percentage as he would not have had to force up shots. He had 18 games with 8 three throws or more and made 83% of those showing he was quick enough to get fouled not as slow as analysts thought. He has a great floater. raptors made a HUGE mistake

    • Carbon

      If Lowry and Vasquez resign, we will already have 3 pretty solid point guards. Thames would be sitting on the bench next season just like Buycks this past season. Plus he’s already 23.

      • Harry Kays

        Alright. Players out of SDSU are prepared for the NBA. Other colleges dont prepare them for that but want flashy players to bring in attendance to game. You are comparing those players to Thames? Why?

        • Carbon

          I didn’t mention any players plus players don’t draw attendance, winning does… What do you mean by flashy players? So you’re saying all nba gm’s and scouts are idiots when searching for talent and should just look into SDSU roster after the first round?
          Raptors never selected or was interested in Thames, they only chose the player the nets wanted.

  • Chuck Johnson

    According to Masai they had Ennis first on their board (based on who was likely to be there at 20) and Bruno second. Since Ennis was gone, they decided not to risk waiting to grab Bruno 37. Why chance that someone else would take him if he’s the highest player on your board?

    Is it possible that Bruno would have been there at 37? Sure, but it wasn’t guaranteed so of course they should have taken the person who they’ve identified as the best prospect. Could they maybe have moved down a couple spots and picked up a second round pick for their trouble? Sure, but again why risk the person who you’ve identified as the best available prospect in order to pick up an additional second round pick who in all likelihood won’t make your roster anyway?

    Manu Ginobili was taken 57th, he’s turned out to be in the top 5 of players from his draft class. If you had intel on Ginobili before the draft would you have taken him at 20 (or 15, or 10, or 5) believing that he’s worthy of the draft spot OR would you just hope that teams pass on him (some multiple times) and risk losing out on him just because he wasn’t listed as being in the top 20 on Chad Ford’s (and the other pundits) draft boards.

    If the pick doesn’t pan out, then we’re well within our ‘rights’ as fans to roast Masai for the wasted opportunity. But if Bruno ends up being one of the top 5 or 10 players from this draft class are we really going to care that we grabbed him at 20 instead of MAYBE being able to pick him up at 37?

  • IROR

    I’m still a little rattled, seeing as I have been following this class for about 3 years– and I had never even seen or heard this guys name before.

    But for Ujiri to reach that far, he must see something VERY special. I see a kid at 6’9 with a 7’7 wingspan. That’s all well and good, but he can also shoot at range. Potentially a kid who could guard 4 positions. Just such a rare physical specimen, it seems.

    I don’t buy the “2 years from being 2 years away” at all. He is a project but he could be ready to, at least, defend well much sooner than that.

    I like this pick, just because of the mystery and intrigue. Raptors did their best “Kansas City Shuffle” with that pick lol

  • EF

    Good article. Admittedly, I was shocked and initially upset about this pick. Who is this kid? There were plenty of talented ‘known players’ who could have been drafted to contribute. After sleeping on it, I’ve more or less come around to it. In the top 10, there are plenty of ‘sure things’ who become role players. Between 11-20, you’re basically looking for a role player. After 20, you’ve drafted well if you’re pick is able to last 5 years in the league. Given this, why not swing for the fences? It’s possible that the pick doesn’t work out. In this situation, there is always free agency.

  • SR

    We won’t know if this is Ginobli or Hoffa for another 2 or 3 years (maybe longer). All the opinions about what did or didn’t happen are pure conjecture on the part of both fans and the talking heads. MU gave a pretty good explanation about what happened from his end, and I’ll take it. After Ennis he decided this guy was worth the gamble over a more certain college pick. Time will tell.

  • Louvens Remy

    I see Nic Batum level upside. I’m ok w that

  • jlongs

    “The last time we picked a player everybody expected us to pick was DeMar DeRozan and he turned out to be an All-Star. Ed Davis was a fairly predictable pick as well. Surprise picks like Rafael Araujo, Charlie Villanueva, Jonas Valanciunas and Terrence Ross have all met with mixed results”

    The problem with that is they are all (well except Ed) top 10 picks. It’s easier to criticize a top 10 pick because you expect them to perform like a top 10 player and help the team. It’s just not the same with 20th pick players. Their expected impact is lesser. So if out of your top 10 picks you only get one all-star, what are the odds that you get one with the 20th pick? Even solid starters on a winning team, how many of those are outside the top 15? I’m guessing not very many.

    So IMO it’s better to swing for the fences on these picks and hope that MU has a good scouting team, if it’s true they were able to keep this kid relatively secret. I have low expectations on later round picks so I’d rather let MU do his thing and figure out how to better the team via trades or something, at least those will involve known and proven players.

  • Xtremenator1

    You know its funny just how many bloggers have changed their stance on the pick. On the day, pretty much everyone was like “What are they doing!”, ” Who is this guy!”, “You could have got Napier and picked Bruno at 37!”, “Nobody on the panel knew who he was, which means he is bad!”, “Fran Fraschilla said he was two years away from being two years away, hes on TV so let’s believe him!”, “ESPN didn’t even talk about the Raptors when their pick came in, again! #norespect #americanmedia #TNTfor2015”

    Now, all the bloggers after taking a breath and hearing the pressers from Masai and Casey have completely switched their stance. Telling the fans to calm down, and just wait it out. You don’t know what Bruno is, and neither do we, so you don’t know if he’s going to be good or going to be bad. Its common sense really. I am willing to give him a shot (he will be with the team this year by the way), bloggers and analysts are willing to give him a shot, and now its time for the fans to step away from their keyboards and sing loud and proudly, “I BELIEVE IN MASAI! I BELIEVE HE CAN TOUCH THE SKY! I THINK ABOUT HIM EVERY NIGHT AND DAY, HE MADE BARGNANI GO AWAY! I BELIEVE HE CAN SOAR, HE SENT RUDY GAY OUT THROUGH THAT OPEN DOOR (and Rudy took three shots before he left and missed), I believe in Masai, I believe in Masai… I believe, in Masai.”