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        • Concerned Citizen

          My guess is Colangelo or Babcock disguised themselves as Masai like Tom Cruise did in the mission impossible movies and made that pick. Either that or Masai met Marty McFly and Doc Brown, got in the delorean, and saw this kid in the future.

        • L Chapo / Letroll Sprewell

          We need to get better now. By the time this kid comes over all of our best players will have requested trades or signed with different teams. Raptors syndrome. Rob Babcock may not be in office but his spirit lives on within the organization… clearly. How did the raptors last pick from brazil work out?

          • Buschfire

            he’s going to be here today, play in summer league next month, and be on the team next year according to Masai…

          • Dr. Scooby

            not sure if any pick at 20 was going to ‘make us better now’, so I’m not canning this pick until I see something more on this kid…who i believe doesn’t turn 19 until September.

      • RTZ

        Demar, Ed Davis, Jonas, T ross. I don`t see where you`re coming from with this one. .

    • Concerned Citizen

      Tell me you didn’t compare this guy to McGee as in JaVale McGee. If you think getting someone like JaVale in any way is a good thing then you clearly don’t know basketball.

    • sleepz

      “info from a north american source’ lol

      Well I guess that makes it all legit now doesn’t it?

    • Dagger

      That’s very encouraging, and it would make some sense. But other sources have suggested that no other team had Caboclo on their radar. I hope this rumour is the right one.

  1. Andre

    bun chad ford… How can he grad the raptors a D because he knows nothing about the player? Hes full of crap.. if he went out and scouted him and said that, then I would panic, but chad ford saw the same damn video we saw..

    • Dagger

      Very simple: because we could have had the same player by drafting him at 37. Or probably even by drafting him in the second round. There were seriously talented impact players still on the board at 20 (what a deep draft). We could have taken one of those guys AND drafted Caboclo. We essentially sacrificed one of those guys for nothing, and that’s what makes this a terrible draft. Ujiri is a very bright guy, but even if Caboclo turns into the next Kevin Durant, drafting him in this way is indefensible.

      • Dan

        Uh no. If he’s the next Kevin Durant I would say pretty defensible. Or even close.

        How exactly do you know he would have been there at 37? Because writers who know nothing said so. If Massai was quietly scouting him, who’s to say another team wasn’t? You claim to know something when we all know nothing.

        • Dagger

          Let’s be honest here: everything – everything! – we know about this whole process, we know from the people who cover it. Yes, I choose to gather information from reporters who were on the ground, interviewing people in NBA front offices. Some of these reports are more reliable than others, but I don’t believe that they all “know nothing;” if I did, what’s the point of reading any basketball-related coverage at all? There’s a certainly irony in accusing me of going too far with a hyperbolic statement of your own.

          Clearly this pick is a gamble. Clearly, if the kid turns out to be Kevin Durant (a ridiculous comparison, but one I’ve seen), then all will be forgiven. But it’s indisputable that: A) Caboclo will take some years to develop (he averaged 5 PPG in the Brazilian league), B) We have not seen him play against half-decent competition, and C) most people with inside information believe he would still have been on the board at 37. With that in mind, by all indications this pick is a waste. Even if he does turn out to be great, there’s a strong likelihood that we could have had him and another impact player.

          With that said, I’d love to be wrong! I hope we hear more reports about how coveted this kid was, and how he would have never fallen to 37. One those reports are more than vague rumours from the Sun – likely fed to them by a Raptors source – then I’ll believe them.

          • Dr. Scooby

            I’d say that for the 20th pick in a draft, a measuring tape for drafting success is selecting a ‘serviceable’ NBA player.
            Does that sound disappointing?
            This kid doesn’t have to end up an all star to me to be a decent pick and Masai doesn’t need to be forgiven if he doesn’t end up being an ‘impact’ player.

      • Guest

        I have no opinion as to Caboclo since I know nothing about him, but I am always amused by the armchair GMs here who make such strong statements such as the one above (and there is no stronger nor sillier statement than “even if Caboclo turns into the next Kevin Durant, drafting him in this way is indefensible”). I’m sorry, but your ass isn’t on the hotseat, nor is it clued into anything other than what is being reported to you, and if you had no idea that Ujiri had his sights on Caboclo, who are you to say you know what every other GM from #21 through #36 wanted? Mock drafts are predictions made by outsiders (I use the term loosely) looking in; teams don’t base their selections on what people think they will do.

        When I first found out about the pick, I was startled just the same. Who is this Caboclo and could we not have picked him with our #37 or at least traded down? But unlike you, somehow warping that inquiry with the idea that you know shit at all, I went a step further:

        1) If Ujiri did not wait until #37, then he must have thought another team was going to pick him up before then;
        2) If Ujiri did not trade down, he must not have been able to find a willing trade partner at the right price, AND/OR the team suspected of targeting Caboclo was coming up soon on the board; and most importantly,
        3) For Ujiri to pick him up at #20, Caboclo must be the next best draft pick on Ujiri’s big board after Ennis or whoever they wanted at #20 but was no longer available, AND he must be way ahead of whoever else was available and still on the Raptors’ want list.

        Why is #3 important? Because if, for example, Ujiri’s wishlist went something like […], Ennis, Caboclo, Capela […] and there was a large gap in desire between Caboclo and Capela, he would ultimately be the fool if he went after someone he wanted far less (Capela) with #20, hoping that Caboclo would still be available at #37, and then losing out on the player he wanted far more and was available to him. You only take that risk if you believe the guy will still be around at #37 (and again, we’re not going by who YOU or any other fan here thinks will be available, since none of our livelihoods depend on being right in this aspect), and clearly Ujiri did not believe that to be the case.

        TL;DR: While Capela (or whoever else) + Daniels may have been better in YOUR eyes, but clearly Ujiri valued Caboclo much more than anyone else remaining on the board and losing out on him for the sake of better optics would not have made him feel any better about not picking the player he wanted while he was still available.

  2. Rap fan 2

    It’s easy to criticize from the back seat. It’s a lot harder to actually become a General Manager of the NBA and make a real draft selection. Start sending out your resume and see if you get an interview. It’s easy to criticize.

  3. Hassan Mehmood Khan

    the thing is you never know. pheonix wanted this guy really bad

    • bballi bballi paradise

      Barbosa being Brazilian probably had some good scouting on this kid, that’s the rumor anyway

  4. Raymond

    Once Ennis and Harris is not on the table, Buycks is better than those PG or SG remain, and there is no reason to pick extra PG with lower talent to stock at the
    bench, Raptors rather pick a serviceable forward/C instead a “bench G”.

    Most of our argument about, why don’t we pick a PG instead. Actually, if KL,
    GV come back, the new PG (if) we pick will become odd; if KL is not
    going to come back, I don’t see any PG remain could replace KL or even

  5. Louvens Remy

    I think that at best Bruno’s company looks like Nic Batum. I would be pretty happy with that.

    • Raymond

      There is low % a regular 20+th pick become a superstar. Only some lucky PG like Rajon Rondo, his number and basketball IQ benefit by the Big 3.

  6. bballi bballi paradise

    Chad Ford in 2011 grading
    I’m not sure how I feel about the Raptors selecting Valanciunas. On one
    hand, he’s a legit 7-foot center who isn’t afraid to mix it up in the
    paint. On the other hand, it’s still unclear when he’s going to come to
    the NBA.

    The Raptors took a big, long-term risk. It could pay off
    handsomely, but it won’t pay off right away. Given the Raptors’ fortunes
    the past few years, how long can they wait? If Valanciunas comes soon
    and develops, it was worth the risk. If it takes him a while to get
    here, they may have been better off with Bismack Biyombo.”

    Read that last line and try not to laugh, go ahead, try….


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